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  1. I know that I shouldn't complain about having good weather in this country, but...

    Hot Darky.jpg

    1. Lady Kiriness

      Lady Kiriness

      It's pretty warm over here, too. Time to whip out the iced drinks! 

    2. FizzyGreen


      Maybe you, too.

  2. As Kiriness already alluded to; the intention behind the character limit was to encourage users to give greater contribution and quality to their posts than simply having a throwaway response of maybe one or two words. It was hoped that this would allow for longer, more substantial discussion within sections that tended to have a lot of topics where opinions and input were requested, such as Everfree Forest. For that reason, it's supposed to be disabled in more casuals areas of the forum like Cloudsdale and especially Forum Games, but the recent software update seems to have bugged that out a little, as you've no doubt noticed. =/
  3. @Blitz Boom Hey Blitz! So I know it's been a while since I was last here, but I may be interested in coming back in just for some casual practice if you're looking for additional toons to be in places. I'm not really looking for any particular scenario, just interested in running something a bit less structured for Saffron in the background.
  4. I'm actually very impressed by how interesting you've made her out to be while keeping the overall information simple. I can appreciate that some people like to create intricately detailed characters with paragraphs of backstory and personality to read (heck, I'm quite guilty of that myself), but this is a fine example of a character who displays just enough to make me want to know more about her, while not needing to go digging too far down a long rabbit hole. She's perfectly ordinary and believable, but stands out and catches your attention enough to want to learn a bit more. Great balance! I guess all the artwork helps too.
  5. My thoughts today are with all those affected by the tragic and senseless events that shook Manchester last night. Stay strong in the face of this evil. :(

  6. private

    Nova continued to watch and observe, silently taking in as much as he could from the conversations going on around him, his ears twitching as he listened. He caught wind of the bright red Pegasus in armor and the Unicorn doctor talking of the Changeling invasion into Canterlot. Nova admittedly knew little about the Changelings or the invasion, as he was still deep in training at the Academy when it had occurred and hadn't bothered to attend the wedding celebrations that day, but what he had heard was... unsettling to say the least. His bright gold eyes moved over to the Unicorn with the mask. He hadn't paid her much attention at first, but now that he was a bit closer he could see that she was a bit... strange? Like him she seemed distant; glancing around as if trying to get a better understanding of the others, but keeping as much of her attention as possible to the green Unicorn with whom she seemed to be most familiar with. With her ornate mask that hid much of her face and a long, eye-catching travel cloak, she looked like some sort of wandering showpony, and the way she shifted and appeared uncomfortable with her surroundings only further exasperated Nova's desire to know what in Celestia's name most of these ponies were doing here! The letter had quite clearly stated their mission was to hunt down cunning and dangerous master criminals, individuals who had so far caused all kinds of chaos across most of Equestria with their actions, and were now in possession of what sounded like a very powerful artefact to boot. So far, this didn't look at all to him like the kind of group that should assembled for such a task. Performers, Traders, Students...? What possible situations could require their presence? @Convergence His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the courtyard doors being swung open again, and he turned to see that they were to be joined by yet another. At first, Nova saw the newcomer as an Earth Pony, having the muscular complexion that was typical of their species, but as he approached, he was shocked to discover that this newest arrival wasn't even a pony at all. A Zebra...? he thought in amazement. An unexpected surprise. Zebras were a rare find in Equestria, and Nova himself had never personally encountered one, even during all his time traveling with the Wonderbolts. He had heard those few that did visit Equestria mostly kept to themselves and weren't overly interested in mingling with Equestrian citizens or their way of life. They were an isolated species, and very different from anything Nova was used to. He kept his eyes fixed on him, as the Zebra stepped forward and presented himself to Crowley. An impressive yet exotic looking sword was sheathed on his left shoulder, and the young Wonderbolt was at least slightly relieved to see someone whom looked to have come prepared. The idea of having to resort to physical violence didn't sit so well with him, Nova much preferred to let his abilities do the talking, but given the potential risks of their mission, it may have been a necessary precaution. @PonyOfWar @EQ_Theta @SilverHeart @Lil' Lovebug @Golbez @PathfinderCS @Scribblegroove Perhaps unsurprisingly, the red, armor-clad Pegasus seemed the most interested in their newest companion and quickly engaged him in conversation, which prompted Nova to realize that most of the group had now formed individual clumps and were mingling, creating a scene as if this were just a casual get-together in the park. He supposed that shouldn't have struck him too odd given the general makeup of the ponies present, but he was beginning to grow weary of their idleness and actual purpose for being here. He took a few steps forward, moving himself closer to the group, and took a deep breath: "So." he said at last, breaking his silence with a voice loud enough to be heard by everyone present. "Quite the ragtag group we seem to have assembled here, Crowley. I wondered for a moment if I hadn't gone and wandered into the wrong courtyard by mistake?" he glanced around at the rest of the group with a dry expression, then continued: "Ah well... I suppose proper introductions are in order. My name is Nova. Nova Nightstar." He said emphatically. "Perhaps you've heard of me? If not I wouldn't worry. You'll see all you need to know by the time this mission is over, and I can assure you all that by then it's a name you won't soon forget." Nova almost glared at the others as he spoke the last few words, as if trying to forcefully implant the message into their minds, then just as suddenly returned to his calm demeanor. "But, I realize that for now it would appear we are to be... 'teammates'". Nova said the word with leaking reluctance, as Spitfire's voice echoed in his mind. "So I think it would only be to our benefit that we each introduce ourselves properly, no? Would hardly do well to have to work together with total strangers after all. How about it?" He looked around as if expecting somepony to step forward.
  7. Are you referring to staff applications? They are always open through our online applications form, however we generally won't consider any applicant who doesn't have at least a couple of month's experience with the forum, with rare exceptions. You're welcome to send them in at your leisure nonetheless. Hope that answers your question!
  8. Thanks for the welcome. I actually do need help. I'm wondering where I could talk to pony artists. I'm one myself.

    1. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      The majority of art-related threads are found within the Octavia's Hall section. Just choose the sub-section that is relevant to your specific artistic talents or whatever you might be interested in. :fluttershy:

  9. Hey there @Road R, and welcome to our forum of all things Pony! I hope you have a wonderful time here making new friends and having many great experiences. Should you need any help getting around or are just in the mood to discuss something, please don't hesitate to approach me. Have a great first day with us, and I hope to see you out there soon!
  10. Hey there @Castiel, and welcome to our forums of all things Pony! I hope you have a wonderful time here making new friends and having many great experiences! If you had any specific questions in regards to the site you need only ask. I'd be happy to answer what I can.
  11. @Raven Rawne, That sounds good to me!
  12. @Raven Rawne, Saffron would most likely be against the need for physical violence against some random waitress at this point. From what our toons have learned right now, she would seem to be little more than a casualty of the Rose's power or even just a misguided aide to the hooded stallion. Saffron wouldn't want the team to waste too much energy on anything but the major players in this case, and so he would generally try to be the voice of calm and reason towards Crystal, especially as he is already feeling pretty jaded over the current state of Middle Canterlot and its "hoofs first" attitude.
  13. Your art intrigues me! I may have something for you very soon.
  14. Hey! Just wanted to make sure you saw the post at Canterlot Noir OOC? I need Your opinion before I post in the IC, you see.

    1. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      Okay, no problem! Will take a look in a moment. :)