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  1. Somehow, within a year without any particular person or reason, I've become more and more skeptical about god. To the point I'm now - strong atheist, that there is NO god, which is kind of ironical. For years I talked about myself as a christian which "I've been for most of my life" due the indoctrination of my family (which I don't see only as a bad thing). Retrospectively it might be I never was actually christian - halfly pretending for people around, halfly convincing for myself.
  2. Tomorrow I'll make the longest drive of my life, because of my work. So, off to bed for now, have a pleasant dreams y'all.

    1. DivineBeauty1000


      @Fasu Good to see you again my awesome friend! Pleasant dreams for you! :LunaMCM:

  3. @Splashee® Me neither - recently became a big fan of Hazbin Hotel and espicially Alastor. I would say, "off to support the animation team"!
  4. Are you the former.. Angel Dust? :confused:

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    2. Fasu


      I have to look signature for myself, finally. Never had one :D

    3. Kyoshi


      @Dusknoir I can resize it for you if you want, I need to get a new external keyboard though.

    4. Dusknoir


      @Kyoshi That would be nice. :)

  5. I have yet much to learn about historical persons but here are some I've read about and admire: Stephen Hawking Albert Einstein Friedrich Niezche H. P. Lovecraft J. R. R, Tolkien William Shakespeare Nicolaus Kopernikus Jesus (only to some degree what comes to he's teachings about humanity, since I'm not christian anymore)
  6. Rested, watched all sort of things related to Hazbin Hotel and packed for tomorrow since I'm going to make longest drive so far for my job.
  7. So, I'm obsessed with the song AND the music video.
  8. I'm into electro swing, again. I propably have to point my finger to one particular radio-show-hosting demon for sending me 20s vibes.
  9. I'm fragment from the abyss. I have no self, at least so I feel. Just bunch of atoms which for neurotransmitters in the brain are trying to convince an illusion of unique individual with personality while, in fact, I'm just star dust in the eternal cycle of matter. Alright, it sounds deep and dark, I know. But it doesn't scare me, rather brings some sort of comfort. Edit: typos.
  10. "I have no soul - can't go heaven neither hell. Ahaha! I think I'm going insane, ahahahaa!"
  11. "If you have sex with same gender you'll burn in hell in afterlife." Don't try make me laugh...
  12. Fasu

    Puking rainbow, or is it a flag? :Pharynx:

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    2. Fasu


      Makes sense now. :twi:

    3. Envy


      But it is transparent, which mine wasn't. That is a little confusing. =P

    4. You


      @Envy Yeah the pic I found wasn't transparent at all, so I had to use color to alpha/transparency in gimps...which had some side effects. :sealed:

  13. Congrats for sixsixsixth post! :laugh: