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  1. General

    While I do greatly appreciate so many of those whom I have interacted with over the time I've been here, there are a few standout specials who deserve a special mention here: @Mesme Rize For being all around one of the closest friends and uniquely gifted people I've had the pleasure of meeting on this forum. Hard to believe that I was once afraid to even approach him at first. Under that scaly snake exterior and those dangerously hypnotic eyes beats a gentle heart of gold. (Still no Mesme banner though. ) @PathfinderCS Such a deer. <3 Much fawnderful moments and general goofiness over numerous staff chats, but also a keen, level-headed individual that never fails to demonstrate why he is best lead admin and deer overlord (if there is such a thing.. o.o). @Crecious One of my favorite fandom artists and the one who brought my Ponysona to life for the first time. Thanks for unleashing me into the world of commissions! Also owe them a coffee or two (maybe three!). A reliable and understanding friend to have by my side. Together with @FancyHorse, we form one of the most insane (and yet strangely rewarding ) triangle of friends that I've ever been part of. @Stardust Balance Quite possibly the first and longest running friend I've really had on this forum since before I was even staff. A writer of considerable talent; "A Journey Beyond Sanity" has kept me coming back for almost 130 chapters now, which is about 129 chapters more than most other fanfics tend to keep me for. Asides from his skill with the pen (or keyboard), he's also a great guy to talk to on just about anything, has some uniquely interesting theories, and is simply the kind of friend I would want by my side in times of trouble. @Randimaxis Someone who has shown me that even when times are at their most difficult, there is always the resolve to keep pushing on to the end of the tunnel. To say Randi has been an inspiration for me would be under-credit. He is someone who never gave up faith in his friends in the same way they never gave up faith in him, and that in turn inspired me to always push that little bit further in life. Also the very spirit of letting yourself go and just having a bit of FUN!! sometimes. @Jeric Similar to the above, Jeric is another who has shown remarkable resolve and an undying positivity even in those moments when things seemed at their darkest. There are few individuals whom I feel instantly inclined to trust in life, but Jeric had the rare distinction of being one of those people. From my initial interview on Skype to the odd 3am Staff call, he was always a fun guy to listen to for hours at a time. And, of course, who can forget 'Button's Mom'? Some memes will just never die. @JonasDarkmane GOLD-PLUNDERING VIKINGPONE!!! Ahem.. ancient rivalries aside, Jonas is another who is simply a lot of fun to be around. Partially inspired me to take a current job at a Viking museum (where I am secretly building an invading army) and helped to pitch a number of interesting commish ideas for our OC's. Still can't figure out which one is Dumb or Dumber. @Rikifive If there was ever a real life element of generosity, Rikifive would be it. Not only put together a wonderful sprite image of my OC that was both animated and came in various outfits, but did this for about 20 other lucky Christmas members as well. This is only scratching the surface. Riki has put together some amazing and very helpful pieces of art for the sole purpose of making the forum a more convenient and user-friendly place for its members. An inspiring reminder that even a little act of selfless kindness can go a long way for some. @Kyoshi The other half of the generosity element on this forum. Kyoshi has been providing us with most of our signatures, headers and banners since long before I even joined. Even a few of the system icons are of his design. He does this all because, like Riki, he wants to see the forum grow and give something back to the place that has given him so much in return. Definitely one of most friendly faces on the site. If you haven't visited his signature shop yet, then what are you waiting for? Alright, that's as far as I'm gonna go for now. While I don't usually like to pick favorites, the above are just a few of the names who have had the biggest overall impact on me since my time here began. I am immensely grateful for having had the opportunity to know them. No matter how minuscule, they have all left their mark in some way.
  2. Darkness fears those who wield the light~

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  4. Sorry for the delay, but happy birthday, hope you enjoy it!

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      Dark Horse

      Thanks Ninetales! ^-^

  5. Happy Birthday pal ¦)
    Birthday Cupcake! by Poppeto
    "by Poppeto"

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      Aww, thank you Trotter! That looks just like the birthday muffin they gave me at work. :D

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      Trottermare Galamane

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  6. @Dark Horse

    A certain Snake Pony member hypnotized and reminded me that today is your birthday. I hope I'm not too late to wish you a happy one!

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      Dark Horse

      Of course not. It's much appreciated. ;)

      Thanks! :D

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      Dark Horse

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