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  1. Haven’t talked to you in a little while man, hope you’re doing well. :kindness:

    By the way, I checked out Breaking Benjamin the other day, they absolutely ROCK! Thanks for telling me about them! :squee: 

    Alright, I’ll leave you alone. Hopefully I’ll see you soon, my man. :) 

  2. Things have been a mixed bag for me recently. :mlp_please:

    On one hand, work’s been going well, my band’s been playing some gigs, and the holidays are coming up soon! :D 

    But on the other hand, my teachers have given me too much work outside of school, and I just happened to get in a minor accident after school the other day. Just a minor fender bender, nothing serious, and it wasn’t even my fault, thank goodness! :adorkable:


    So yeah, that’s my life recently. *mlem* :derp:

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    2. Zayfen


      Hang in there bud! If things are looking up on ya, just a little more effort might be enough to make it worth it for a while!

    3. Cash In

      Cash In

      Hopefully things improve. I know the struggles of having too much schoolwork. I've had 4 assignments today :mlp_gag:.

      Luckily, things also seem to be going well for you. Keep at it!

    4. Rhythm Red

      Rhythm Red

      @Tacodidra @Zayfen @Cash In Thanks, y’all. It’s only a matter of time, I suppose! :P 

  3. Rhythm Red

    2018 US Mid-Term Elections Chat Thread

    I’m a libertarian myself, though I’m just barely too young to vote. I’ll be voting in 2020 for sure, though!
  4. Thanks for the follow, my man! :) 

    1. Matraxial Artemi

      Matraxial Artemi

      your welcome! :mlp_grin:

    2. Thankful Brony 2

      Thankful Brony 2

      Grammar violation.

  5. God, work’s been stressing me out lately. :scoots: It’s been busy, and I’ve been the only person at the register, meaning I have to take the orders and calls, fold and mark the boxes, give people their carry out orders, and keep everything stocked. All. On. My. Own.

    UGH! :P 

    Hey, at least I get half off on pizzas of my own, right? ;) 

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    2. Rhythm Red

      Rhythm Red

      @Tacolantern @Fluttershy Friend Thanks, guys. One can hope! :P 

      @Sp00kEater For real man... I mean granted, I don’t get paid very much at all. But to be completely honest I’d totally accept completely free pizza as my payment... :derp:

    3. Zayfen


      Be sure to not over to it, yourself! I'm not sure if any amount of pizza would fix a burnout! :rarity:

    4. Rhythm Red

      Rhythm Red

      @Zayfen pizza fixes everything, though, right? :P 

  6. There was something that I meant to say

    Hold on... I know it, don’t you fret!

    Silly old me, it’s someone’s birthday!

    Oh, trust me, I didn’t forget!


    So eat lots of cake

    And open some gifts

    They could be pre-bought

    Or even makeshift

    Just do what you want,

    Go on and be free!

    Best birthday wishes,

    Mr. Wannabrony! :D 


    (Did you like it? *squee* :squee:)


    In all seriousness, happy birthday, dude! :P 01112213-428D-48B4-B6D3-1DC5E7B5187E.gif.fa7cb0301d5db4426224a15ec5afe2ba.gif


    1. Wannabrony


      I... absolutely... loved it. :rarity:

      Thank you very much, this poems certainly brought a huge smile to my face. :kindness: Trust me, I absolutely adore this poem, my friend. You have made me unimaginably happy with that, thank you oh, so much! What a lovely way to end the day. :squee:

      Thank you very much once again! I hope that we'll get the chance to chat soon! See you soon! ^_^

    2. Rhythm Red

      Rhythm Red

      Hahah, glad you enjoyed it! :D See you soon, too! :P 

  7. Back! Sorry I left in such a hurry, I didn’t really explain what I was gonna be doing! :adorkable:

    For those who were wondering, I was on vacation! And it exactly what I needed- a few days to relax and forget my worries. I went to the beach, did a little walking, and even tried my hand at some karaoke at a bar! :laugh: But now that it’s over, it’s time to buckle down and get to work. B) 

    Hope you’ve all been doing fine! :P 

    1. Tacodidra


      It's alright, my friend – and considering the effect it had on you, I think you made the right choice! :D

      I've been fine myself, even if not much has happened (once again). :) Good luck at work! :kindness:

    2. Rikifive


      That's nice you got some time for yourself. :mlp_grin: Oh I wish I had vacations again. :mlp_please:

      Nothing new from my side, it's pretty much all the same; Doing fine in general. :P 

      Welcome back! :mlp_yeehaa: 

    3. Rhythm Red

      Rhythm Red

      @Tacodidra @Rikifive ¡Gracias, amigos! :P 

  8. Hey, y’all! May not be on for a few days. Gonna be busy, hopefully I’ll be back on Sunday, no later than Monday, though! :) 

    Peace out, for the rest of this week at least! :P 

    1. Tacodidra


      Good luck, my friend – I hope everything goes well! :kindness: See you later! :fluttershy:

    2. Cash In

      Cash In

      Alright. Keep well! 

    3. Zayfen


      Wish you a nice few days without any trouble! Good luck, friend!

  9. Let’s see here... I’m about to go to bed, I’m really tired, and I’m on mlp forums. You know what that means... :orly:

    A good old-fashioned Rhythm Red goodnight poem, just like the good old days, that’s what! :D

    So here you go!


    Off to bed I go once more, 

    I’m really tired, hope I don’t snore!

    Work today was quite the bore

    This line here? Well, it’s line four!


    I know that line was lazy as heck

    But I don’t mean no disrespect

    I’ve got this painful crick in my neck

    So I’ll get some rest and then I’ll check


    To make sure that it’s feeling alright

    And if it ain’t, then hold on tight, 

    I’ve got something that’ll work just right

    Something that’ll never give up the fight


    What’s this miracle tonic, you ask?

    Not medicine, lotion, or even a mask

    To get one isn’t a difficult task,

    It’s pizza.


    That’s right.

    Pizza. :P 


    Goodnight, everypony! And remember, every second of life you live, you’re one second closer to your next pizza. Hopefully that’ll keep y’all going! :) 

    Ok, g’night! :P 

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    2. Zayfen


      *clap clap clap* Awesome! Altho I hope your pain goes away as soon as possible! I wish you a restful night, my friend! May your dreams be full of pizza! :mlp_smug:

    3. Cash In

      Cash In

      I always said that Pizza could solve anything :P.

      Anyways Good Night!

    4. Rhythm Red

      Rhythm Red

      @Zayfen if only I could choose what happened in my dreams. Then I’d dream about pizza every night! :P 

      @Cash In there is nothing that a hot, delicious slice of pizza can’t solve... :derp:

  10. Rhythm Red

    I liked S3.

    That makes it feel like a show that’s much different than the one I first got hooked on, which may be part of why I prefer the first few seasons. Or maybe it’s the rose tinted goggles. I dunno which!
  11. Rhythm Red

    Cloudsdale vs Ponyville

    This made me laugh uncontrollably and I don’t really know why! Go Cloudsdale!
  12. Rhythm Red

    I liked S3.

    Depends on how you look at it. The first three seasons just had this certain charm. Maybe it had to do with the small-town, slice-of-life feel. I personally haven’t enjoyed the later seasons as much as I did the first few.
  13. Rhythm Red

    Cloudsdale vs Ponyville