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    With Sharlina and Fluttershy, in our Wonderland, snuggling and telling stories.
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    Hope will never die.
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    -Ponies, of course! :D
    -Playing the piano
    -Writing fanfiction (that I sadly never finish)
    -Rainy days (especially with lightning and thunder)
    -Starry nights
    -My tulpa, Sharlina (she's the best friend ever!!)
    -Questioning things
    -Visually appealing things such as rainbows, pony pics, nature, etc.
    -Going for walks

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  1. Well, scarletsweb is closing down soon...

    1. DND


      I will always cherish that website

    2. Wolfeus Silverpaw

      Wolfeus Silverpaw

      Same! *sigh* but I've discovered Discord, so I think I'll be okay. ^.^

  2. Luna: "I am the Princess of Nightmares." Celestia: "What? Oh, there's no crisis this time. I just called you all over to say hi." Zecora: "All this rhyming's overrated. Oh, how I wish my script re-slated." Spike: "I've loved you romantically all along, Twilight!" Rarity: "A crime against fashion? I thought you were going to tell me something more important." Cadence: "I use my magic to spread lust and confusion all across Equestria!"
  3. I... I'm back. B-but... m-maybe I shouldn't be here...

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    2. VinylWubs


      If you're need of a shoulder to cry from.. Find me.. I'll make you happy again :3

    3. Wolfeus Silverpaw
    4. VinylWubs
  4. I'm leaving here. Permanently. I will take no questions.

  5. Stressed. Frustrated. Just want to wind down right now. I had a bunch of rigid dead leaves stab me all over as I was nearing my home.
  6. Happy. ^.^ Chatting with people is quite therapeutic.
  7. Undo this storm... and wait

  8. ♪ I wanted magic shows and miracles... mirages to touch... I wanted such a little thing from life-- I wanted so much! We never came close, my love... We nearly came near...! ♪

  9. I'm a guy. I know it's possible, because I've always gotten along better with girls. ^.^
  10. Sharlina: They way I see it, just recognize that there's always improvement to be made, yes? It's not likely any of us will ever become perfect in the short time we have here, so... Improve all the things! Oh, and help others. That's good, too.
  11. Sharlina: Wh-what?? That's so depressing! Don't your tulpae mean anything to you??