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    Fluttershy of course!
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    I seek good in every human. I often have problems because of this but it is stronger than me.
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    I have many interests. Generally knowledge. For example: history, paleontology, astronomy, ecology and Fluttershyology:) Enough:) I collect WW2 militaria and fossils. I like riding a bike and making photos of rural landscapes.

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  1. Today I propose to look at this picture.
  2. This picture hasn't been the forum yet.
  3. Thanks! Yes. You have right! Happy forumying!
  4. I appreciate your truly post and I like it. Welcome to the forum. Maybe you will become Brony in the future? Of course it is not necesairy to meet friends here. Good luck!
  5. Hello Awkward Segway! Nice to meet you. Your introduction post was long indeed but interesting. I hope you stay with us. Happy forumying!
  6. its_okay_i_have_you_by_hoofbeatdriven-d9nazwt Fluttershy is not very well drawn for me, but I really like what she does on this drawing.
  7. I thought only I like that smell.
  8. Fluttershy and (blue of course) butterfly.
  9. Helllo Fluttershy Wolf! Another ponies and Fluttershy fan?! Great! Yay! Nice to meet you! I hope you will stay here for rest of your life and meet a lot of friends!
  10. OK
  11. Brohoof for climate game and ....becaufe it will be made by Polish
  12. Last year I killed a squirrel while driving. She ran quickly across the road. I tried to avoid it but failed. I felt very bad.I usually carry snails from the sidewalk to the grass so people do not kill them. Ticks or mosquitos I kill in "self-defense". I try to save lives other animals. I'm vegetarian.
  13. Those who stop looking at Fluttershy eyes will see even a breezie
  14. This picture is really good for me.
  15. Birds and filly Fluttershy.