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  1. RaritySparkleArtist

    Rarity Fan Club

    Im here to back to the forums and i have to say, all that photos of her made me feel amazing, i love her so much and that FC IS AMAZING, i even dont know more how i do posts lol
  2. RaritySparkleArtist

    Twilight Sparkle [Comic Hero]

    Good have you back and super amazing have your arts back too! Good Remake!
  3. RaritySparkleArtist

    Movies/TV New Ghostbusters Movie

    Feminism in everywhere, my opinion, will suck
  4. RaritySparkleArtist

    General Liberal or Conservative?

    I am Conservative and against all this shit we have to listen all the days...
  5. RaritySparkleArtist

    Mega Thread What MLP Forums Members do you admire?

    @Pinkamena-Pills 2 years of friendship on forum, i dont need post anything more..... we talk all the days, perfect and real friendship...
  6. RaritySparkleArtist

    Mega Thread Christian bronies: meet, greet, and mingle!

    here, , we should be together in this world
  7. RaritySparkleArtist

    What is your favorite pet?

    Dog and birds and i love dogs and birds being pet :3
  8. RaritySparkleArtist

    Would You Become A Vegetarian To Go To Equestria?

    Well, still is ALIVE if u show to me the trees isnt alive and dont have fellings to, u cant talk this, i really dont care, because you all think in start of society then have away of life just killing plants and this things, eating vegan or vegetarian things, think about this...well, anyways, for me nothing can change one good and big meat
  9. RaritySparkleArtist

    Would You Become A Vegetarian To Go To Equestria?

    Well my friend, Plant is a live thing too, dont be hypocrital okay, we all need kill to survive, plants are part of one biome, and trees all this is alive...
  10. RaritySparkleArtist

    Would You Become A Vegetarian To Go To Equestria?

    Never, meat is very good , thanks i like my real life
  11. RaritySparkleArtist

    Is Twilight Sparkle Immortal?

    bad english comming xD I think no, because she is just a Alicorn because Celestia becomes her into this, she still a normal Unicorn(with wings) dont have any signal to say she is immortal, she looks growing in all ways. If she now become a immortal, is just a sad thing, because the death wait on future to all her friends, is much sad to think about this because this i think she isnt...
  12. RaritySparkleArtist

    Mlp Blender Models

    @@Time Shield, Well 1. They have bone in all body and shapekeys 2. About Unity i dont know right, they are in .Obj i never worked with Unity before
  13. RaritySparkleArtist

    Mlp Blender Models

    @@Pinkamena-Pills, I thinked i never going made other post again on this forum. but you give me this strong, thanks for are supporting me all the time i need... Really thanks
  14. RaritySparkleArtist

    Fan theories you hate.

    I hate all theories, because frankly, as someone can take a show so seriously to see theories behind the animation, the story is only one and is the one that Hasbro shows and original comics Hasbro also. Therefore all theories are only theories and nothing else, does not deserve my respect or my time, that's my opinion.
  15. RaritySparkleArtist

    Mlp Blender Models

    @@ooBrony, Thanks so much, we are working alot, But i think still are simple