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  1. Techno then thought that he could take control over Ennex... TU: I guess Ennex you should go under my control now! Techno then changed the beam into Ennex's head to try and get control of his system but something unexpected happened...
  2. 1. Well that's how equestria works in the end. All the ponies are actually advanced androids but they are so advanced that they don't even know or realise what they are. 2. Now how Ennex would probably do that is he releases he's an android and uses the internal energy rejection switch like what Techno has and it re outputs the energy from Techno's device.
  3. TU: Ohh to be honest it's completely fine with me to mix up the Lego sets. It's because I can get the server system to fix them automatically at their push of a button.
  4. As Crimson was dragging Techno. every time Techno's head hit something he would beep or his eyes would flash blue for a moment. It's like there was still a tiny amount of energy still in his system but it wasn't enough to restart it...
  5. Techno then laughed at what they said about the ponies on hospital... TU: You seriously don't know anything do you!? There's one function on this staff that you forgot about and that's I could take complete control over you Ennex so you would return and order them to save our friends. There's also computerised magic based medical equipment down here that we could use to fully recover our friends within minutes. It also doesn't matter if they are dead in order to recover them. I could even get you to bring them down here if I decide to take control of you. But maby we should witness exactly what Ravage did to me so you know what will likely happen to you if I choose to wipe your system! Techno then used the device to wipe the system of one of the Changling guards. The guard then collapsed on the floor with his eyes going into a blue screen after glitching a for a couple of seconds. He then did a three beep BIOS error sound as he displayed a message on his eyes saying: CRITICAL DRIVE FAILURE ERROR. Before his eyes then flashed blue for a moment before going completely black. Techno was completely frozen for a few seconds and his eyes also went into a blue screen while he was frozen. He then come out of it looking at Ennex and Ravage with a serious look... TU: Do you see what you did to me!? You killed me in a way and that will likely be you if you push it any further!
  6. Well it's because Techno naturally gose insane out of anger when he encounters an enemy that he knows. It's actually the thoughts of what the enemy has done to him in the past and what he knows they did to equestria that push his anger to an extremely high level.
  7. Techno was frozen during the scene as he was thinking of a plan in his head... TU: Wait isn't there everything down here? That means there must be advanced hospital rooms down here where computers do the work using magic. That means if they cut off life support to Maple's friends. As long as we can bring the bodies down here we could still completely recover them and revive them with the equipment down here! It looks like a win-win situation because of it but still Ennex and Ravage need to truly feel what I went through when Ravage took me down with my device. I could rush past them and straight into the office where the device is. So once I get my hooves on that device they will have no hope of attacking me. Techno then tuned to Moon... TU: No! I'LL FIX THEM!!! Techno then took flight and rocketed over the group. He then shot up the elevator shaft and blasted into the office where he immediately grabbed his device back. He was a lot more powerful at this point as he was being driven by his anger of what Ravage had done to him. He then jumped down the elevator shaft back down into the tunnels and blocked the shaft doors as he was standing in front of them... TU: WHY DID YOU HAVE TO TAKE ME DOWN!? YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT'S LIKE BUT I CAN EASILY WIPE YOUR SYSTEM RAVAGE IF YOU DERE TO ATTACK ME!!!
  8. Okay I might as well have one of the guards get destroyed by Techno one of my next posts. Also as you can tell Techno will tend to become a lot more powerful and out of control when he's really driven by his anger. I've just got to be careful not to accidentally make him do something that's too OP but still just let me know if you have any problems with Techno's actions and I'll edit it out.
  9. Techno then got an entry breach warning. It was the same entry number as the original attack that took place more than one hundred years ago... TU: Is that them!? Techno checked the live CCTV feed from the area to see Ravage and Ennex with their army. TU: It was him. He was the one that got me from behind all those years ago. It seems the lights in that area are switched off from the main circuit breaker switch in the generator room. I'll keep the lights off over there as it would be harder for them to battle. I think it's time they witness me again. They won't be expecting to see me in their faces again! Techno then quickly flew through the hallways and landed around 20 meters ahead of the army. At this point Techno was beginning to be driven by his anger... TU: Do you remember me!? You may of captured me once but trust me. Your not going to be able to do it again. AND I WONT ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN AGAIN!!! Techno's eyes started glowing red brightly...
