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    I'm looking for a good in every human. I often have problems because of this but it is stronger than me.
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    Many (probably too many?). I love knowledge: history, paleontology, astronomy, ecology and Fluttershyology:)......Enough:) I love meet friendly and good peoples, read books, watch good films, collect WW2 militaria and fossils, ride a bike and taking photos of rural landscapes......

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    Hmm. Maybe I have one or even more. I have no idea what it is :)))
  1. OK! Who called - booped my poor snoot and what he wanted? Oh! It's you my pony friends! Boops? Why not? Here you are! Prepare your snoots! *boops friendly @DashYoshi @TigerGeekGuy (the same times and +1) and @SolarFlare13*
  2. Aww. I recognize Her beautiful voice It will be real pleasure to listen this caroll on this Christmas! Thank you @ChB for share! A picture for you!
  3. Today maybe topic about sleeping Wonder named Fluttershy? The best Flutter for me is on the sketch!
  4. It is still my special day so I wrote some my own thoughts about true friendship. It is easy to be a friend when everything is going well. But sometimes from some reason friendship is put to the test. Then it seems to you that you are falling and darkness surrounds you.... But a real friend can come out of this attempt victorious! Because true friendship is for good and for bad!
    Posted in Boop a snoot, any snoot
    4 hours ago, Fluttershy Friend said:

    @Rikifive @CypherHoof (*offers cheese from my country;)*)

    *boops back*

    Which cheese? I can't recall trying any polish cheese before - meat yes, but not cheese...

    Look here friend:

    The most famous is "Oscypek" (Funny that I didn't eat it:D) "Korycinski" (the same:D) and

    "twaróg" (very good with jam and bread). :)


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    2. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      I know that in some cites in your country there are even special shops with Polish food. Good luck friend! I will try to find another English cheese!:)

    3. CypherHoof


      there are at least three in manchester that cater to the polish ex-pat market (mostly I know this because I like kabanossi :D)

      none here in the north east I know of, though.

    4. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend


      kabanossi :D)

      :lol: Sorry that I'm laughing! In Polish "kabanosy"

      I changed my diet (because of this day;))  but I liked "kabanossi" very much!

      It is a pity. Maybe some day....

  6. Celestia hugs Twilight.
  7. Beautiful Twilight picture.
  8. Princess Luna beautiful like always!
  9. Today more than usually pictures because this day is very special for me. Thank you my Fluttershy for that you are and change my mood and life to better! It is good occasion to thanks all of you my friends from Fluttershy Fan Club! Thanks for everything!
  10. On the first time 16th December is a very special day for me. Exactly one year ago I became a Brony.:proud:
    It still try to solve some kind of mystery why MLP are able to such deep influence at my life literally every day.
    But maybe that is not so important?
    The most important are effects.
    These wonderful coloured ponies (especially one of them) changed my life to better!:love:
    At present I'm not able to imagine my life, without these creatures, without you my dear friends, without this forum.:kindness:
    I didn't start to love ponies in one day. It was gradual process which began about one year before this date.
    Earlier I was literally like Twilight at the moment when she visited Ponyville in the first episode the first season.Now I know that friendship is really magic.
    Well. I think that it is a good occasion to thank you all my dear friends from the forum.:fluttershy:
    Believe me that I would like to meet you in real world some day. I thank you for all the brohooves, boops, snowballs, hugs, cute pictures, kind words, nice wishes, support for every nice moments here.:P
    I never expected before that I met such friendly and good persons. It is impossible to mentioned you all here. Some of the friends I met are especially important to me. I will not list them here. I think they know I mean them. ;)

    Because of ponies from MLP show and all of you my friends I'm happy person now. When I listen song "The magic inside" I feel like these words  was written especially for me and about me. :D

    Thanks for reading! Have a good day!:)


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    2. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Thank you for your kind words @Moonstarleader101I'm sure that you also are a kind pony! Take care!:P

    3. Sparklefan1234


      @Fluttershy Friend


      Thank You for being such a wonderful friend! :adorkable:

      hug! by noahther

    4. Fluttershy Friend
  11. If you think that my mane needs to be washed *quickly put his mane to a mud and boops @Alexshy and her @ also cute alter ego. *boops @Fennekin (thanks for your boop!) and @Foxy Socks (I really like foxes as you know)*
  12. *boops @The Cerberus and offers chicken from his mane*
  13. Your kitty is OK. But this guy? It is enough! My mane isn't a zoo! *boops @Sparklefan1234@ChB @Yoye Wolfgrel @Leere @TigerGeekGuy @Holiday Agnaktor*
  14. *exposes his snoot for boops* *boops and offers biscuits for @ Nightma...uhm. @Alexshy (*offers more hugs*) @Rikifive (*offers new pillows*) @CypherHoof (*offers cheese from my country*) @The Cerberus @Valencia @TempestShadow @Nature Tune @Totally Lyra @vivishy*