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  1. I… don’t know. I just want everything to be okay, and I have no way of knowing if it is or not. I don’t really know what emotion encapsulates that.
  2. It was nice and misty today. The first change in the weather in a while!
  3. I’ve gotten very low grades in physics. I was lucky I still did better than the class average, though. Curved scores are a blessing.
  4. Sometimes it feels like all my fears are stupid and pointless. I might not have an answer right now, but for the longest time, my sister was afraid of stairs.
  5. Funny, this exact sentence is something that runs through my brain all the time. Haven’t had a taco in a while though. Maybe for me it’s burritos.
  6. Not really. Just focus on other people and activities, and maybe one day it gets better. I hope it does. When did you first say you loved your partner?
  7. I’m good at editing for grammar. Usually.
  8. 1) not mess up my life 2) stick to my plans 3) become more independent 4) keep my friends safe and sound 5) get a financially- and emotionally-rewarding job
  9. Angsty, worried, and sick with a cold—but also happy because all you friendly people are here!
  10. All the time. It’s one of many reasons I tend to do the casual head nod when someone says hi in my direction; it’s easy to play off.
  11. I brush twice a day and floss when I have time. And I still get cavities. (Went to the dentist today, though, and I’m good for now!)
  12. I don’t like my name much, but it’s the only name I’ve ever known. I don’t know if I’d ever change it.