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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. Merry Birthiversary!

  4. it's so cute that rarity and fluttershy go to the spa together, i loved that detail! the way photo finish says fluttershy is hilarious, "FLOOTERSHY!" this epsiode was super enjoyable+funny! "tomorrow a photo-shoot in the park...I GO!" i LOL'd
  5. Hey. I’ve noticed that you have been posting your opinions on season 1 episodes in order. Are you just watching them again or are you new to the show? :) 

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    2. Shrug


      No problem! I’m always happy to help! :D 

    3. Sparklefan1234



      You're Welcome!

      Also, Welcome to the forums & I hope you enjoy watching MLP:FiM! :D

    4. Forest



      thank you! :D i definitely will!

  6. sapphire was a really pretty pony, and the outfit rarity made was amazing! i don't think the diamond dogs look as cool as some of the other villains *points at avatar* but they served their villainous purpose lol. spike turning into a buff dragon knight was hilarious, and i'm happy they got all those gems in the end.
  7. i missed seeing the mane six while watching this episode, but it was really sweet of applejack to give the cmc her old treehouse. i'm really curious to see what their cutie marks turn out to be! the performance was so entertaining though lol
  8. I agree! But once you've lived/been with someone for awhile you see all the good and bad LOL.
  9. Just my opinion, but trying to rate human beings with numbers is immature, and honestly simplifies things to a pointless degree. No one is perfect, absolutely no one. When you do pick someone to spend your life with, it should be because you love their sense of humor, or the way they do little nice things for you every day, or because they always take naps with you. It should be their personality, their aura, their brain, whatever makes them unique and special and just as meaningful as every other human being. The idea of "beta" and "alpha" is silly, because humans are infinitely more complica
  10. the stare was great! and then fluttershy finds stone twilight and is all "don't move i'll be right back!" lol. badass fluttershy taking down the cockatrice was awesome! i love that there's that tough/protective side of her...
  11. awwww, fluttershy's yay was so cute in the beginning! cloudsdale is so pretty. the sonic rainboom was super cool, but fluttershy cheering like a proud mom destroyed me LOL
  12. i'm super confident and not at all awkward LOL!
  13. pinkie pie speaks frog LOL, why am i surprised? mad scientist twilight was great as well. froggy bottom bog is really pretty, aand... surprise hydra lol! and then princess celestia drops in, great ending!
  14. yay, i love this! rarity's song was great, and the ending fashion show was so well done! also fluttershy's freaky sewing knowledge was great lol
  15. my little cthulhu, lol
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