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  1. ID SAY' depending on the content they where created for, however i believe twilight is 24 and never gets a day older.
  2. I DON'T THINK ANY ONE FRAGMENT HE SAID HAS ANY REAL VALUE! MaJORITY of the fans, Artist, programmers, ect. will still support G5 becuse it is the value and ritual that we love as a community.
  3. is it too early for a vanpire Lyra 5' plastic figure "Vamp ponies!"
  4. I spend time with all my pony horse and mares, I play with my new super pony collectables,(though I regret taking them out of mint) and I build custom mods on MMOG. I also make new pons and characters
  5. PONYSTATION! buy it

  6. Has anypony found pony princes stickers, mainly I need queen Crysalis, and Nightmare moon!
  7. Oh I can hardly wait too see her human form!
  8. no I mean pokemon, 64, game boy, x y, tcg ?
  9. hmm, maybe "Salience tide" home of Luna's rouge followers.
  10. I was Thinking about the pretext of Luna's past, During my fan-fic, I had trouble naming her kingdom Naturally it was founded near the sea so I was thinking something with tide in the name. As an artist, I was wondering if you ponies could help pick a name for Luna's main town.
  11. YOU should Try creating a thread of lines in witch the character would have too flow! -+<= split logic curve