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  1. Well probably your dream would be the ability to create an artwork like this on only seconds with your mind. Well to be honest this is actually starting to become a reality as at some universities around the world they are developing a program that reads and outputs information from your visual contex. You of course wear a special cap with probes and sensors in it and currently the technology is really getting close to the point where it can allow you to generate artworks like this one in seconds. I'm probably going to work on this technology when I get to university plus I could also use it to create photos of places from my memory.
  2. TU: Ya... Let's talk in private for a moment. Techno and Shadow then walked off down the hallway to a meeting room... TU: Alright Shadow this is actually a sound proof room so pretty much nobody can hear us from in here. Now the thing that can get rid of Herobrien easily is the... SUPER SHARPEE!!! Techno also said it in a very high pitched voice and also spawned in a Sharpee permanent marker and was vibrating it in front of Shaddow's face only to delete it when Techno got back to business... TU: Actually the Sharpee pen is useless in that function. Okay back to business! Now the thing with Herobrien is he thinks I'm the same way as me plus he has the same power level. So do you have any ideas of what his sauce code would be?
  3. I actually did have a dream of Luna once. I apparently had just finished work on her and I was starting her up for the first time. But if I had another random dream of her I would probably be like... Hi Luna! What's going on!?
  4. My OC definitely would as he designed her and is still working on her. He could keep Flurryhart entertained and not have any problems with her.
  5. TU: Yea she really needs her own cat. Plus the cat should be familiar to Digit if it's one from my childhood memories. I don't think I'll spawn in Muffin as she could be slightly aggressive when she was in a bad mood. But there was a cat that I really loved and enjoyed to cuddle and play with and that was my friend's cat Maggie. I'll spawn her in now from my memory. Techno then spawned in Maggie. Maggie then smooched Digit... (This is Maggie and she's actually my friend's cat in real life.)
  6. Techno then smiled... TU: That's once again one of the personality elements of Digit that are memories of my childhood. It's like I loved cats and there was a cat called Muffin that lived next door to me when I was growing up. She would wonder over to our place every day waiting for cuddles. I really did enjoy Muffin until she died at the age of 14 in 2022. Now Digit you can hide in my extremely thick fur when I turn into Fluffle Puff. Techno then turned into a gray version of Fluffle Puff... TU: There we go! Now come and hide inside daddy Digit!
  7. TU: Well how Digit is like a child... It's like a time capsule of what I was like in my childhood as a human. I was always extremely cheerful back then so yes I'm undoubtedly going to keep Digit that way plus even that innocence I added I knew it had to be there for something but it really does make her beautiful. Techno then walked over to peak over Digit's back to see how she was going with her colouring... TU: It looks like her artistic section of her program is for sure complete. Hey there Digit! What are you colouring there!?
  8. TU: Ohh Digit that's just an "I really like you" phrase. Yeah that's something I really need to do and that's programing all the phrases into your system but I simply haven't gotten to that stage of program development yet. So Shadow you can now probably see that Digit still is a work in progress.
  9. TU: Ohh she probably means that she was extremely young in that picture. Even though she looked exactly the same as she does today in that photo. She was actually only a few hours old back at the time that picture was taken. But still Digit you really look complete as an alicorn!
  10. TU: I'm actually not feeling lonely at the moment thank you! Techno then got an idea to show off her abilities... TU: Hay Shadow! Digit can restore you too so let's see how she goes! Okey Digit can you restore Shadow's power!? Digit then turned Shadow back into his old self as an alicorn but also in the process Digit also accidentally made herself into an alicorn... TU: Good job! Wow! You even somehow did the same to yourself! Digit then handed Techno something she found in a parts draw... It was a framed photo of Techno as his human self with Celestia and Luna as adults side by side with him. They seemed to be in his original lab and the photo was also dated: 10/8/2039 TU: It's the original photo of when Only Luna and Celestia existed. I've been looking for this for a while now and I'm guessing that Digit hid it in that draw but still I feel that she might be smarter than me. But still Luna you have to have a real look at this photo as you probably still remember this moment we took it plus you should show Celestia too as she would love to see a photo from when she was only around a year old from when I completed work on her. Techno then handed the photo to Luna...
