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  1. Underrated songs... There’re probably a lot I won’t be able to think of for exactly that reason. Either way, I’d say “Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride” is pretty underrated. Maybe doesn’t count as classic, though.
  2. Cagey

    General Media Animorphs

    What a wild, witty, dark, disturbing, deeply underrated series. I think everyone should read it at some point. I flew through all the books in middle school, having remembered reading a few of them from when I was little, and my expectations were blown away. To this day I’ll talk all my friends’ ears off about it whenever it’s relevant. I also watched some of the TV show, and I’ve heard about the upcoming movie. And also there’s a new graphic novel, apparently.
  3. Some pizza, a chocolate chip cookie, and ice cream when they sold it. Those were the days.
  4. Cool, you have the same birthday as my cousin. Happy birthday! :yay:

    1. AppleButt


      Thank you!  



  5. Hurricanes, but it’s usually not too bad.
  6. Cagey

    Sports Skateboarding

    When I was younger my neighbor tried to teach me how to skateboard. I wasn’t great at it, but I wanted to be.
  7. Happy birthday! :yay:

    1. Tropical Melody

      Tropical Melody

      Thank you! :squee:


  8. Happy Passover. I haven’t posted a status update in a while, trying to limit my time on the Internet and all, but I hope you all are having a good weekend.

    What hybrid creature would you have liked to see in the show? 


    1. Astral Soul

      Astral Soul

      Thanks, I had a very relaxed weekend. I hope you had a good weekend too :)


    2. Gaines


      I had a good weekend :BrightMacContent:and I would love to see pony griffon hybrids :ticking:

  9. Cagey

    Gaming Coolest Video Game Finds

    I once found a GBA SP at a thrift store, complete with a Zelda game inside. I don’t think I could sell them for much, but I hope I find more games someday.
  10. Dang. That sounds like it would have been really interesting.
  11. Halloween, Christmas/Hanukkah, and Mardi Gras. (Might be a weird pick, but I have a lot of good memories.)
  12. I want to say Luna, but other than her, then I guess… Quibble Pants, maybe? Or somepony in the Apple family.
  13. Cagey

    staff Making a splash!

    Whoa! Congrats, @Splashee! I always thought you’d make a good staff member.
  14. Some days are more tiring than others. Such is life.

    Is the site's image problem fixed yet? Probably, right? (I redrew my flowerpone art entry because I like her.)


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    2. LyraLover


      Nice art, as always! :grin:

    3. AppleButt


      It appears to be working.  

      That’s really good! 

    4. Astral Soul

      Astral Soul

      That's really good artwork :D

  15. Cagey

    events Art Contest - March 2021

    I took the opportunity to learn a new tool on my drawing software. Here's a fire lily kirin.
  16. I gotta stop drawing more than one thing at a time. I have a headache from staring at the screen so closely.


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    2. AppleButt


      That is lovely!  

    3. Cagey


      Thank you all :blush:

    4. Astral Soul

      Astral Soul

      @CageyWow, you're good. It's amazing :pinkie: A talented artist :)

      May  I follow you around? :kindness:

  17. Anyone participating in the recently posted contests? I’m thinking of throwing my hat in the ring for one or two, but I don’t know which. 

    1. AppleButt


      Nope.  I have no creative talents  :P

    2. Splashee


      I hope you will be part of the contest @Cagey! Your art is so lovely! :kindness:

    3. Astral Soul

      Astral Soul

      Indeed it is :wub:

  18. I like to think we won’t see any of them, since that would be too dark for the show to realistically bring up. I imagine there will be a lot of references to the mane six, although I hope Twilight isn’t around. Man, that would be an unhappy ending to her story. I do wonder who’s in charge of Equestria. Maybe we’ll see Luster Dawn.
  19. I dreamt that I threw up. Wonder what that means.
  20. I want to write a few stories this year. So far, my output on Fimfiction is one story a year, and I think I should do more than that. :Thorax:



    1. Splashee


      I think, as long as you concentrate on quality, the amount of stories written over a year shouldn't matter :kindness:

    2. Cagey


      True, but if I try to write more I’ll get more experience and chances to improve. :mustache:

    3. Kujamih


      Yeah..and once tou get famous! Forget that and just keep writing to get them sweet sweet cash

  21. Of course there are more, mostly of Italian, Indian, and Japanese origin, but I don’t remember their names right now.
  22. Usually YouTube on my laptop. I really should use my cellphone for music more often.
  23. A handful of book fandoms, Pokémon, and Gravity Falls are the ones that come to mind.
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