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  1. A lot of animals on the lower end of the food chain eat insects. Also I identify as a bug and take offense to this question. (just kidding of course) Favorite Christmas song?
  2. lurking.jpg

    1. Lightwing


      *raises a paper*

      oh, now i did not expect to see you here

  3. I show up out of nowhere and notice ive listed my gender as male on here ???? Well not like anyone who doesn't already know me cares.. literally no idea how that happened. lol

    1. Frostgage


      Weird side effect of the layout change I believe. It caused a few various shenanigans

  4. Pinkeh! You have not been forgotten :ooh:

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    2. The Leafeon Pinkeh

      The Leafeon Pinkeh

      Lunatic told me lol, I am inactive on here

      since i haven't had anything to do with mlp in years

    3. SparklingSwirls


      Oh okay, yeah I was just randomly looking through old profiles.

      Well, it was nice to see you!

    4. The Leafeon Pinkeh

      The Leafeon Pinkeh

      and an old profile this is. xD nice to look through and see how ive changed- probably bc im putting off writing a paper.

  5. Currently wrapped up in breath of the wild hype

  6. Happy birthday! Hope you have an amazing time :D

  7. I love algebra!! I'd pick help from the math expert before me, but I did come out of that class with an A so I could help. The best way to learn (NOT CHEAT) is to find example problems in the book, work them yourself, and use the mathway site or app to find the answer. Practice is the best way to succeed, and all problems of the same type are worked like the same way.
  8. Sun and Moon. How did finals go, if you had them?