  11. TU: Well shadow your right with Herobrien being good in the beginning infact he was my biological brother when I was human. Plus when he was made into a pony like I was his name was originally Glitch Universal plus I also have a sister called Foust Universal. The thing with Foust is that she was the designer of all of your appearances and personalities but now she's in Troneon. The primary city world where humans and ponies live together while the ponies mentor the humans to be peaceful. Now it was going perfectly for the first 10 years of the tree of us being made into ponies. That's when something evil took control of him and made him into Herobrien. At the time we had a company that was the way of the future for the human empire and that was Celestial The night he was taken control over he destroyed the original lab in the Celestial labs tower in the city that's now Troneon. I then found out that he was taken over by the universal chaos super intelligence system in the universal control system also known as the DATANET. If only I could get his original intelligence system to wake up and release what's controlling him. So that pretty much concludes the story so now the thing with Digital Blitz the robot over there is that she's primary a test unit for new versions of Alstrome and new program formats but now I'm currently trying to port the core component of my personality into her system. Now also technically the first attempt at creating a universal being for me was when I built Flurryhart a couple of years ago. So so far she's been a massive success and she is planned to grow up into a mere version of myself with universal magic power being her core element instead of my core element that's universal data. So here cutie mark is going to be the same as mine except she's going to have a different centre symbol and I haven't figured out what that should be just yet. In fact I really haven't been that lonely down here because of you. I've been waching all of you on screens in my control room and even occasionally making choices for you when you come across them. But still sometimes I feel quite lonely because I'm the only one of my type to be in this universe currently. Now as all of my creations including you are what I call humanoid robots you may want to take a look at the parts on my desk over there and all of them are labeled too! Just as Techno pointed out the parts on his desk Digital Blitz automatically booted up. Her eyes then flashed on with the Alstrome bootup screen appearing. They then displayed: INITIALISING AUTO-INTELLIGENCE PROG-009-UNIVERSAL CORE... After a few seconds her eyes went normal and everyone could here the cooling fan on her head whirring... TU: Ohh! Hi Digit! I wasn't expecting you to automatically start up then so what's going on!? (The Alstrome bootup screen for Celestia. It's the same on all units except the unit information is different depending on the unit.)
  12. Techno then started browsing through his system not knowing what anything was. He then found a command that was actually a auto laser beam fire function. TU: Maby I should do something useful for you like spawning in apples for you to eat! He then activated the function to then start automatically fire a burning laser beam at Keeneye and it also followed him as Techno tried to move the laser away from him. Techno then finally turned it off in his system to see that he had cut trees in half and now Techno was frozen looking straight at Keeneye. He then said in his head... TU: Now that was definitely the wrong command... Oh no. What have I done!? That pony over there that talked to me earlier looks extremely triggered at me and annoyingly I'm frozen!!! (EDIT: Sorry I actually meant Keeneye not Mysterious...)
  13. TU: Well I don't 100% know what I am as something completely formatted my memory and personality. So now what's the reason you want to destroy me exactly?
  14. Techno was completely dead in his system and was deactivated in a bush next to the group. Until something triggered him to reboot into his system... CMD: BOOTING INTO ALSTROME... ERROR-NO PERSONALITY PROGRAM EXISTENT IN MEMORY. BOOTING INTO BASE MODE... TU: Uhh what am I? What is this place? Why do I have a computer in my head? This feels strange and I need to investigate this. Techno then got up out of the bush only to end up in the centre of the group...
  15. (Skipping the elevator ride down to the lab...) When they got down there the interior of the place was completely made up of large metal panels plus there were blue glowing circuit patterns running along the floor, walls and ceiling. It was simply very futuristic looking... TU: So pretty much I've got everything down here and that's why the size of this lab covers all of equestria. It really is a massive complex so try not to get lost! So Celestia if you want there's a lounge room over there that you can rest in if you need. Luna then called Techno over when she found a strange purple robotic pony in one of the rooms. The strange unit was deactivated and seemed to be connected up to a computer. Techno then walked over to Luna... TU: Ahh yes this unit here is actually one of Herobrien's abandoned creations. She was going to be a part of a robot army doomsday project but in the end the project got canceled and she ended up abandoned. So I'm currently working on her to try and copy the core element of my personality onto her system as the beginning of a project to try and create another universal being like me. Now it's actually a pretty interesting story with Herobrien of how he became himself and what he used to be.