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  1. Splendormane

    Do You Ever Forget That Ponies Are Ponies?

    hmm i never really thought of them as non-ponies, but they arn't very pony like so i see why people might see them as something else.
  2. Splendormane

    What is Your Favorite Pony Moment?

    Well i don't have one. i have 3 Celestia, Rarity, Applejack.
  3. I seen people encouraging killing cats and putting them in micorwaves becasue they don't like the new DA membership
  4. Splendormane


    A Quick drawing of my favorite Mane 6, Rarity. This Drawing took 53 minutes to complete and I would greatly appreciate Feedback.
  5. living with fluttershy wouldn't be to bad. actally i wouldn't mind it at all
  6. all i know is twilight sparkle so i guess my answer is Twilight sparkle X3
  7. Splendormane

    How To Be Weird o-O

    Going agasnt social norms
  8. Splendormane

    Rarity in the Spotlight

    thats Lovely. Keep up the good work
  9. Splendormane

    Multiple Online Names?

    splendormane and captain fuzzbutt :3 the only names i use at the moment
  10. Splendormane

    What is your opinion on "Human in Equestria"?

    it's kinda weird in my opinion and doesn't make much sense.
  11. Splendormane

    Do you pour the milk or the cereal first?

    I pour the ceral first becasue i don't know it is just what i do.
  12. Splendormane

    Princess Big Mac!

    Aww thats adorbale . Keep up the awesome work. also i adore they way you draw /colour the eyes :3
  13. Splendormane

    Visual Art Random drawings

    no most of them were gifts and requests. only 2 of them i drew for myself thnx and yes i draw ponies.
  14. Splendormane

    Season 6 COMING THIS YEAR!

    i think it might be true. If they are working on episdos now then yeah it could happen
  15. Splendormane

    Visual Art Random drawings

    Just some of my recent art. DA - http://splendormane.deviantart.com/