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  1. A noble goal! In another reality you may have gotten along well with Nova. A version of him has had... similar ambitions. Maybe not for as quite noble reasons though.
  2. It just occurred to me that I only saw your OC for the first time today.. :mellow:

    1. Venomous




  3. Request Shop

    Hey there @Baalpeor! I'd like to leave my own OC here for this if you don't mind. Not really too pushed on any particular pose; do what looks best to you! Thanks!
  4. Request Shop

    @Swinton I think the colors look just fine! Doesn't really matter to me how dark or light the shade of purple is for Nova. Thanks Swinton! Really good job on these.
  5. @SFyr, hello again! I just wanted to poke my head in and see if you'd be available for a small request at this time. No worries if your plate is full though. Thanks!
  6. Ever get those moments where you just crave a toasted cheese sandwich?


    1. meme


      Yes but with pizza.

    2. Raven Rawne

      Raven Rawne

      I just imagined Cheese Sandwich, the Weird Al pony, "toasted".


      ... I'll pass.

    3. MidnightFire1222


      I'd rather have pizza.

  7. Request Shop

    @Swinton Alright then! Let's go for it!
  8. Me today... I just can't.


    1. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      I know... What is it about today?! post-25189-0-15324400-1406037117.png

  9. Request Shop

    I'm going to go ahead and throw Nova in here for your consideration. Whenever you feel like it~
  10. @Ginger Ale I must say, I'm in love with both your name and your batpone. Great to have you here! So what are your current ambitions, if any?
  11. @Raven Rawne Thanks for your patience. I should be able to carry on regularly again for the time being.
  12. @Raven Rawne "I never said that I didn't..." Saffron mumbled in response while looking away uneasily. Truth be told, while the Stallion was excellent at hacking his way through high security doors with complex security systems in place, he had never quite been able to get his hoofs around lockpicking. It wasn't his fault! Why did they have to make the tumblers so damn precise!? Still, he observed closely as Crystal went through the motions almost effortlessly. He could tell she was well practiced and couldn't hide a smile at her handywork, as after a couple of firm kicks the door broke loose and fell open, though it seemed as though something was obstructing it on the other side. He felt himself brace for a trap, but nothing came. "Mmm.. only if you take it easy on the novices." He replied with a smirk. "Look's like it was nothing too secure. Anything behind?" He asked as Crystal poked her head through the gap in the door. Whatever it was, it didn't appear pleasant. "Oh... Great." Saffron said, his ears drooping as he understood the meaning behind her words. Making his way through the door, he kicked some of the blockages out of his way, and found himself in in the trashed remains of the Mayor's office. It looked as though a hurricane had swept through the room; papers, documents, filing tools and all kinds of material littered the floor, as if somepony had thoroughly gutted the place on a desperate search. But this wasn't all that had defaced the room. Slumped into a chair behind the mayor's desk was the corpse of an elderly Earth Pony, as Crystal had alluded to. He had clearly been dead for quite some time; his brown fur was pale and withered, dried streaks of blood trickled from his hanging mouth, and a half open eye displayed his already atrophied and bloodshot eye. Saffron closed his eyes as he felt a shudder rush down his spine. He had seen many corpses before, some in far worse condition than this, but he still always felt an uneasy sickness come over him every time he witnessed it. Saffron opened his eyes again as Crystal pointed out the strange metallic object resting atop the Stallion's head. He hadn't noticed it at first, but it instantly gave him a bad feeling. "I'm not sure... it doesn't look like any ordinary headgear." He responded to his companion. "But I'd be careful, if it is what killed him then it could be a trap." Saffron tried to analyze it at a distance, but the details were too minute. It clearly had a small magic energy gem powering it, but it appeared to be damaged, a black ooze dripping from the source. The whole thing looked very crude in its design. The stallion turned his head in surprise at Crystal as she expressed a desire to bury him. He hadn't expected that kind of empathy from her at first. It was an unusual trait for a lone wanderer to have, especially after years of traveling solo. During his own travels, Saffron had met many ponies who had been so desensitized by the harshness of the wasteland that they had simply lost all desire to care. Saffron supposed that this was just a natural adaption to prevent them from going insane over all the horrible things they had seen, but even so, it sometimes seemed as though the Wasteland had just... crushed their spirits. He was pleased to see that maybe it hadn't quite gotten to Crystal yet, although he wondered for how long. He nodded his head. "I get you. But the nature of the swamp would also make it difficult to bury him proper, and his corpse would just become Mirelurk food. He deserves something more dignified. Celestia knows he didn't get it while he was alive..." He said somberly. "Yeah. There should be something here that at least tells us what was going on leading up to whatever happened." He replied to Crystal's query. "I'm... going to try and examine him more closely. Don't worry, I know my way around a lot of old and new tech. I'll be careful." He assured. As Crystal got to work trying to sort through the mess of documents on the floor, Saffron carefully approached the dead Stallion's corpse, his eyes scanning for any signs of a trap, or in case the device turned out to be a rudimentary trip-mine of sorts. The smell of the slowly rotting corpse was quite strong, his poor nose was being put through Tartarus today. Now that he was almost right up next to the corpse, he could see that the device looked a bit more sophisticated up close. The headpiece itself looked to be of pre-war design, with a few non-functioning LED's and what looked to be a small signal receiver jutting out from the side. Despite this, it had clearly been modified in some ways. Several cables that looked as though they had been crudely attached to the frame lay in an untidy fashion, many of them connected to the damaged energy crystal. Saffron could see that the containment capsule had actually shattered, leading him to surmise that the crystal had overloaded. Probably why it had cracked and was leaking a rather unsettling black ooze... "It looks as if this thing fried out." He called to Crystal. "Whole thing looks damaged beyond repair, although the actual framework looks to be intact. I wonder if--" He cut himself off, a disturbing thought entering his mind. "Shit... have you found anything interesting?" He asked her, as he turned his own attention to the Mayor's desk and began to search it.
  13. @Cestrum Wonderful! Okay, so I was thinking of getting a EQG Chibi of my Ponysona here... Preferably wearing a coat similar the one he has on here if that's okay? It would be cool to have him 'ponified' for this; though I wonder... would it be possible to include him carrying a prop?
  14. Hey Dark Horse, i didn't realize you were a moderator here!

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    2. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      Hey, yeah man! Thank you so much for your work with that, it was beautiful. :D

      I took a look at your full gallery. Very impressed! You do some good pieces. I may yet grab something myself off of you sometime if you're up for it. :fluttershy:

    3. MidnightFire1222


      Thank you for the compliment. You're welcome to commission me if you like. I don't get many of them, so they're always open at the moment.

    4. MidnightFire1222


      I forgot to mention, I have a discord if you ever wanna talk there; #4380. Or there's skype. My username is the same there as it is here.