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  1. Danfo98

    almost all my old friends here left

    If yall want to bey friend please PM me so we can chat first
  2. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Fluttershy How did you find MLP Forums?: Been here already How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Watched a few episodes during the summer 3 years ago I have had a history of.... self loathing. But right now I'm pretty happy. I'm from Arlington Texas, I like videogames, and I am making one. I like drawing, and I'm scared of the dark (I know, it's pathetic)
  3. Danfo98

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    Depressed as all hell. Like usual
  4. Danfo98

    Gaming possible zombie viruses?

    Of course I was being semi sarcastic America isn't going to wipe out the WHOLE Chinese population, that's virtually impossible with just mustard gas. I was just saying that Russia isn't the only one violating the Geneva Convention in the storyline. Ive been working on just the concept art and story for about two years now. Though I have got someone I know who can arrange and make the music. He's a friend of mine. Mad cow disease could also be a good one. Look at what it does to cows
  5. Danfo98

    Gaming possible zombie viruses?

    The game is going to have a very detailed backstory, and Id rather not put the category of game, simply because I don't want my idea stolen (not that any of you would.)And I'm trying to make it as realistic as possible. So diseases like rabies that are transmitted bite are what Im looking for. And it was a last ditch effort after years of war.
  6. So, I'm creating a game. It's about the aftermath of WWIII in the near future. The Geneva Convention was violated and POW cruelty, as well as chemical and biological weapons were used. But Russia (I mean no offence to any Russians) genetically altered (insert disease) America isn't innocent either, they used mustard gas to kill off all of China. (Sorry China) Anyway Id like to know any diseases that could be a zombie virus. I'm thinking rabies.
  7. Danfo98

    First tablet drawing

    That's better than the ponies that I tried to draw on paper. But that is fairly easy to do since they roughly resembled amoebas. But I think it's pretty good. Especially for the first time on the tablet.
  8. Danfo98

    Your reputation on the forums?

    Probably that guy no one likes because he's depressed all the time, which is depressing. People probably are like "oh it's Danfo, bet he wants to kill himself today, like usual." Yep that's me.
  9. Danfo98

    Music Name a song that has given you feels

    Numb by Marina and the Diamonds. Made me cry.
  10. I'll start. I like to crossdress. I think it's fun.
  11. Danfo98

    Why does Western society hate feminine males?

    Sounds like Texas to me. Bunch of sexist asshats here.
  12. Danfo98

    Why does Western society hate feminine males?

    Because we (I am quite "girly") are "gay". And being gay is wrong in this "free" country called America.
  13. Hey. You doing anything later.
  14. Oh nooooo! AssaeuhJDujkihd Close enough.