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  1. To be honest, I've already started referring to the mane 7. I think she will by no means replace the mane 6, but I think she's a lot more than a side character, and has become as central as the others. And at least for finales/opening episodes, it seems she's already become a huge focus, so I think in a way she may become one of the centrally-focused characters for the time being, like Twilight was/is.
  2. @K.Rool Addict, maybe so, haha. I think that's still out of my realm of knowledge a bit. Although, there's still the cost-to-benefit deal; sometimes an extra 30% cost for 40% performance is still worth it, even if you end up using less of it. And, to my knowledge computer cycles can be so rapid nowadays that communication latency becomes one of major limiting aspects of computing, which is very much tied to how close things are/how long it takes to retrieve/use/store data. I wouldn't be surprised if consoles/gaming PCs are a good bit behind where the edge is though, except maybe top tier systems that pay to have the best on the market. Still, it seems like small components are still being used for numerous things commercially: (Note Apple A10, used for the iPhone 7) Though, thinking about it, maybe I'm arguing more for the most cutting of edge being near its wall, and less consoles/typical gaming PCs that have to be cheap enough to be commercially viable en mass. There could be a good bit of time where improvements largely comes from this cutting edge becoming cheaper to get a hold of.
  3. @K.Rool Addict, I think it changes the methods of improvement just a little? Supercomputers are made not only by getting the best parts, but also stacking a ton of them together and coordinating them, which means more cooling, more power draw, more expense, more components devoted to coordination--plus the length of communication pathways between parts may increase? (Which may be somewhat negligible, admittedly, but there's still a reason why RAM and cache memory is located so close to the CPU; it really does make a difference.) I could see consoles and gaming PCs just going the route of getting bigger, which is fair, but regardless of whatever they do, I think it comes down to a cost/benefit matter. I guess I don't have any strong data on this point to back it up, but it seems like there would be less and less performance-to-cost as you cross this point, unless manufacturing parts gets dramatically cheaper? Which in turn would still mean less benefits from hardware sources, which has been one of the major sources of improvement. But as I said, this area I'm a little less familiar on (yay markets and manufacturing costs), so don't take my word for it; you might be right that it's less of an issue, but, Moore's law and the steadily/predictably increasing transistor density has been one of the core driving forces behind better computing for decades, and, it's hitting its limit to my knowledge, or at least hitting the point where the limit is on the horizon save for improvements in other areas.
  4. There's a notable principle called Moore's Law that I think has been a notable factor since around 1965; basically, transistors (one of the backbone components in all circuitry and modern electronics) are predicted to double in density per square inch every two years, give or take. Supposedly, this has had a large hand in increasing memory size, computation speed, and overall capability of computer components that deal with processing/logic. Heck, designing new components tends to play off of predicted hardware in other areas following this observation, even if they don't exist yet. However, partially going off the word of a teacher or two of mine, we are either hitting a wall, or can see it on the horizon, where shrinking the components actually harms their functionality; at a certain point, they're just so small that they don't work right, face interference/instability, or are simply impossible to create. If I'm doing my research right, researchers and manufacturers have created transistors as small as 7-5nm, but at that point, noise/interference and quantum tunneling actually becomes a huge factor, and heck, at that point you're practically working with molecules of width anyways. You can't really decrease size much further at that point. Anyways, so far, Moore's Law has been a core part of rapidly increasing specs/supercomputers/etc, as transistors and similar components being made smaller and smaller yields better performance and specs. And since graphics depends on specs, I think it's reasonable to foresee some kind of diminishing returns occur before too long, or at least generations where you can't really rely on better components to make much of a difference, and instead simply need more. On the flip side, supposedly the plateau of miniaturization and transistor density leads into trying to increase efficiency in other ways, like better programming methods or redesigning basic computer architecture. Regardless, we likely can't rely on things to improve at the same speed they have been for much longer. Certain areas still have a good bit of improvement left, and may relatedly keep going as fast as it has been, but there is a wall there that we'll either see very slow progress afterwards, or some kind of massive change in computing in a different way to get comparable results. If I recall, this is actually a part of why quantum computing has garnered a lot of interest, because it would theoretically be a massive improvement over binary architecture. And with games, you are likely to see a lot of improvements from non-hardware sources, like simply redesigning rendering/etc methodology to be more efficient.
  5. @Cloggedone I got a handful of decent-sized things on the list already, but with most taking a good chunk of time to plan properly, I'm totally cool with adding more to the list. Will send ya a note in a sec!
  6. @JonasDarkmane, while I've spent more time with ponies than accessories, I think my exact skill level is a matter of opinion there, haha. But, I'm perfectly willing to attempt images with such. Either way, I'm intrigued now regarding what you have in mind, so if want me to take a crack at what you have in mind, you're welcome to send the details my way. Also, Art Update, 'cuz I'm bad at that but would like people to still have a current idea of what I'm doing/have been up to art-wise here. Finished stuff for Maz/Star Catcher: Finished image for @Dark Horse: Finished image for the lovely Jonas mentioned above: Finished stuff for @Spacey: Finished commission for Cornkake of dA: (I've also been doing a few other minor things, and some button designs for later)
  7. *Slithers through your profile* i am snek Hiss Hiss :3

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  8. Once I've made enough money trading with the Khajiit caravans, I'm going to buy the Bannered Mare from Hulda.

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  9. @Mintyy96 Got it, and replied! ♥
  10. I think this is such a sweet reason to be involved with the show and fandom. And, building up a little world with your daughter is just such an amazing thing. I don't get why people would give you grief over it not being specifically canon; it seems like such a huge part of the show/shows like it to enjoy it for your own reasons and make of it what you will. If you can expand it, change it, or make it more personal to you somehow, that just seems like a great thing to pursue. And, creating a book out of y'all's tales just seems amazing. ♥ I personally largely joined up mostly due to the show/fan art, but it's become so much more about the creative community surrounding the show rather than the show itself for me. So I think I can understand a little bit of like, being a fan less for the show and more about going beyond it a bit?
  11. @JonasDarkmane Sounds good to me man. Just send the details my way when you have 'em and we can continue from there.
  12. @JonasDarkmane Sounds like something I'd be up for. Would the clothing be particularly complex? If it's like, not too bad, it'd probably just be normal pricing: $26 unshaded, $50 fully shaded for both together. Or $38 for one shaded and the other not, haha. Also, don't think I've actually shoved art into this shop for awhile, so recent finished commissions for whoever's interest, haha:
  13. @Glacies Frost Sent ya a PM.