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  1. Clod

    dats a good banner you got there :oneheckofahat:

    1. ChB


      I agree! Very well done. :) 

  2. SFyr

    SFyr's Art Corner

    @JonasDarkmane Finally through the college semester, so I'll have a good bit more time for art for the next while. ♥ Sorry for the delay in replying, but I've not really been online much, haha. If you still want me to possible do what you have in mind, feel free to hit me up with the details! I'm attempting to knock out my commission backlog and do quite a bit of art over the break I'm now starting, haha.
  3. SFyr

    SFyr's Art Corner

    @Twisted Cyclone Sure, though it might take a few weeks if that's alright. I'm likely gonna be a bit preoccupied with a handful of school projects and other commissions, but I'll do my best with it; if you're still up for it, hit me up with the details in a PM~♪ And, thank you!!
  4. SFyr

    SFyr's Art Corner

    @MidnightRush Sounds doable. When you can, you're welcome to PM me with any reference or details as to like, pose/expression/etc that you're looking for. If it's more of a headshot/non-full-body, it'd probably be under headshot/avatar, just let me know if you're looking for shaded or flat color~♪
  5. SFyr

    SFyr's Art Corner

    @MidnightRush Hello! Commissions are open, though I'm running a bit slow at the moment due to school and stuff already in queue. Though, were you looking at just the digital/design part for the badge, or talking like, actual badge-making?
  6. SFyr

    pony fur

    Why, though? Body-wise, pegasi seem to be interchangable with unicorns and earth-ponies, but they have feathered wings. So likely, if unicorns and earth ponies are only-fur, pegasi have both fur and feathers. Moreover, structurally speaking manes and tails are essentially long fur. It would be more likely that pegasi have no feathers, rather than no fur. And going by our real world standards, all races are just about as relatively unnatural/magical--alicorns are just the most "powerful." And, given they can have children with non-alicorns, there has to be a very close genetic linkage, if there's any notable deviation at all. I would almost suggest, unless magic is weirdly at play, each pony carries the genetic code (even alicorns) for all races, and expression/alleles or epigenetics becomes more of a concern then distinct genetic code. Which again, would suggest both fur and feathers are coded for for all of them, even if not all races express it.
  7. SFyr

    pony fur

    In a way fur and feathers are actually pretty similar structures (same material, some structural similarities, etc); and with cartoon genetics I wouldn't be surprised if theirs drifted a good bit away from our normal grouping of what is furred and what is feathered, and how it's kept apart. I've kinda just operated under the idea that it's regional, like body hair or mammal coat patterns. Certain regions have a slightly different expression of the same code, yielding feathers on some extremities and fur on others, etc. And, at the joints in between you might get some middle ground, or intermediate structure--or in other places too, just due to imperfect expression and the like.
  8. I am not an overly experienced writer, but to me, it seems like there's a few major points to creating an emotional scene: Character empathy or relevence; basically, make sure the characters mean something to the reader. Different characters will hold different attachment to the reader, and in order to be emotionally invested in a scene, I believe you need to be emotionally invested in the characters playing a part in it. This goes beyond being just the main character, or the character that the reader spends the most time with. Said characters simply need that built up, which can occur in minor characters, or be absent in main characters (unsympathetic or uninteresting main characters can be a bane of many stories IMO). Impact or stakes; I feel emotional scenes, in order to be impactful, need to have something on the line. Something important needs to be either at stake, or involved with the exchange. Could be life, livelihood, relationships, or feelings, but it needs to matter. Overall effective conveyance; basically, writing skill. It's pretty unavoidable that there's a lot of little quirks and skills that make the hits of an emotional scene connect, be it smoothness, effective word choice, or overall good conveyance of the scene/actions/thoughts. There's a lot of little mistakes people can make that help kill the drama, or drag readers out of the experience. Just as well, there's a lot of little details that can help pull them in. I think that's a much more complicated manner though.
  9. SFyr

    SFyr's Art Corner

    @Cloggedone, sure! I'll send you a PM in a sec.
  10. SFyr

    SFyr's Art Corner

    No worries at all, haha. It would be lovely if you could PM me the details of what you want (desired expression, references if you have them, etc), though to pay for the commission you'll have to go through here: https://mlpforums.com/store/category/80-sfyr/ I don't receive payment until after everything is finished, so order doesn't matter much to me--so long as it's processed before I send off the final image. ♥
  11. SFyr

    SFyr's Art Corner

    I imagine so; I figure you're thinking mainly like, coat pattern/colors and maybe tail?
  12. SFyr

    SFyr's Art Corner

    Wow. I don't think I've posted here in forever. Dang. Anyways, random art update while I remember! I First off, reference sheets: And some other stuff: I also have another 4 completed reference sheets to post when I get the go-ahead on that, and I have a large piece I'm still currently working on. Might take a while to post stuff of that nature, but yeah!
  13. If you want some practice doing characters, I personally found this to be really fun: http://etyas-shenanigans.tumblr.com/post/142804660995/pony-randomizer-challenge-here-are-the-rules-you Basically to take a screenshot, then force yourself to do a new piece/new OC with the qualities/colors/etc you have on screen. Wound up getting one of my favorite personal OCs from it, myself.
  14. SFyr

    Fan-Made Pony Games Legality

    More than likely it may hit a issues if it gets enough popularity, even if it's free. Hasbro might (and has) gone after completely-free projects and shut them down with cease and desist orders. I can't remember the exacts of it, but if I recall correctly, it has to do with a strange setup of how copyright and trademark laws operate--part of ensuring you maintain exclusive rights to your intellectual property and the like in particular cases depends on how you've behaved regarding protecting it in the past, as in, you have to actively defend your trademark and crud for it to keep as high of a level of protection. Even if it loses Hasbro some public favor/revenue, it's legally in its best interest to go after really notable fan projects that are infringing on trademarks/copyrights that they own, for the sake of being able to better secure their property in cases where it's damaging, or just in general. I could be wrong (I am NOT well versed in this stuff), but that's what I recall/can find online regarding the matter. Honestly I think if you want to get to completion, you're better of not advertising it/releasing it when it's already complete, or simply keep it quiet/unimpressive. Plenty of fan stuff isn't touched, it's more when something is particularly notable that it seems to get sniped. I did find a few things to glance at, though: https://www.uspto.gov/sites/default/files/documents/BasicFacts.pdf https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trademark_infringement http://www.wired.co.uk/article/investigation-are-fan-games-legal And, it's noteworthy that fangames have been shut down by companies in the past even when they're free, Hasbro included. I particularly remember them shutting down Fighting is Magic, a really promising fighter using the mane 6 characters, which I think was going to be free and expanded to include other characters from the show. The staff of the fan project stopped/scrapped it after receiving a cease and desist letter from Hasbro, and went on to instead work on successfully fund Them's Fightin' Herds on Indigogo (and if I recall, Lauren Faust even got involved at that point and helped them with world-building the world for TFH). Though, I've still seen some conventions playing modified/unmodified builds of the game at conventions, as they had gotten far enough to make it playable, and people still had digital copies of the leaked build when development died.
  15. SFyr

    Melted Back

    Cuuute. Also, props for this! It's always lovely to see someone branching into writing, and I personally love works touching on Luna and the nightguard! Also, I'm still quite flattered to have North Star included. I hope you continue!