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  1. I'm missing you here, buddy. :mlp_smug: I hope everything has been going well for you lately, and that real life is treating you nicely. Maybe we can talk again if you come back, alright? :fluttershy: I'll be here waiting if you decide to return, anyway, I hope you've been doing well. :rarity: 

  2. Rhythm Red

    Have you ever been kissed? (Family don't count)

    Yes I have! My last girlfriend and I would kiss all the time.
  3. Rhythm Red

    What type of voice do you have?

    I have a deepish speaking voice, but a wide range. In a choir setting, I would be able to sing tenor or bass parts. I’d classify myself as a baritone, personally. (Makes it hard to sing all my favorite songs though, most of my favorite singers are tenors )
  4. I thought it was alright, actually. There were some parts that I thought were outstanding (open up your eyes, time to be awesome) and parts that I thought weren’t all that great. I would give it a positive review, but it just felt... different from the show. It’s the same complaint I have with the newer seasons, it’s very different from the show that I first discovered. In some ways, there have been improvements, sure, but the first few seasons of the show are certainly my favorites.
  5. Rhythm Red

    Do you make your bed?

    Uhh, of course I make my bed! I mean sure, I’m messy, but the least I can do is make my bed, right?
  6. Rhythm Red

    Trigger the fanboys game!

    My favorite Star Trek character is Captain Lone Starr because he completed the Kessel Run in 7 parsecs.
  7. Rhythm Red

    Change One Letter of a Four-Letter Word

  8. Rhythm Red

    Which user is that?

    Yes indeed! This user is named after a type of gun.
  9. Rhythm Red

    Which user is that?

    @ShadOBabe? This user is a communist!
  10. Rhythm Red

    Web best social network ?

    Isn’t it obvious? MLPForums!
  11. Rhythm Red

    How often do you shave?

    Once a week or so. I just look at the mirror and if it looks bad, I shave it a lil bit.
  12. Rhythm Red

    Are most Bronies right wing/conservative?

    Others have beat me to it, but I’ll throw in my own two cents anyway. I believe the fandom is a melting pot of all sorts of political views. I’ve met bronies all over the political spectrum- some have been more conservative, some have been more liberal. Others, myself included, are somewhere in the middle. I personally support the right on some issues and the left on others.
  13. I don’t live in Europe, but I’ll do my best to spread the news, thanks for the head up.
  14. Hmm, it’s close, but I’d say the Greeks. The Egyptians has the pyramids, true, but the Greeks were just something else when it came to mathematics and architecture.
  15. Rhythm Red

    Food Favorite Condiments?

    I LOVE HOT SAUCE! Seriously though. And the best brand is Gringo Bandito, which just so happens to be owned by Dexter Holland, the lead singer of my favorite band, The Offspring! (Also, buffalo is a close second. )