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  1. Request Shop Raven's Antique Request Shop [REOPEN]

    Hey Raven! Seeing as how your shop is back open, I have an idea that I'd like to throw at you for your consideration. Basically, Saffron as the Phantom of the Opera, with his iconic mask and upturned collar cape. Partial shot will be fine, and if you're feeling up to it the background can be something like the classic theatre balcony. Or just the curtains. Whatever you wanna draw of it really.
  2. Happy Birthday Jonny! I hope it's been a good one~ :D

  3. Happiest of Birthdays to you, Storm! Hope you had fun~ ^_^

  4. That moment when you almost forgot it was Pancake Tuesday.



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    2. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      @UltimateGhost3, I've heard much of these 'Tacos'. Never actually had one though.

      @Mesmelicious Rize, OMNOMNOMNOM!! ...Yes.

    3. Duality


      Don't forget to make me some.

    4. Prospekt


      @UltimateGhost3 I had both pancakes and tacos. Ha!

  5. Thanks for the follow, fellow motorsports enthusiast! B)

  6. Thank you for the follow! Have one back. :proud:

    Do I detect a fellow stage pony? :sunbutt:

    1. xXFeelingBlueXx


      You're welcome :3

      and thank you ^_^

      And yes, yes you do :pinkie:

  7. 996.gif

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    2. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      Most old 'Tycoon' games had something similar, now that you mention it. Theme Hospital had a jazzy beat rolling most of the time, which made emergency situations like pandemics seems awfully relaxed. But hey, they were chill games! :P

    3. Raven Rawne

      Raven Rawne

      Haha I can imagine - the Government itself collapses from the disease but the chillaxed jazz tune makes you simply take it in stride like it's just a minor setback to the bright future ahead. Now that I recall the music did lessen the impact when I screwed the lights placement and my super expensive trains met in a joust...

    4. MidnightFire1222


      Oh my god I love that game! It and Gale of Darkness are such underrated pokemon games!

  8. D     A     R     K          H     O     R     S     E

    A     E     O     N          O     V     A     L     S

    R     O     S     E          R     A     B     A     T

    K     N     E     W          S     L     A     V     E

                                        E     S     T     E     R

  9. Wishing you a very happy and fulfilling Birthday, Jeric man. Don't let anyone or anything tell you that you don't deserve to enjoy them. This day is for you! ;)


  10. @Nightmare Season @Raven Rawne Saffron remained silent for a while as Natural mused over the specific details one more time. She didn't seem too deterred by the stallion's lack of combat experience, nor that she was essentially being asked to go on an expedition to one of the more dangerous parts of Equestria with a blindfolded mare and out-of-work stage performer with no proper game plan or understanding of their objective. "I guess she really takes her work seriously.." He thought to himself. But that seriousness also came with a price. Though, to her credit, her offer wasn't quite as extortionate as what some of the others had tried to squeeze from him earlier, and her condition for extra bits upfront for the initial supplies made sense. Saffron hadn't factored the need for those in, rather foolishly. If they were going to spend any amount of extended time in there, the didn't need to be adding a needless 'survival' element. As Natural pointed out; scavenging in the forest was dangerous. Still, he wouldn't agree to anything without Peony's consent. Except it turned out he didn't need it. "Peony!" Saffron exclaimed as the mare not only met, but raised Natural's offer! He would have protested to her about spending unnecessarily, largely because he already felt indebted to the pony for her substantial financial assistance before, but the mare seemed so... casual about the whole thing that he couldn't find the correct moment to interrupt her. 'Be prepared for the unexpected'? Somehow, Saffron felt that for a wealthy upper-class pony like herself, Peony was rarely ever unprepared to pay a price for services rendered to her. He glanced over to Natural, who looked almost taken aback at first before catching herself. No doubt she was used to clients haggling her down a notch, and to be honest, Saffron was also prepared to negotiate. He only shrugged at her as she glanced back at him, perhaps expecting some kind of explanation. He could offer none, so the mint mare simply agreed and shook hooves. Peony requested they go pay the bits now, so all three of them made for the exit, Saffron still trying to ignore the piercing eyes of the patrons as they walked past. None of them made any sort of move, however, whilst their newly hired mercenary shot dangerous looks back toward them. "Now I remember why I avoid this part of town..." he muttered as a sharp chill down his spine made him shudder. Night had properly fallen on the distressed slums by now, and the earlier bustling sounds of activity had been replaced by an eerie wind as conditions became colder. Most of the street merchants had now packed up for the night, replaced by the occasional tavern drunkard or other unsavoury looking types. Even in the scarcely lit streets, Saffron and especially Peony still looked terribly out of place, made worse by the glamorous looking carriage that had brought them here. He was amazed to find that it had even survived. As Peony retrieved a small coin purse from inside to pay the mare with, Saffron kept moving himself in front of them as though trying to shield the their transaction from view. Though he wasn't quite sure exactly what he was trying to hide that wasn't already obvious to anypony with a working eye. "Right... see you tomorrow then." The stallion replied in an unsure tone. He could scarcely believe what he had just agreed to. It was beginning to feel like one of his stage dramas come to life. "You have my gratitude, Miss Order. I only hope this isn't as much a fool's errand as it seems." He nodded his head in courtesy, and embarked into the carriage after guiding Peony on before him, instructing the driver to take them back to the Upper sections. He'd had just about enough of this part of the city. "Don't worry, Miss Peony." He tried to assure his stricken companion. "I know we can trust her. We'll have your cure found in no time." He hoped saying it would make it true.
  11. Finally back home! My room has been strangely deep cleaned and dusted.. :huh:

    1. Califorum


      Wish that would happen to mine.

    2. MidnightFire1222
    3. One. Bad. Dude.

      One. Bad. Dude.

      It makes me so happy knowing that you have someone as special as @Mesmelicious Rize in your life!^_^ I'm glad you two get along so well!

  12. Dark Horses visit helped me alot

    @Jeric @Mesmelicious Rize Awww, you guys... If I wasnt just about to get on the airplane I'd write a profound response of thanks and how much the both of you have helped me on my own journeys in becoming who I am today. But for now, I just wanna show my appreciation the best I know how! No crying, Mezie.
  13. Awaiting the flight home! :D


    1. Azul Maya
    2. Duality


      For a second there I thought there was a giant half-silhouetted Lego figure looming in the distance, but then I realised that it was your reflection. :confused: