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  1. You

    Jo dude, got discord? :<

  2. I was when I queued the post, I am thought now. At least the German dub was pretty good.
  3. I got no idea what @You have done today.
  4. Time to troll some others again





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      Now we need to have someone change their name to "You and You". :love:

  5. This is Markus Söder, basically some form of equivalent of a governor for Bavaria:


    What the hay he almost looks like a creep from a movie with that lol.

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      You side Christian, other side...border-controlling!

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      Markus Söder, the Bavariman.

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  6. Which did you finish? AGK or BNA? Did you watch AGK? Is BNA similar? Also, you did read that blog entry earlier than I did after it got published.
  7. @Ixrec: wow, that VG has great graphics
  8. Do you think it might would do you some good to just regularly chat with a girl from here? Obviously...I can't quite offer myself for that.
  9. I just mis-tagged you as Wendy Breeze.

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      Windy Breeze 🥧

      Okay. Many had done the same in the past. 

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    @Windy Breeze 🥧 yes i did google for that

  11. Akame Ga Kill I am in the mid of it, and I am deeply impressed. It started a tiny bit slow, but not too much. It is quickly escalating to some extreme scenes. It is about a assassination group killing corrupts in a government city, supporting rebels to overthrow a corrupt government. The characters are pretty extreme, fleshed out, interesting and come with backgrounds, they don't feel like they are thrown in lovelessly. There is an openly gay character, a possibly hinting lesbian and trans character, but unlike most animes, I like that they are merely making it one attribute of the characters, instead of the defining one. That guy dude is a bastard of a fighter and is surely remembered by the audience for that and his motivational words! It is also pretty brutal, for that matter. Albeit so far, still miles away from the likes of Hellsing Ultimate. Familiar to: Hunter X Hunter, Black Bullet, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood Rating: 10/10 Untraceable Heh, it was OK. It never really sucked, but this wasn't memorable either. It is pretty much as average as a movie can get. Rating: 5/10
  12. This is more educational or entertaining than other of my posts here, I suppose, and less surprising. Today, I stumbled across my school report from 2nd grade, where I was about 9 years old. It lists different behaviors and judges them, aside from simply subjects. I am described with difficulty to socialize, to dislike PE/sports, liking games, not too interested in helping others, bad handwriting, organized. This isn't true for all of them, but I am baffled how many of them stayed true even still today (games, handwriting, sports). Or stuff I did struggle for a long time, such as socializing, or didn't see a value in for a long time (helping others). So we seem to preserve quite a lot of our quirks through life, it appears, or for quite some time. But I wonder - Likely we get under huge social influences even on a very young age. I am not even talking 9yo. I am talking about 4yo, maybe even 2yo. I think we are absolutely underestimating how society shapes someone. This let me question whether some of this attitudes simply developed by what my environment taught me.
  13. lol, OT but so true, the American cards are of much worse quality than these printed in Belgium for Europe, we instantly can guess which cards are from America. They are looking way more grainy, and it is apparent which English products come from US and which not, most of us prefer English cards, but are often like Oh, that is American print? Nevermind then. Too bad the promotional products are like all printed in America. And to my surprise - even the foreign language versions: Yes, the German promo cards are printed in the US. It drives me insane each time I see I get an American card.
  14. May I ask for your preferred pronoun?