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  1. Hope you're doing well Starlight :)

  2. You can use my OC, Candy Pastel Or Solar Gaze ^^
  3. Just asking, have you seen the post I made in my request shop? I finished your OC! :)

    1. Starlight Lunamoon

      Starlight Lunamoon

      Yes I have. Thank you, your drawing looks so cute! :D

    2. galaxysquid


      Oh thanks! I just wasn't sure, since you didn't reply on the topic.


      I'm glad you like it! I think it's one of my favorite OC's so far. :)

  4. You can use this oc of mine. But he's a work in progress.
  5. Alright. You can give it to me in Google Docs through PM.
  6. Poor Spike... I wanted to vote for him but I can't. It's so hard to choose!
  7. In two weeks school will be over and I'll be free and active for the whole Summer! :D

    1. Brony Time
    2. Wayzer


      ooowh that is so much earlier than we have here

  8. What is Team Fortress 2?

    1. ignore pls

      ignore pls

      A team-based first-person shooter for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

    2. Starlight Lunamoon

      Starlight Lunamoon

      And that's what everyone gets hyped about?

    3. Proton


      Yes. Because its awesome.

  9. 1. Princess Twilight 2. Princess Cadence 3. Princess Luna 4. Princess Celestia Aww Princess Cadence and Princess Luna, SO CLOSE!
  10. Oh cool! Can you draw my OC Starlight Lunamoon?