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  1. The New York/Jersey area has the best pizza. Don’t all flock here at once.
  2. I’m sure I have better examples, but all I can think of right now are blackberries.
  3. My entire love life was founded on puns, so
  4. Jealousy…

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Misscellanio


      Oh cool! Favorite pony? 

    3. Cagey


      @Misscellanio I’m torn between all of the Mane Six. 

    4. Misscellanio


      Understandable. I'm torn between Rainbow Dash and Starlight Glimmer

  5. A year or two ago I had a dream where Rainbow Dash and Charizard got into an argument over who was cooler.
  6. Arguing with loved ones. Singing in front of an audience. Writing papers. Staying at places overnight. Pretending I agree with other people to stop them from causing a scene. Analyzing texts. Looking in the mirror.
  7. I brought it up, and they asked. In a roundabout way. Same?
  8. Over the internet, or in person? Forging a signature, for example? I don’t think I’ve ever done something like that, unless pretending I’m a lot cooler than I am counts.
  9. 8/10, I listen to that one a lot.
  10. Have you ever had one of those moments where, if you hesitated for even a second, you’d freeze up completely? Is that a common thing that most people can overcome?

  11. I have a long, complicated history of singing in public. Most of which has ended with meltdowns.
  12. Well, hello there, lovely avatar. It seems we’re in a situation, aren’t we?