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    MLP is the way to go with robotics and AI if we want an almost perfect society to be a reality! :)
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  1. TU: To be honest they started experimentation and research on artificially growing meat and internal organs as early as 1995. Even 29 years later in 2015 it was getting to a point where the lab grown organs where good enough to be used for organ transplants in humans but still the animal meat part was gaining good progress and that year they managed to grow the very first edible beef burger paddy. It was a massive success and start for them but still it took another 15 years of work and research before the growth rates where fast enough to meet commercial demand and when it was proven to be better quality than the real meat from animals. So there where tons of flaws and dangers with lab grown meat in the beginning but in the end it got to a point where the meat was better quality and healthier to consume than real animal meat. To be honest I was sort of the same as Digit when it come to animals being killed at a young age for meat consumption. I absolutely loved chickens back then and even I wanted to keep my own but I never got the chance to because my parents propriety was too small by counsel regulations to keep chickens. I was absolutely disgusted about the cruelty that went on in animal meat farms in some countries like one of the really bad ones was India. There where even a number of leaked videos I saw on YouTube from some Indian chicken meat farms and I just couldn't believe the conditions that those poor birds where being abused in. I'm not going to go into the details here around Digit as it's quite disturbing. I was then extremely happy and relieved when it became illegal to farm animals for meat and that was a year later after lab grown meat went into commercial production.
  2. I'll probably eventually figure something out!
  3. In actual fact I'm waiting for Techno to get shot with a plasma weapon. His system is now trying to contact the war machine so he can recover himself. But I'm thinking that it didn't go to what his system requested and the machine shot Techno.
  4. When the machine was awoken Techno reacted in a way where his system was trying to contact the machine. He then stopped firing lasers and his eyes where displaying a grid of blue pixels that where strobing extremely fast. He was also making an extremely loud dial-up tone as his system was presumably trying to save itself...
  5. open

    Techno then arrived on the side of the Nile as he teleported himself from his lab in the modern city behind him. He could already see that there was one temple in the distance that stood out from all the others. It was a giant metal cube that was made out of the same metal as Techno's suit. It had blue glowing circuit board patterns all over it and the size of the cube was 100 meters cubed... TU: Interesting. That cube appears to be my lab and it's quite surprising that it spawned in that quickly when I teleported here. Anyways I gotta get in there before the sun goes down. Techno then walked through the city to the cube. He then entered though a set of hidden doors at the front of it...
  6. Techno's system then froze and started to do some really weird things. His head started to vibrate and he was beeping loudly now. He was shooting magic lasers randomly into the sky and his eyes were flashing blue...
  7. TU: To be honest that bacon was actually spawned in by a computer quite a while ago but it's spawned with the property of complete resistance to expiration and rotting. Even on earth we stopped killing animals all together for meat in the 2030s as we where growing the meat in labs. The spawned in bacon there I believe is a copy of lab grown bacon so it's going to be exactly the same every time you spawn it in!
  8. Techno then replied... TU: I've got this function in my system that makes me invincible and like a rag doll so I would flop around everywhere if I was shooting through the air. I believe it's some sort of old function that I used for testing the attack and magic power of weapons but I guess it's going to come in handy now for your training!
  9. Techno had still been listening to their dialog from down the hallway. He then shouted out... TU: If any of you two need to train in bath feel free to use me as the test dummy!
  10. Techno would probably be the perfect character for your RP! So I was thinking that Cinnamon ended up finding Techno's lab when he discovered a spell that was a system glitch exploit. It temporarily made him into a more crazy version of Discord with his behaviour and powers and then Techno had to stop the exploit himself when Cinnamon ended up in Techno's lab.
  11. I guess Techno would make a lot of sense to be in this RP. Now during the game of chess they got complete control over Techno so whatever moves they made it would make Techno do something like attack a location or do something that he would never do.
  12. I guess Techno would be interesting in the RP. Now in the RP Techno is going to be doing his general job in his lab. He's going to be reacting to situations and he might take a pony down to his lab every now and then to do upgrade works and that last part is your choice and the choices of the other RPers that he decides to do work on. Just let me know if you want anything changed!
  13. searching

    I guess I should join you then! name: Techno Universal gender: male Personality: Clever, inquisitive, immature and silly with jokes when he's in the mood, calm, often wise, may get extremely violent if he's pushed to that point of anger. Appearances: he's always wearing a metal armour suit that's made out of a strange dark metallic metal with a slight blue tint to it. The sute has blue glowing circuit board patterns all over it with a blue square in the location of his heart on his chest plate. He has a similar face to Tom Hanks and he's always carrying around his massive sword that's made out of the same metal as his armour suit and it's got the same patterns on it as his suit. The suit allows him to be indestructible and it's highly resistant to magic but certain types of magic may tend to slip through his protection. relationships: He's primary alone but he's always been eager to have a friend or two.
  14. To be honest we have a couple of friends that are going through the some thing as you except with their 14 year old cat. The cat's kidneys are failing and his brain is now rapidly degrading as he's going through the natural genetic death process. The cat is currently losing his hearing and eyesight slowly but still he's lasted a lot longer than what the vet said about him.
  15. Nice!!! Now go to that fair and have some fun while I'm stuck in the cold here in Melbourne!