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  1. Good luck everyone making the transition~ U got dis brah

    1. Nervous Stitch

      Nervous Stitch

      I see u strugglin', don't front ;)

    2. SFyr


      Halp I iz lost ;ccc

    3. JU88snow


      ill need more than luck! T0T

  2. I've been looking around more, and, by the looks of it if a user has donated, you can see a tab for how much they've donated whether you're signed in or logged out. If the user hasn't donated, there isn't a tab for it in their profile. Some cases (anonymous donations?) the amount isn't listed, but, the tab still shows up? Not sure.
  3. Quick screenshot of interest, taken while not signed in:
  4. I think it shows up if you've donated; I'm seeing it on my own profile, so, not donating = not showing up = it's visible to everyone? Regardless, if it really is something that's now made publically available... it seems inadvisable for that to continue being the case.