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  1. hello im new here you like fnaf too springtrap and bonnie are the best 

  2. 123457


    Well im back its been about 4 years since i posted in this lovely forum and i am very happy to be back. Im going to slowly get back to being active on here and post daily (If i can)
  3. Well then its been about 4 years since i posted on here LOL

  4. so this is awkward i have been absent for almost a year but im back now
  5. Hi everone haveing a good brithday :D

  6. So guys I had been gone a long time the fact I logged on my birthday is my idea. So today I wanted to update you on life since June 2014. So I became a five nights at Freddy's fan bonnie is best robot and I got a Xbox and had a new kid with my wife named heather.
  7. RIP Robin Williams

  8. germany wins goallllll

  9. going to flordia

  10. 123457


    well to all his his own I guess
  11. 123457


    Well I was confused myself that people who say god loves all people and then turn to hate when there son comes out