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  1. Recently I became a big Twidash shipper. That's the otp!
  2. Some fanart of Sir Artorias from Dark Souls.
  3. Excluding daily tasks I've spent hours today at the forum (which is exceptional). Also took long walk outside, it was pretty pleasant weather.
  4. Theme of Ornstein and Smough. For the attempts yet to come to beat that couple will ensure this will be stuck in my head for long.
  5. Started to follow you at da as well :kirin:

    1. ShadOBurn🔥


      Oh thank you! Hope you enjoy the art!

  6. Thanks for this post, another great writing! It gave matter to think about and personally also some insight about the topic. It was quite brave move to tell as intimate things as you mentioned but I can't anything else but appreciate your open approach over this issue!
  7. There was seriously going to be wall of text about what has going on my mind and plans about future. But at the moment my mind decided to lock itself (once again) and I can only hope writing at least a short reply... Overall tiredness have been less severe for three or four weeks now. After seeing doctor and psychiatrist I've doubled the size of medication and started taking ferritin as a dietary supplement. My future bothers me but I also have plans for it. What comes to job I've decided to return to work as electrician. Feels like I'm just a cover, a shell without interior, like I'm possessing no personality. That my life is just living and being but true me is somewhere else, locked away.
  8. @Fasu Hugs hugs and more hugs for my awesome friend! 


    1. Fasu


      Thanks, Divine! :please:Warm hug is always welcome, espicially when it comes from our sweet princess :sassy:

  9. Thanks for sharing! I might post own story here later.
  10. "Hold your hammer, Sir Smough, I'm low with stamina!"
  11. Piano cover of Ornstein's and Smough's theme from Dark Souls.
  12. Just quick question: how long have you been "super"?