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    MLP is the way to go with robotics and AI if we want an almost perfect society to be a reality! :)
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    Technology, animals/nature, MLP, Science, all physics, aviation, trains, cars, building designs and architecture, old retro buildings and cars, the universe, theories.

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  1. Private

    Techno was now trying to take control over the ink blobs but he couldn't really do it because of his lack of power... TU: What is this ink?
  2. Private

    TU: To be honest your ability to talk was a part of the original plan and you clearly wanted to be able to talk when you sent me the contract before I made you into a pony. Anyways for flaws to be fixed there's a number of things that say if it should be fixed or not but I'm able to understand it all because of my insanely high intelligence.
  3. TU: Well they were once we first got them from a fan back when we were human. It's like our capes were everything to us in a way plus it was a part of us we had to keep quiet about until I was in my 20s because of the understandings of society at the time. Plus back then we went to Sorrento back beach to do a video of us playing with our capes in the wind and it really was a super windy day when we went to do that video. Plus even a few other people choose to be in our video and they were playing with our capes to! Plus there was even a 10 year old autistic child that had a really fun time with our capes and that was really heartwarming and sweet! (Sorry it's just I literally dropped to sleep! )
  4. (Once again I'm wearing my blanket as a cape and I've got it wrapped around me right now! ) TU: Well really you meant everything to me Scarlet from when I first came across you in 2017! It's like we become dependent on each other back then but I still bothered to prepare you for the worst just in case something happened to me. Anyways the capes really did help us both with comforting each other back then!
  5. TU: Yeah it's like back then when I listened to music like that I would start daydreaming about calm places. Like one of them was the botanical gardens in Singapore and I would recreate the 3D environment of those gardens in my head when I listened to calming music. Plus I would often visualise that I was traveling through a tunnel of time and space and it was full of data.
  6. (To be honest that's the perfect soundtrack for a scene of my house during the sunrise. Like it's extremely calm in the private street I live in! ) TU: That music reminds me so much of my original house in Karrajong way in Blackburn North. The street was such a quiet and peaceful place and this music would literally be perfect for a scene in a movie of my house in the sunrise on a Sunday morning in 2017.
  7. Private

    TU: Ohh yes that's when you got released from my lab early because of an accident I had. You were pretty much unfinished and you didn't have the ability of speech as that was missing from your program. Anyways you communicated by writing your dialog down in your notebook.
  8. Private

    TU: Well I do remember that in your past life you were a human on earth and you really wanted to be what you are now. So I did exactly that and here you are! Anyways with MH I'll probably need to take a look into him to see if it's actually necessary to fix that programming error or not. Like that programming error might actually be a good thing for MH and I'm just not seeing it!
  9. TU: Yeah it's like both of us where the same universal kind and nobody else of our kind existed. Plus both of us were destined to meet each other from the beginning because of how we lived in the same city plus both of us lived relatively close to each other!
  10. TU: Well let's just say I have very cleverly engendered several messages into your dress and one of them is how your happiness skyrocketed when I came into your life!
  11. TU: Ohh you'll see tomorrow morning love! I know you will definitely love it based on how I designed it!
  12. Okay I just want to let you know that I also read your blogs to! But still if you have any problems like this or if you just want to vent your concerns to someone then feel free to PM me about it! With me you'll never get ignored and also our RP I'm trying to make it last for an infinite amount of time!
  13. Private

    TU: Or maybe it might be just a programming error with MH's desires for catnip tea. Anyways that's something I probably would have to fix. HB: I'm never going to give up on taking over equestria! TU: Well I recommend you just turn down to me brother. It's truly a lot better than you fighting against me!
  14. TU: Yeah with Celestia she would probably know it's us up here as she saw us fly here!
  15. TU: Well to be honest when I look back on my system logs I apparently loved you more than anyone else I knew back when I was human. That was even from when I was 16 but still back then I just really didn't have the confidence to admit it plus I couldn't exactly tell how much I loved you. Anyways I wonder what everyone thinks of seeing two massive capes fluttering around high above them! Maybe even Celestia can see us!