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  1. I'm mostly numb every day when awake. Creativity seems to flow only in the state of dream..
  2. Will I wake up if I close my eyes?

    Will I rise from this husk of mine?

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    2. Fasu


      For the first, I'm not seeking attention, just venting out my regular struggles. I'm tired all the day which isn't curable by sleeping. My brains are like in thick fog - reasonable action and making decisions is really hard. And mind is filled mostly with negative thoughts about myself, imbued selfhatred. My body has become like a burden if not even a prison.

      All I can consider myself is a failed worthless wreck, although I get it most likely isn't true. As one might notice my rambling is mostly about myself. I focus too much to myself, making it harder to act and/or participate to things and other people around me. This incapacity makes me hate myself even more.

    3. Bas


      Nopony wrote that you are!

      Are you taking any medical drugs, if I may ask? Feel free not to answer on that or in a PM if that makes you feel more comfortable.

      I wonder if you require more structure in your daily life and setting short-term goals or a life's purpose.

    4. Bas


      IIRC you are Christian and kinda faithful. If possibly being gay or bi is pressuring you because of this i could ask my previous religion teacher, who is a priest and gay himelf, on FB if he has time to lend an ear and might offer more specialized advice. 


      Ethat apart, I offer myself as well if you want to chat at discord.

  3. I've been fan since early 2013. Although my severe depression and constant 'brain fog' (or so I would call it) have been ever since major reasons preventing me to attend cons and/or fan projects. Oh, how I have wished to participate for all those cool things but this husk, body, of mine have made it really difficult if not impossible.
  4. Patrick (not entirely sure why my parents decided to give such international name)
  5. I've spent few days mostly in bed with phone - at the moment as well. I'm so tired. 

    I visited doctor last week and I started new medication. It's stronger than the first one I used but I take smaller amounts of it for the first week - letting my body to get used to it. Also I'll attend to psychotherapy, not sure though when exactly.

    At the moment I feel numb and completely powerless. At least I can say my current state of mind is tolerable by the time being

    1. Catpone Cerberus

      Catpone Cerberus

      Hope it helps, that's really all I can say, I had similar feelings at some point but I don't know anything I could say that would help. :rarity:

    2. Tacodidra


      I'm sorry to hear about that, my friend! :sunny: I hope you feel better soon – it's good to hear you'll be attending therapy, hopefully that will help. *hugs* :kindness:

  6. Feeling quite numb. At least not as horrible as past few days. Might be the side effect of new medication.
  7. No worries - I messed up my profile just for upcoming Nightmare Night

    1. Cash In

      Cash In

      Interesting choice!

    2. Tacodidra



      Nice avatar, my friend! :D

  8. @lyrabetes3939 is still banned or did he returned at some point but decided to leave by himself? Does anyone know?

    1. Tacodidra


      Based on his profile, yeah. :( He's been banned since late August, but he did say he wasn't coming back. I miss him... :sunny:

    2. Fasu


      Oh, that's a shame. :sunny:

  9. Thinking about my sexuality - I feel insecure
  10. Hi, just decided to visit forum. Here, have something gorgeus, my fellow chrysalis fan.



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    2. Blivy


      Very pretty art indeed!

    3. Blivy


      I just realized I wanna play with her mane. :D

    4. Fasu


      @DivineShadow1000 She truly is! 

      @Blivy I would as well.

  11. Never watched Hazbin Hotel but the character at your avatar is so cute :P

    "Angel dust" was it?

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    2. Fasu


      Oh, cool - didn't knew that. I might give it a change then. ^_^

    3. WWolf


      I used to think it was a cat :wacko: .

      Quite a handful of a character, from what I’ve seen :blink: .

    4. Ayyngel Dust

      Ayyngel Dust

      @WereWolf Part of why I like him. I like his sassy attitude, and just how he pretty much only really cares about gay sex and drugs (but mainly the drugs).

  12. Today I'm feeling better than for two weeks. I've been lately so depressed that I haven't been able to actually do any decisions or anything more demanding tasks. If I'd say, that althou my consciousness is clear my brains are in thick fog, I'll might be close the truth. Today I genuinly wanted to visit forum and see how people do. Even though it is hard for me to understand what I read or discuss with someone. It was difficult to even form this short post. My head is full of thoughts and new ideas but it is hard to carry anything out to others - either by writing and speaking. Saw this today. It warmed me and made feel so much better.
  13. Earlier today I accidentally got spoiled that Lyra and Sweetie Drops got married. My mind was blown by happiness - never thought Hasbro would make it a canon (although it was subtle mention). I literally felt warmth inside.