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  1. Add me if you want. I just started playing the Android version after playing the inferior Windows version for a few weeks, and I'll be giving gifts daily 4fbba
  2. Hi and welcome to the forum @Calan
  3. I've been liking Pony Life much more than I expected to. I think it hit its peak early on in the season but this week's episodes were good too.
  4. I've no problem with it, but I also have no interest in it.
  5. I'm surprised by the results of this poll. I thought that Rarity would be at number one, I never expected Rainbow Dash to win. I chose Applejack by the way. Blonde mane, green eyes. What's not to love?
  6. Discord had lots of disturbing moments. Probably the most disturbing was when his head splits in two when Tirek fires a laser beam at him.
  7. It won't be as good as Friendship is Magic, but that's all right. I see it as just a bit of fun to fill the gap between generations 4 and 5. I'll also be surprised if it lasts longer than a couple of seasons (though I hope it does)
  8. I tried a nasturtium leaf once. That was the most disgusting thing I ever attempted to eat. The worst drink I've had is anything with alcohol in it. I really hate all alcoholic drinks.
  9. I've seen every bit of Friendship is Magic at least twice - that includes the eight shorts, the movie and the two specials. I've also seen each episode of Friendship is Forever twice. The same with Equestria Girls - all the movies, specials and shorts at least twice. I'm currently having my third complete run through, rewatching all of Friendship is Magic, Equestria Girls and Friendship is Forever in chronological order. The most recent episode was A Royal Problem earlier today.
  10. Outside the internet I'm totally in the closet as far as my interest in the show is concerned. Only you internet people know about my Bronyness.
  11. No, I'm completely in the closet as far as my bronyness is concerned. And I doubt my parents have even heard of My Little Pony.
  12. I've got a soft spot for Windy Whistles and Stellar Flare.
  13. I used to sleep with loads of these kinds of things when I was younger but I don't own any now.
  14. Solar Power


    Hi @Gaines Welcome to the forums