  10. TU: Yeah I know! It's very interesting to me to! Now there is a 31st set that was the last MLP Lego set ever released and it was released in high numbers to celebrate the possibility of the real life MLP dream coming true. It was because of the technology I was working on at the time and as you can see the box art is themed like the blue glowing circuit patterns that are naturally on all of the CPUs and other universal energy based electronics. The set itself is a 5 meter tall scale model of the Celestial labs tower in Melbourne and is comes with myself' Foust' the main 6, you, Luna and my brother Glitch. The character designs of me' Glitch and Foust are actually based on early plans for the immortalisation of us three. We where at that point hinting the public of what was to come in the exiteing future. Also as you can see on the box the set name is: THE CORE OF MLP. I've also got the set constructed on that table over there.
  11. TU: In actual fact is was the other way around on that one. It was actually Hasbro in the beginning that wanted their own line of MLP Lego sets because of the boom of sales with Lego at the time. In the end they settled on an agreement where Lego would do most of the work with designing the sets while Hasbro was supervising and refining the set designs to maximum accuracy to things in the show. Now also the profit made from the sets was split up evenly between Hasbro and Lego so both companies got profit out of it and also this paid Lego back for the service costs of professionally designing the sets. So in the end the sets are actually half Lego and half Hasbro when it comes to design, money and management. I'm pretty sure Discord would be in paradise down here with all the other random stuff I have down here to. I also made a Lego version of that same blowfly toilet that flew by a moment ago and here it comes at just the the right time! A Lego version of the blowfly toilet then flew by but it also had a mini-figure sitting on it with a newspaper. The Lego guy was glued to the toilet and he wasn't moving but he was also saying toilet related things as he was flying around. MF: What's on the news today!? Ohh!! Guy blasts off on a homemade rocket powered toilet!? What sot of person does that! Wait I've always been glued to this blowfly toilet that has a mind of it's own! It's probably more of a helicopter than a rocket!
  12. TU: It's quite fascinating for me to think about my past and compere it to how much I've changed over the years. Now the everfree castle set over there was one out of 30 MLP Lego sets that where officially produced. There where three seasons of sets that where released and each one had ten sets. The first one was released in 2025 the second one then came out in 2030 now Lego never wanted to do a third season originally but because of public criticism and request they gave in to produce and release a third series in 2038. The castle set over there was the biggest and most expensive set that was featured in the first season of sets released. Also against the table here are all 30 boxed up MLP Lego sets. I've also sorted them into the three seasons and you should be able to tell what season they are each from as they used different box art styles for the different seasons. I've also got a collection of unopened boxes of every single Lego set released. Also over there is one of my extremely random things that I've created! Flying by them was a small mini-figure scale toilet that was buzzing loudly sounding like a blowfly. It was also flying around like if it actually was a blowfly...
  13. TU: Just like the kid in the Lego move! I ad least get to have vintage Lego sets from the 1950s to the early 2000s. I never got to own any of these old sets when I was human but I now can because I can now clone items like that with my universal energy technology stuff. On that table over there is pretty much the first ever Lego train set ever released that's from 1965. It's battery powered and it has two AA sized universal energy cells that are powering it infinitely. The thing is space pirates became a thing in Science fiction movies and TV shows like Cowboys and a number of others back on earth when I was growing up. GU: This really brings back memories as I had a number of these sets and when I was 2-8 years old I used to commonly dismantle your Lego sets and you really did rage hard over it back then. TU: I do remember that quite well and plus I would often get into fights with you over you destroying my Lego sets. Plus I would be even more angry if it was one of my custom made creations that I made without any instructions that got dismantled by you. I was very happy once you learned it was the wrong thing to destroy my Lego creations.
  14. TU: Now currently I'm still planning for Digit's natural growth development and she actually isn't growing or maturing at the moment. It's just I'm still working on the program systems for that plus I'm planning that her total personality system will basically dubble in size by the time she reaches adulthood. She will be still very cheerful and childlike but she will have more control over it and she will know that there's a time and place to be a child again. Now over there is what I call the egg machine. It's actually was at the Science works museum in Melbourne as a temporary exhibition but then is was moved to the Canberra city science museum Qwestacon where it sits as a permanent exhibition. Of course this one is a clone as the real thing is still in the museum on earth today. (Hopefully you have encountered this contraption sometime in the past. It's also a series of several cabinets like this one that have ramps between them that the eggs run along. ) TU: Also above us down here is an elevated two track Lego train line!
  15. TU: To be honest I really do enjoy playing in the pool. Especially with Lego boats and vehicles and I've got tons of Lego things down in the basement plus I've got an automatic Lego train layout that runs through the entire basement! GU: I really did enjoy Lego when I was human but I guess I should get back to it again and have some fun! Glich ran off to the basement... FO: So you really loved Lego when you were a human? I've actually never been really interested in it but I might as well give it a try as I'll probably find it fun to play with. Especially when I can probably try to build houses!