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    anime,video games, dnd, rp coloring and trying to make friends ( let get to know each other)

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  1. i hope everyone having a wonderful day! i won't be on much because i watch youtube alot XD

    1. Tacodidra


      Thanks, my friend! :rarity: You too – have fun watching those videos! :yay:

    2. Cagey


      Thank you—also, I relate:P

  2. Hi @rainbowsensei! How are you today/tonight?

    The forum was offline for many hours today. I have never felt so lonely in my life! (j/k)


    I hope you will get an RP going! Don't give up. Might take some time. It has been kinda slow around the RPs lately. :sealed:

    1. rainbowsensei


      :sweat_smile: yeah i have a rp going but there no rely sadly so i have no idea if it actally good or not 

  3. Off With Your Head & FeatherStream thank you
  4. ( OCC & my wix make sure to read it before relying & this is my first time doing a mlp sorry if i mess up https://starbubblz.wixsite.com/mysite-1 ) it was morning time after jimmy but her a house far from anyone she would make sure no one was around soon using amulet shadow magic to slow carrying all her thing into her house. she sighed softly as her place was a mile away from anyone at least she doesn't have to worry about anyone makes fun of her. " things are sure to get better now that I have my place my amulet and I don't have to worry about loud noise, people or parties! CAN THIS DAY GET ANY BETTER!" Jimmy would dance around happily as she would contine to put her stuff away but she feel like she was bring watch as she stop.
  5. so is the is all the rp base on dnd? i seen the (advanced) but i never been the best at write full paragraphs but i love to do 1 x 1 rp i'm still trying to understand all if this!( and i know my grammer not the best so i hope i can still do it)

    1. Splashee®


      I did RP once here. It was quite complicated, and I got help to start. I can't help you much since I still find it rather complicated, and "by the book" rules are too much for me.

    2. rainbowsensei


      Splashee yeah because i enjoy rp i'm just now the best at paragraps lol


  6. so i finally update my wix for my character jimmy feed back would be nice since i know i flip my words alot i hope to rp soon :D


    1. Tacodidra


      I like the design of your OC! :kindness: Very cute! ^_^

    2. rainbowsensei
  7. @ggg-2 @Zero thank you so much i hope we can all be friends @Twilight Luna @Lucky Bat @PartialShriek514 @Photon Jet
  8. @Spoopy Horse that would be great! because i know i can't put my words out if place with out even knowing
  9. thanks you hope we can be friends
  10. if you have any question for me about my grammer or anything i post just tell me because i try my best and i want to have fun!
  11. YEAH..i can't fly so what!?