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    Fluttershy of course!
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    I'm looking for a good in every human. I often have problems because of this but it is stronger than me.
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    Many (probably too many?). I love knowledge: history, paleontology, astronomy, ecology and Fluttershyology:)......Enough:) I love meet friendly and good peoples, read books, watch good films, collect WW2 militaria and fossils, ride a bike and taking photos of rural landscapes......

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    Sugarcube Corner

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    Hmm. Maybe I have one or even more. I have no idea what it is :)))
  1. Luna Fan Club

    Please don't be sad Luna. *wipes her tears* All will be good!
  2. Fluttershy Fan Club

    Fluttershy on the trip to the forest.
  3. How you holding up?

    1. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Oh. Since some time I struggle with problems IR. But I think that I will deal with it. Thanks for asking friend! ^^ And you? How is your life going?

    2. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      If you need a talk or a hand let me know. Glad to help.

      Oh my life is in the crapper, but I'll spare you the details.

    3. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Thanks! I really appreciate that. Take care of yourself!

  4. Well. You gave me a chance to wish you, as a the first, happy Friday.. So....Happy Friday friend! :icwudt:

    Don't be angry at your mint pone no more! :fluttershy:;)




    1. ThunderGust


      Thanks! Happy Friday to you too Friend! :) Today's a free pizza day too. ;)

      I'll try, but I doubt she'll ever work her way back into my name or profile pic. :(

    2. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Free pizza again? Congratulations ^_^ Free pizza tastes better!:please:

      I really hope that you will change your mind friend!

  5. Fluttershy Fan Club

    Happy and smiling yellow pony.
  6. Luna Fan Club

    Princess Luna and her Moon. Please don't send me there because of today topic of my post.
  7. Fluttershy Fan Club

    Her eyes.......................
  8. Happy Birthday my friend!:fluttershy:12.png.8dc874f22554111814b32cdf742b0755.png



  9. Boop a snoot, any snoot

    *boops and hugs his special friends* @Alexshy (for being amazing friend) @Rikifive (for being nice friend) @Yoye Wolfgrel (for being generous friend) @Jade Fire (for being caring friend) @Sparklefan1234 (for being kind friend) @Totally Lyra(for being kindly friend ) I greatly appreciate your friendship! Be such great friends as you are already!
  10. How is your mood,  my friend? Better? I still don't know what exactly happened on the newest season but I think that the most important matter is who is Lyra for you, it's mean this mint pony with all her flaws and virtues and which you added to her personality in your own imagination and dreams. It is only certain one episode! Don't be angry at her and don't let one episode to destroy your friendship. It is not her fault! Look at her. She seats sad and depressed and waits at your hug. Be her friend again!:kindness:;)


  11. Fluttershy Fan Club

    *makes totally indifferent muzzle expression*
  12. Luna Fan Club

    I know that you know that I know.
  13. Luna Fan Club

    Luna and......and.........and...........a.....Oh simply Luna! *hugs*