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  1. Happy Friday kindest yellow pony! :pinkie: I hope your week has been a good one and gets even better with the weekend. :D


    1. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      My week has been generally OK. Today is Friday and again, like on last Thebestday I have headache.:worry: I am not OK with that new tradition.:dry:^_^ I know from somewhere that your week is very good for you. Have even better Friday and weekend.

      Thank you very much for remembering about me. Your Friday wishes are nice tradition for me and I appreciate it a lot. :squee:

      BTW, nice avatar.:P

  2. Happy FreePizzaDay my friend! :P Have very big one, very tasty and very free!:D

    1. Totally Nyx

      Totally Nyx

      Thanks! Happy Friday to you too buddy! :D We'll see if today holds a free pizza or not. ^_^

      Have a very nice day as well. :D

  3. I hope you're still doing alright out there. The forum is a little less bright while you're away. :rarity:

    But also, it's a good day, a great day, a fantastic day! Happy Friday Friend! :pinkie: I hope your Friday is the best day it can possibly be, and more. Have a great start to the weekend. :D


    1. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Thank you and sorry for delay with the answer, my friend! :fluttershy:My Friday was good, but without headache it would be much better. ^_^Fortunately there will be other Fridays. The nearest one in about 5 days only. :P

      Thank you for your kind words, although I am not sure if deserved. :blush:

      Anyway I am trying to not dissapear from the forum and be sure that all your status updates (including the newest today) are read.:mlp_smug:

    2. Totally Nyx

      Totally Nyx

      Well I hope the next Fridays don't come with a headache. :adorkable:

      Of course they're deserved. Deserved and true. :)

  4. You know what day it is. :3

    *sneaks in and leaves some Friday morning muffins by your bed*

    Have a great day and weekend. :D

    1. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Thaanks! Can you believe that I litrerally forgot today morning which day was it? But then I took a look at your message and everything became clear.:D

      Thanks for the muffins but why only so little?:mlp_wat::D

      I hope your FreePizzaDay aka Friday is good, my friend!:fluttershy:


    2. Totally Nyx

      Totally Nyx

      I made more muffins than that, but uhhh... I ate a few. :lie:

      Thanks! :D

  5. That feeling when you realize you could be much more intelligent than you were....is priceless and ...totally deserved.:mlp_lie::blush:

    Except that meaningful sentence above :mlp_wink:as an appendix to wishes of wonderful day  few pictures to see your cute smile, my best friend:squee::





  6. @Fluttershy Friend Hello there! Haven't seen you in a while! How are you doing?


  7. Hi, my friend! May your Friday be full of free pizzas and occasions to smile!:P

    1. Totally Nyx

      Totally Nyx

      Thanks friend! I wish the same for you. May your Friday shine brighter than the sun. :D

  8. Happy Friday Fluttershy Friend! I hope you're doing alright out there and having a nice day. Don't forget to make this weekend a fantastic one. :)

    1. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Thanks my friend! :P My Friday was quite nice indeed. Make this weekend a fantastic one? Well, I will do my best ^_^ but try to do exactly the same with your own one! ;):P

  9. @Fluttershy Friend Yay! You came back! Fluttershy hugs for you!


    1. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Thanks. It's very kind of you, however I visited the forum only for a moment. 

    2. DivineCheer1000


      @Fluttershy Friend Still time for some hugs though!


  10. Te-he!:mlp_proud: I wish you happy Friday and big (really big free pizza) my mint friend!:P And taking into acount certain pony's last weekend:please:I wish you being extremally productive, full of energy and new fresh ideas on Saturday and Sunday!^_^


    1. Totally Nyx

      Totally Nyx

      Thank you so much! :pinkie:

      Happy Friday to you as well friendliest of yellow ponies! :D I hope yours is a very relaxing and fun weekend. :squee:

  11. Hi there and happy Friday! :pinkie:

    Have a great day with lots and lots of reasons to smile. post-25189-0-33094200-1412626540.png

    1. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Aww! Thank you @FridayPony AKA @Totally Lyra ! ^_^ I wish you great FreePizzaDay ;)^_^ and also a lot of reasons to smile! :squee: The first reason to smile today was your post here. :P

  12. Hi, my friend.



  13. I like cookies so I will be guesing further. OK. IT was an alternative choose. Now I am sure. I will send you PM.
  14. I think that I know. It is a very small factory, isn't it? BTW, as your really caring friend *sighs* I strongly advice you to sleep at least from time to time.
  15. @Alexshy I see what you have done here. You are risking. I friendly suggest you to change this "pondering" reaction before our common friend will see it.