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  1. Hi and welcome to the forum @Ooredelen and @Sarperso
  2. Right at the end. Pinkie: "Okay that is the most awesome ****ing name ever!!!!!!"
  3. Much of the fandom (including me) will stick around. Many will drift away no doubt, but I think generation 5 will attract many more new fans to replace all those that left.
  4. I think we all make the 'staying up too late' mistake. That's just part of being human.
  5. I have a few folders since I keep pictures, music (I'm a massive fan of fan-made Pony music) and videos in separate places. Plus a great number of my video files end up getting transferred elsewhere (such as onto DVD) as I don't want to lose everything if my computer stops working one day. The one with pictures and stuff is very small compared to others mentioned in this thread: 196 MB.
  6. It's Derpy for me. If I was to be romantically involved with any pony it would have to be her. She looks bloody disturbing as a human in EG though (shudders)
  7. Welcome to the forum @dashie2020. You really are a late starter - and I thought I was late getting into the show in November 2015. If you're only 75% through season one, you've got so much to look forward to. I was recently rewatching season 1 (I'm currently going through every episode again) and it was easily my least favourite of the nine seasons - it's really got quite a different look and feel to the later seasons. The show really gets into gear in season 2 and there are so many great characters and episodes to come.
  8. I'm guessing she was the voice of Diamond Tiara in the Spanish-language dubbing of MLP? That is very sad news indeed. You gave me a hell of a fright there. I thought you were talking about the voice actress in the English-language version (though that's Chantal Strand of course). I'll always have a soft spot for Diamond Tiara since the character was kind of my entry into the show.
  9. Hello and welcome to the forum @flutterJackdash
  10. All the episodes you've just mentioned are fantastic.