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  1. You

    Happy birthday madam!! :yay:


    It will surely be...interesting, given that to my knowledge it is your first with being married to Cindy.

  2. 100% this, and I am surprised there is a 3rd movie even.
  3. Oh gosh, this can be definitively read that way....
  4. Got any source on that? I know there are RAM limitations for Windows, but these are usually super high and not archived in home usage.
  5. That was certainly not my conclusion of it. Looks like you would give it at least a 7/10. Does the other anime has the same issues - ESPECIALLY hints at well, suggestive stuff with the own, about 11 years old sister? That was the worst.
  6. Glory (1989) I didn't know before what this movie was about, and assumed a typical WW II or vietnam war movie likely. I was pretty mistaken. This movie is good and shcking, but I feel very, very tough to take often. For me it was often in the first half, when the absolute racist language was used regularly. Overall, the focus of the movie was for the very most part not the fighting, but racial inequality, and in general having a huge priority on social issues and interaction. And obviously, when watching this, and getting all the hope up for incoming changes - Yet, still a century later, we haven't archived to eliminate racism. Rating: 9/10
  7. The Cat Returns 2002 NF A beautiful story, maybe a fairy tale. The characters are destinct from each other, standing out, and overall it is just a great family-friendly adventure, which made me gasping for all the events and world-building. It will send you into a world of mysterious wonders, waiting to get revealed in order to amaze you. I really felt the effort in this. It is a bit hard to say that apart from the above what REALLY makes this so likeable, from the sympathic characters or just hitting the exact perfect pacing - nothing is rushed nor really standing still for too long. This is actually a sequel or spin-off of "Whisper of the Heart", starring the baron cat again. (Which I don't think having watched yet and certainly not recently) Be like: Princess Mononoke (likely, never watched it)...nevermind, on the preview screen PM looks rather bloody lol. Maybe a more modern fairy tale version of Alice might be somewhat fitting as a description Rating: 10/10 @Spooky Emerald @Pastel Heart @Sparklefan1234 @FuntimeMare @Will Guide
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      So many people are changing their names and it takes me a while to realise who they are! :laugh:

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    1. Oni Equine

      Oni Equine

      I don't appreciate you posting my childhood photos without permission. :smolder:

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      Oni Equine

      Disney out of context. :ButtercupLaugh:

  11. Bon Cop, Bad Cop 2006 NF A meant-to-be comedic crime thriller. Can it uphold that promise? I think the movie suffered from a cringy villain, and being more bloody than appropriate for the tone it wants to set, which is simply put, not horror or bloody shocking crimes. The switching around dub was confusing for one, and for second, a tad bit tiring to read subs then (albeit that was still OK). This also means you can watch it on a kinda small to medium screen distanced on the bed or something. For the more bright side, I really enjoyed the rivalry between both protagonists, albeit I'd have wished that would have lasted until the end instead of stopping in-between. Be Like: Protect and Serve (with PaS being less bloody, but having some really, really weird naked scenes) 1 I want to note that weirdly, on Netflix this was misguidedly labeled as "Good Cop, Bad Cop - Shoot first, ask questions later". Don't ask me. Rating: 7/10 @SparklingSwirls
  12. I wasn't aware you can actually disable Win 10 updates without third party software?