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  1. i wana date princess luna

  2. hello every pony i'am back and i have a new page

  3. i need some where to live and i am not kidding

    1. Corgis


      What happened?

    2. scale artist

      scale artist

      drunk mom and dad i can't put up with it any more

  4. i found me a friend and her name is little pip

  5. i whanted little pip to fall in love with me but she loves the truck that i built

    1. scale artist

      scale artist

      the truck is a old blue gmc detorit it has a 4 inck lift with big wheels

    2. scale artist

      scale artist

      she told me fine when i ask her out

  6. fallout equestria trying to ask little pip out on a date

    1. scale artist

      scale artist

      well i ask her and she tells me that i can find a better girl then she walks away and a thought pops up in me head she thought the old 4x4 frame was pretty cool that was out side then i look out side and see a old truck i run over to it and it was perfict so i take the truck and mount the old truck cab on the frame and it fit so i hook the stering up and then i put the wiring on and the beed i put gas in the tank i turn the key the truck starts up and runs i fix the thouttle clutch and brakes...

  7. yo wazup this is scale artist i like to custumize 1/10 scale rc crawlers find me on instagram

    1. scale artist

      scale artist

      i love cute ponys

  8. yes marshmallows are good but even beater as smores

    1. Alpharius


      I think they're nice

  9. Welcome to MLP Forums, scale artist! I hope you have a great time here. /)