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  1. Welcome to our Forum, im happy to see another fan of Rarity here to spread all the beauty around our community!:darling:



    Feel welcome to our Family, if need anything i can help call me!

    1. Madame Rarity

      Madame Rarity

      Thanks for the welcome though.

  2. Thanks for the follow!:mlp_yay:

    1. RaritySparkleArtist


      Hey thank you too Mellow Mane, My name is Kelly, i just was looking profiles, and i liked your sooo i followed :darling:

    2. Mellow Mane 🍀

      Mellow Mane 🍀

      Thanks a lot! I really like your OC, she looks awesome!

    3. RaritySparkleArtist


      oww, i have so many OC's but this is one of my favorites, i did her when i just enter on forum 5 years ago, i feel so old now :squee:

  3. Thank you, maybe i get lost by the white and light pink effect i tried to do, thank you about feedback i going try to improve for next art
  4. First, im doing a project that involves making art for all the ponies i most like in the series. After some years off the Fandom, i've decide to come back to the Forums. Im not a good artist, i just try my best to improve. Okay let's cut the introduction and talk For me, Princess Celestia, despite being somewhat a secondary character on FiM, she is still a very important part of the show, especially how her guidance helps Twilight Sparkle change her overall views on Friendship. We know Celestia isn't all that powerful because the plot , butttt, this doesn't mean she loses all importance as a character. Ash she moved further from the center'ish of the series after season 2/3, she continued to show us how complex & kind she is, even showing a silly side Yes yes, i know the shadows still are muchhhh wrong, but i think bring all the shiny Celestia deserve...
  5. Okay, first im some months without make this kind of art, because take much time, but im very excited to back and bring this again I really need all the feedback to improve my arts, and if are good what i should do next?
  6. Ow this make me feel less worried, i thinked my lines are to "strong", i going try keep then clean and straight, thanks so much for the feedback
  7. Still about that, u think the lines are much "strong", i looking how make different kinds of lines depending of size
  8. Thank You _Scribbles_ i really appriciate, going work on that in next
  9. You think should be good use some shadows and effects, or going lost the simplist style?
  10. Well much years i dont make a post, i working on new stiles of draw, sooooo all feedback is good for me
  11. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    1. CosmicSpark



    2. RaritySparkleArtist
    3. CosmicSpark
  12. Welcome Back

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    2. RaritySparkleArtist


      U received many brohoofs on February 8 how are your hoof? :mlp_please:

    3. Pinkamena-Pills


      I had to replace it with a mechanical arm from a 5th mainline game about demon hunting, and was made by a girl who lives in a seemingly magical, indestructible, drive-anywhere-no-matter-how-ridiculous van.
      But i wont cray about it. Devils never cry.  :mlp_maud:

    4. RaritySparkleArtist