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    MLP is the way to go with robotics and AI if we want an almost perfect society to be a reality! :)
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    Technology, animals/nature, MLP, Science, all physics, aviation, trains, cars, building designs and architecture, old retro buildings and cars, the universe, theories.

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  1. Welcome back, Techno. ^^

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Are you alright?

    1. Techno Universal

      Techno Universal

      Yup! It’s just I’m not really active here on the forums that much anymore! :)

    2. You


      Anything happened?


  4. Sorry I missed your actual birthday! Happy late bethday then, friend.^_^

  5. Happy almost birthday, my friend.

  6. Interested in watching anything together online? Got discord?
  7. Hello ^_^ long time no see, Techno!

    1. Techno Universal

      Techno Universal

      Yeah haven’t been that active here recently! I’ve been mainly active on DA! :)

  8. Oh hey! Been a while!

    1. Techno Universal

      Techno Universal

      Yup it definitely has! Anyways I’m mainly active on DA now! :)

    2. Libra