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  1. 123457

    ive been gone a long time

    so this is awkward i have been absent for almost a year but im back now
  2. So guys I had been gone a long time the fact I logged on my birthday is my idea. So today I wanted to update you on life since June 2014. So I became a five nights at Freddy's fan bonnie is best robot and I got a Xbox and had a new kid with my wife named heather.
  3. 123457


    don't worry I will
  4. 123457


    well to all his his own I guess
  5. 123457


    Douglas Adams FTW
  6. 123457


    Well I was confused myself that people who say god loves all people and then turn to hate when there son comes out
  7. 123457


    So guys last night I became a Atheist only because I just couldn't take the homophobia of my fellow Christians and yes I know that not all Christians are like that just a few rotten apples. I believe in evolution and the big bang theory. So share your thoughts.
  8. 123457

    SORRY :(

  9. 123457


    applejack- Southern Baptist Convention Rarity- Nonconformist Twilight Sparkle- Christian Science Pinkie Pie - Ilm al-Kalam Fluttershy- Latter Day Saints Rainbow Dash- Athiest Spike- Church of God (Seventh-Day)
  10. 123457

    SORRY :(

    So guys I was gone for a long time its not my fault my laptop UP and BROKE while I was in San Juan and I could not fix it until January but im back
  11. 123457

    Nelson Mandela is dead.

    RIP he changed the world in 27 years my he redt in peace
  12. 123457

    The Mane 6 and their nationalities

    Twilight-South Africa fluttershy-Puerto Rico Rainbow Dash- Kosovan Pinkiepie-Algerian Applejack-Cypriot Rarity-South African
  13. 123457


    so guys im now 31 and im pretty happy about