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  1. Oh you believe in the Multiverse theory too? :D

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    2. Larrydog


      That is good to know,I don't have the money for it yet but I will very much keep this in mind to buy when I can.

    3. Will Guide

      Will Guide

      The story can get pretty convoluted. Remember that it's more visual novel than like an actual game. It's like 90% novel and 10% looking around the room solving puzzles.

    4. Larrydog


      Which I'm fine with,I've played a game like that recently and I very much I know I will like this as well.

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

    1. Larrydog


      thanks so much! it means a lot to me X3

  3. well I am really back into MLP again,its kinda a shame that it happened a little bit before the show is over but I guess things just happen that way. I'm not fully sure if I still have much to say but I have been working on Next Gen and my pony ocs so I might upload there details if anyone is interested 

  4. hmm looks like I came back on my birthday, honestly didn't expect that. Not sure if I will stick around or not but I am in a better place emotionally since the last time I have been here and feel better about my art and think I have improved.

    so I might do what I said I would in the past and open some Request shops, Talk about things I like about the last season and just talk with other likeminded bronies, not sure if this will happen but  like to think it could so, for now, I am back.

  5. Merry Birthiversary! 

    1. Larrydog


      heh  thank you glad  I came back today

  6. well I did it again I said I was gonna be active on here but have not been doing it but you know instead of saying that is gonna change I will say that I don't think it will.the reason being is that I just honestly don't have anything to talk about I mean there *are* things but most of them are things I mostly talk to other people about who I know have the same interest and the fact my life is boring more or less doesn't help with that.

    so adding to all that and I feel my page is not really checked on and I feel this site has become very quiet and kinda inactive (to me anyway) I'm just gonna say I can't see myself saying much on here anymore unless I can get my next gens going

    for the most part, I think all I am gonna do with this account is open Request shops since Drawing is my current passion and I wanna be more focused on improving

    however, if anyone out there really wanna talks to me finding my page my Discord is always open 

    Larrydog#8782 I'm on there 24/7 most of the time so that is where you can really get to know me if you wish since I just don't know what else to do here on this account I might in the future but who knows 


  7. hey there guys, been really into spyro lately, wonder if I have been the only one

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    2. Larrydog


      I don't know anything about the third game yet trying to avoid knowing anything about it until I play it

      didn't know I could get 120% on the first game but since I look for everything I feel I would have found out soon and gonna figure out how later.and yeah the flame upgrade is great

    3. Larrydog


      heh I'm glad you do X3

  8. an interesting episode again didn't leave much of an impression on me but still interesting how they brought the movie into the mix since I felt beforehand it wasn't canon and I also I liked the new character Terramar he was a pretty cool character
  9. I like this episode for two reasons because I got to see Trixie's dad and his boyfriend and hehe I'm a svengallop fanboy and I'm glad I got to see him again for a few seconds I hope that happens more (or gets another episode in season 9) and the rest of the episode was meh nothing stood out about it for me
  10. The episode didn't make much of an impression on me however I did really like gothic fluttershy lol
  11. this episode was very strange to me I didn't really see the point of Maud of having a boyfriend who is exactly like her and I didn't really get the moral of the episode either since it just made me feel like Pinkie actually dislike everything maud does but doesn't notice she does because of there family but *shurgs* good news is I got the ship CheeseSanwhich x Briar out of this lol
  12. well, since the season is over I think now would be a good time to express my opinions I liked this episode for what it was and find the school as an interesting change. and I found myself liking Neighsay even though he is nothing like me and even before what he does in the finale I just have a thing for bad guys I guess lol.
  13. well to try to get myself more active I feel it will be good to partake in these again and yeah I like starlight glimmer I love both her evil plans (as they are two of my favorite tropes) and I like the character she became afterward,I know her reformation was really rushed but honestly that doesn't bother me that much since I feel its really nothing new for the show anyway
  14. decided to make my updated unfinished MLP Next generation public here to anyone interested I might put this list somewhere else as well