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  1. Now I know why I partially left this forums. There is a lot of rude people. I think I am just going to quit it honestly. I don't see the point anymore. Sorry guys. I am not even trying to sound dramatic. I mean, I get quite busy often and I disappear for months and there are quite a bit of rude people on here.

    1. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      there sure are, but there are also people who are nice

    2. SolyWack


      Honestly that's your fault for only noticing the bad. I hardly ever see what you describe. So feel free to leave, no ones forcing you to stay.

  2. The question makes sense to me and quite a bit to other people too. That's your opinion. Please don't be rude. I am asking the people WHO STOPPED trusting people. Simply don't answer the topic??
  3. Yeah I still trust people and I know NOT EVERYONE is untrustworthy, but seems like everyone I meet or have met, has betrayed me. I only have a few people and infact, lost trust with my childhood best friend about a month or two ago, but oh well. I hope I meet more people I can trust
  4. I'm sure we all heard the saying "Don't trust no one". Yeah I do NOT trust a lot of people, only a VERY few. That includes my boyfriend, my parents, and my Grandpa. I'm sure we all trust someone, or maybe not, I dunno. Well what happened to you that made you lose trust in people, lose trust in everyone, or stopped relying? What made me pretty much realize most people aren't trustworthy is back in Highschool, my cousin finally moved to our school. We got really close and hung out a lot. She was basically my best friend too. I trusted her because she was pretty reliable or loyal. W
  5. Either History my 10th grade year or Geometry my 10th grade year. It honestly wasn't because of the subject, but the teachers. No I am not fond of Math or History, but...the teachers I had were soooo bad, rude, lazy, pulled assignments out of their asses, and made us do the dumbest things. Our History teacher was always a grump and yelled at everyone for whatever reason, made us do constant notes and would rush them and never let us have time to write them down and if we told him to slow down or go back, he's throw a fit, he couldn't take jokes, gave us constant homework, even on Holidays
  6. I wondered the same thing... I consider them as cartoons. I mean look. Cartoons don't always have to be for kids. Take a look at Family guy, American dad, Simpsons, Bob's burgers, King of the Hill, Beavis and Butthead, Futurama, Archer, and the list goes on. Sure, Anime is a little different, but its still animated. I think thats why its called Anime really. But like everyone else said, so they separate themselves. Not judging any anime fans, but some get really into it and classify it "cooler" than the average cartoons. I like anime, dont get me wrong, just not OBSESSED and still see
  7. Whats everypony's favorite dog breed and why? For me I choose a Corgi. Why? Because they are the perfect height for me. I like all the dogs, but I prefer medium to small. I dunno, I just always liked them better. Corgis are usually sweet, they are CUTE, and look very playful. My Aunt who used to be a dog trainer and now a vet assistant says they are very good with small children and perfect for the elderly who wants a dog who isnt to say.... a "handful". I always insist I WILL get a Corgi when I get my own place.
  8. After a few months, I finally picked up my 3DS again and continued New Leaf. I was preoccupied with my Wii-U I got for Christmas and now got the urge to play Animal Crossing again. I know there is a new "spin off" game coming soon the "Happy Home designer" but thats not a MAJOR Animal Crossing game. People have been saying that there HAS to be a new one coming to Wii-U because we went from the 64 one (Japan only), to the Gamecube one, to the DS one, to the WII one, now to the 3DS, and there "should" be one for the Wii-U one day. Who's to say they WON'T do that, but who knows. Just cur
  9. Oops my bad, did not mean to misspell Spencer's haha. Yeah its a pretty cool place, I would not say its as overrated as Hot Topic, but I still go there from time to time. They do have some cool stuff.
  10. Hahah looks like a LOT of people dislike Starbucks. I know, its such a BIG hype. I like coffee and all, but its super expensive and I can make better coffee at home. My Grandpa brews really fresh pots of it and i'm like "1,000 times better than Star bucks". Yeah their pastries are pretty good. I've had their muffins, cakepops and cookies, but.....thats about it. Other than that, i've had better. Yeah Hot Topic sells a lot of dumb shit. Only thing I get there is ponies, some Disney stuff, anime stuff, video game stuff and they do have some cute normal clothing that isn't a trend. We also ha
  11. Any jokes hinted towards women. No I am not really a HUGE feminist or anything, but I cannot stand those "Women in the kitchen jokes" or "Women are only good for cooking and sex" etc. Its just dumb because we are not all meant to cook or be used for such things. Even jokes towards men like "Men belong in the garage" etc. Pretty much same as women, but vice versa. Especially jokes about women's periods. I mean, like we can even control those. We wish we did. I also could care less for 9/11 jokes. because its not cool or funny to make fun of tragic things. Making jokes on anything tragic
  12. My one friend who only lives with his Grandparents, parents hate me. I never have really MET his parents but, I been near them. He lives with his Grandparents for a couple of reasons. They highly dislike me because apparently they think I am a whore because I have a boyfriend and as well being his best friend, so they're like....suspicious. I dunno WHY, because they never really met me or spoke to me. Oh and apparently the way I dress though, all I wear is like tank tops and shorts in the hotter times and NOTHING revealing in Winter. Pretty much a DUMB reason, but yeah. They have told
  13. A couple of reasons. On Instagram- I have a gaming account and I post a lot of Nintendo and other gaming things. I posted some of one of my amiibos, and one of my followers asks me what the point of amiibos are. I explained that they can be any reason, gaming, collection, photography, or customizing them. He then proceeds to say he still doesn't see the point and all I did was post an annoyed face and he blocked me. Like...I was never being rude, just answering a question. On Facebook- An old friend of mine, who was a bit odd sometimes had asked me about this problem I was having. I th
  14. Nintendo sure has made a lot of money on those things, but do you think people are taking amiibos way too seriously? I mean, they're just plastic toys sitting on top of a trophy like scanner that scans into games and are pretty much made to serve with games. Yeah, I understand people use them for collection reasons and there is a big trend of "toy photography" with them going around, but all these scalpers and people literally hunting for them. The release of Greninja and Pacman here in America, people LITERALLY CAMPED outside of toys R us for a small toy. No I am not hating on them b
  15. I truly only liked the first game. It was so unknown and not much BIG secrets. It was simple, scary at first, and fun. When they made the 2nd one, I wasn't unhappy, but I just didnt like how there was like several new animatronics, it being more difficult (though more challenges isn't bad), and how there was so much more story and secrets. Its a small PC game for god's sake. Then when 3 came out, I was very disappointed. It was very rushed to me and they just keep adding to the story, thought the first one didn't have much of a story. It was a simple small story, but now Scott has pushed it. N
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