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      Thanks friend! Welcome on board!^_^

  4. Ginger Ale

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    I am taken, I said that for @Dark Horse as you can see my quotation not someone else...
  5. Ginger Ale

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Okay, leave him, ladies, he is mine. I kindly ask you to back off... You look gorgeous... 0///0 <3
  6. Ginger Ale

    What can the user above you do better than you?

    Riding horses? As a batpony i dont think i can ride xDD
  7. Ginger Ale

    Hello all!

    Welcome to the herd @Hollow Wing, I hope you have your best fun times here... I am sure you will meet with lots of great people and make friendships :3
  8. Ginger Ale

    Change One Letter of a Four-Letter Word

  9. Ginger Ale

    Change One Letter of a Four-Letter Word

  10. Ginger Ale

    Nova Nightstar

    Is this C-Captain Nova? Is he a pegasus now?
  11. Ginger Ale

    General What is your MBTI personality type?

    7 percent... Should I feel unique? I think I should feel crazy or abnormal xD uncommon xD
  12. Ginger Ale

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    That is called lenses, my eyes are hazel though, however, stop falling for me because I can't hold myself falling for you <3. I have a surprise for you soon and you will love it @Dark Horse . Stay tuned on my profile feed and uhm; Hope to see you one day, if you feel for it, of course, no pressure! <3
  13. Ginger Ale

    Ask Celestia!

    He finds us too "normal" and too "boring" to stay with us. I do not think he enjoys his time with anyone else but Fluttershy. I feel and seize when he is with us, he is uncomfortable and bored. Surprisingly no, he hasn't asked us, but he is always welcome here anytime and I am glad his progress in learning friendship is going well too...