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    MLP is the way to go with robotics and AI if we want an almost perfect society to be a reality! :)
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    Technology, animals/nature, MLP, Science, all physics, aviation, trains, cars, building designs and architecture, old retro buildings and cars, the universe, theories.

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  1. Open

    TU: Yes just a moment! Techno then teleported Luna to the emergency room in the hospital... TU: Okay Luna should be all good now plus our massive capes are really helping with the battle!
  2. Request Shop

    Yeah if your daughter just wants to keep your family in the shadows of the media spotlight then I guess that's perfectly fine!
  3. Ohh! I guess it's time for snuggles then! (Wraps my massive cape around you and snuggles closely.)
  4. TU: Well to be honest all of us have the power to completely override anything that's trying to control us mentally with magic! So you could use extreme force to break the connection and for now just stay with me so you can't fight your brother! Techno then shouted back into Woody's mind... TU: No don't let Ennex control you like that! You will always have more power over yourself than what anyone controlling you dose! Plus if you saw what Will's cape caused to happen with the enemies your cape will do the same thing to so as long as your wearing it you will also be a massive distraction to the enemies!
  5. Request Shop

    Yeah maybe my girlfriend @Celestial Flight might be able to colour your lineart as she uses bases all the time! Like it would be nice if she could contribute like that! Yeah I guess you two could contribute then! Plus it would be well appreciated if you could get into digital art as that would be perfect for this project!
  6. Open

    HB: Well really my army is literally a quarter of the total population in equestria and those wolves are just a part of my army! Anyways with the capes a lot of us have an issue were we get mesmerised by the sight and sound of the capes flowing in the wind. So try to avoid the capes because of that as you would then otherwise end up getting stuck looking at the capes while my brother takes you down. But still I want you to be one of the upper leaders in my army so yes you do have control and command over that pack of wolves! Meanwhile Techno's cape was flowing violently in the intense wind from his magic and Techno was also starting to detect that Morax was nearby...
  7. Open

    It then gave Techno an idea. He then became invisible while still having his body visible as a fake magical hologram. His body was walking around the luggage car while he went towards the other end of the train... TU: Ohh you gave me the best idea ever and this will definitely work!
  8. TU: Yes of course Will we could try to re-image their minds so they join our side! Techno then put himself in Maple's way... TU: Please Maple just break the control of Ennex! You could try completely re-imaging your mind as that would change your mind's internal language so Ennex would need to figure out the new language before he can control you again! Or maybe I'll have to try re-imaging you myself!
  9. Request Shop

    Well I guess you could join the art team then as long as you can digitally colour your artworks! Like I've of course already seen your art and I really love it! Anyways maybe you could be working with another artist during the project as you could be doing the lineart while they digitally colour and shade the artwork! Well yes of course you could have your OC wearing something like that! Like I even plan to have my OC wear a massive cape in the banner!
  10. Request Shop

    And your OC has been added to the project! If only we could raise more awareness of this project like if it was announced in the castle throne room!
  11. General

    Well I'm sort of 50/50 between the two as I equally love all animals! Plus my parents don't want to have any of those two because of the fur in the house. But still I've got my next door neighbor's cat Muffin to snuggle with still and she just wonders over to our place!
  12. And now Techno is doing some interesting things with Ennex!
  13. Techno was still invisible to the timeline and he then teleported right in front of Ennex and he also disabled his invisibly and his cape was now fluttering around in Ennex's face... TU: I guess my plan is working Ennex and I hope you enjoy your playtime with my cape!
  14. Open

    Techno then noticed the alpha wolf and he was now hovering directly above it and he was blasting a lot of magic at the wolf to attempt to break up every atom in it's body. Meanwhile Herobrien was talking to Morax through a mental connection... HB: Ahh yes here's an opportunity to attack my stupid brother Techno! He's right above the alpha wolf of that pack and he's trying to kill it plus those wolves are on my side so they will go under your command! So maybe you should save the alpha wolf before he gets blown to atoms and you should also be careful of the massive capes that everyone on my brother's side is wearing!