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  1. Sugar Pea

    Are you happy with your biological sex?

    ​Of course! I've always loved being a female, even when I tried to self proclaim myself as a tomboy when I was younger to be like "one the boys". Sometimes I do think men have it a bit easier, but I wouldn't trade my gender for the world. I absolutely enjoy being a female.
  2. Sugar Pea

    General How do you cope with loneliness?

    ​Whenever I ever feel lonely, I usually like to talk to myself. I'll just try to develop some new hobbies, or stick with the old ones. Either way, these make for great exercises.
  3. ​Yes! Mention on one of my favorites! ​I think what truly makes a good ending is the impact it has on the viewer, while at the same time tying everything into one big bow. For example, I watched an anime called Air, and let me tell you that is the first and last time an anime made me cry.
  4. Hello guys! So​ I want to know; who would you vote for out of the candidates? I don't know them all, so yeah! lol Personally, I'd vote Sanders.​​
  5. Here's my point of view of analysis; very little of it is entertainment, mostly opinionated. That's why it's an analysis, because they analyze roughly in​ mainly their perspective and how they interpret something. Unfortunately, some people take this show a bit too seriously. Would be nice to have some entertaining analyzers.
  6. Sugar Pea

    Halloween 2015

    This year, I plan on going to Waverly Hills and a few other fun attractions (fav part of Hallows Eve). I plan to dress as something simple or something humorous. ​
  7. Sugar Pea

    What did the narwhal say to the shrimp?

    And so the shrimp says, "Obviously the punchline got to you first, because your head is bigger than your mom; and she's a whale!"
  8. Sugar Pea

    Why are female minor characters so popular in FiM?

    Some people take a like to minor female characters because the favoring of the mane (see what I did there?) characters from the show is too common, and the notion of little character development of somepony of a minor role peaks interest in that character and the desire to see more of them; which differs from your average joe major character of which we know almost everything about. Or the alternative, some people like minor characters because it sets them apart from the ones who favor major characters.
  9. Sugar Pea

    Mega Thread How are you feeling ​ Are you feeling now Mr. Krabs?
  10. Pretty Little Liars. I was pretty uninterested until my friend made me watch a couple episodes from season 1. Then a really long while after that, I watched it. I'm now on Season 2, episode 3. Haven't watched it in a while, I think I will. lol​
  11. What? Did you think there was going to be a punchline? You're too small to understand.
  12. Sugar Pea

    Opinions on Smoking

    Bottom line, smoking kills, stinks, and harmful to those who do not smoke. "If you don't like it, move away." Well smarty-pants, it's hard to when your smoke keeps blowing in my general direction. Otherwise, I may as well live in a bubble because I can't effing avoid it. My dad and his fiance smokes, and when I go over there and come back, my clothes and backpack smell to high heaven. Some of my family smokes half a pack or more a day (makes me worry they'll end up on oxygen tanks...). And do you know how much money can be saved from not buying cigarettes every week? Keep guessing. So do i like smoking? NO. ​It's pointless, because you're basically slowly killing yourself with those cancer sticks. If it's a stress reliever for you, cool, but people seriously need to be more aware of the problems that can come from even one cigarette. Second hand is especially​ harmful to kids. It can cause SIDS. ​
  13. I can beat Jubileus (the FINAL boss) on Bayonetta 1, but it's the only boss fight on there I can never get perfectly. Of course you have to defeat her while avoiding some very annoying obstacles, and then you have to avoid planets to crash her into the sun. Hardest thing ever, especially as the difficulty goes up!
  14. Well then? What would you do, fire me? Pfft. I don't get paid enough for this!