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    My two sons first of all, and my passion for Atheism, and science. I love the show dearly, and the positive message the show bring. I have a love for music and going to live shows. I also enjoy AD&D 2nd ed. where I love to play and I also DM a small group. I also love video games, and I collect toys. So over the years I have gathered quite a large collection to which I enjoy. I also love meeting good people, and perhaps new friends after all "friendship is magic" it truly is indeed.

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  1. I love to listen to the radio, I lay in bed at night and listen.
  2. Well we are glad you joined us, this is an awesome place for all things pony related. So enjoy, have fun, and make lots of friends.
  3. Poetic Stone


    Hello, and welcome, and yes it stood out cause it;s awesome here. I hope you have fun, and enjoy your stay here, it's an awesome forum.
  4. I am going to have to say Android on this, all the way.
  5. Well, hello, and welcome for the second time friend, and I hope you have lots of fun, and meet lots of friends.
  6. Sunset Shimmer is best human of all time!
  7. I am the last, so far so, did I win? Lol!
  8. These two episodes were, (at least to me)awesome, I really enjoyed both, and can't wait for next season.
  9. I am thinking how happy I am cause I just got a new job, and I'm so very happy!
  10. I have to agree with Takai, she is a anti-hero of sorts, but all in all she's so bad she's good, I love her.
  11. Hello, and welcome to the forums the best place on earth for all things pony related, I hope you have fun, and make lots of friends.
  12. Hello, and welcome back to the most awesome place for all things pony related, so have fun.
  13. Hello Tracer, and welcome to the forums, this is an awesome place with tons of awesome ponies here, so have fun, and make lots of friends.