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  1. Happy Birthday sweetheart <3 thought I'd sneak a little message on here to say August was just amazing and I can't wait for October! :) (who knows, by the time you find this we may already be looking forward to the next one!)

    1. Coffee Cream

      Coffee Cream

      D'aww just saw this now! Thanks love! Talk to you soon! :) <3

  2. BOOP! :* <3

    1. LensFlare


      BOOP! :* I haven't been on here since May 26th?! :P Crazy how this all started here, hey? Our good times got even better! <3

    2. Coffee Cream

      Coffee Cream

      I know eh! This is where it all began ^_^ They sure did! <3

  3. I was satisfied with season 3. My only complaints are the same as most everyone else. It didn't need 2 Spike episodes and the season being 13 episodes rather than 26. I remember hearing they were supposed to have a Rarity-centered episode, but they didn't like the way it portrayed her character, so they put in another Spike episode instead. I can't remember if it was a tweet or a video from a panel that I heard this, but here's hoping we've got a Rarity episode in the new season!
  4. Gotta be Sub Zero for me.The first time I ever played Mortal Kombat with a friend, he chose Scorpion and I chose Sub Zero (we thought they looked the coolest) and have stuck with him ever since
  5. Unfortunately, I can't really help with your wire issues. But WOW! She looks awesome!! As others have said, you could definitely make some good money if you sold her, but personally I would say keep her! Really a great work of art you've done! Can't wait to see her finished
  6. Re-watching Season 3 and caught what I think makes a great new avatar

  7. Happy Winter Wrap-Up all! Here's hoping this brings in the nice weather

  8. Saw a couple of your posts and just had to say you signature is Awesome!! Did you make it yourself?

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    2. Arylett Charnoa
    3. LensFlare


      As long as you enjoy what you're doing, that's the important part :) (nothing wrong with being crazy, "normal" is boring anyways haha)


      Yeah I can understand why people don't like to show off unfinished work, I'm sure I would be that way if I could draw haha! But it's cool to see it, so I appreciate it :) Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

    4. LensFlare


      I'll be off for the night pretty soon here, but it was nice chatting with you for a bit :) Hopefully I'll talk to ya again soon

  9. That's exactly how I found this forum. Clicked the first link and couldn't have found a better one! Welcome to the site! I'm sure you'll enjoy it here!
  10. May be bout 5 days late but... Welcome to the forums!! :D

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    2. Coffee Cream

      Coffee Cream

      You know, instead of a status we could just private message so that we don't have to do this continued business :P I can start it up

    3. Coffee Cream
    4. LensFlare


      <3 best message I've ever sent :3

  11. I've only ever been to a club once, but unless I'm dragged there by some friends I won't be going again. It wasn't a completely awful night, but I knew it wasn't my scene the second I walked in the door. First, I don't dance, the overly loud music doesn't appeal to me (I don't like having to literally yell straight into my friend's ear to talk), and the people there... You get that feeling they're just not your type of people. I did drink while I was there, which helped me loosen up, but I felt like I had to keep drinking to even tolerate the environment (spent way too much on drinks). Surprisingly, I met up with an old friend there and got to catch up with him. Since it was impossible to hold a conversation with the music, we had to go to the smoker's area outside to chat (and I don't smoke). Second surprise, we met some cool people out there and ended up having a better time hanging outside the club rather than dancing inside. In the end, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but I'd rather hang out with a smaller group of friends at a bar or someone's house than go 'clubbing' again.
  12. A warm welcome and a brohoof to you too! ( You should be proud to be a part of this fandom and this forum of course! There are many great people here! Hope you enjoy your time here!
  13. The two that grew on me were 'Winter Wrap-Up' and 'Babs Seed'. First time around, I thought Winter Wrap-Up was a bit cheesy, but before I knew it I was humming the chorus and now I love it. As for Babs seed, didn't like it at first, but after going on a pony music spree I found it was really catchy!
  14. Been trying to stay more active on the forums, but keep falling out of it :/

    1. Rainbow    Dash
    2. StingeMuffin


      It's not like you should force yourself to post. Just try and find something that interests you; if you can't, then you could create a topic that is. :P

    3. LensFlare


      -I had tried one RP before joining this site, but had a hard time getting into it.

      -Hmm good points, I've only started 2 topics since I joined haha. I just felt like I should be more active than I have been

  15. I have never been to a convention (brony related or any sort) and I have never been involved in a smaller group setting either. I think I would choose a convention over a small group. From what I've seen it looks like a great time! Meeting new people/fellow bronies, getting pony merch, a few days away from home, what's not to like? My only concern is if I were to go to a convention, it would likely be by myself. Cons seem like a great time, but I'm sure it would be more fun knowing someone there.