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    Netflix and my PS4. They treat me good XD

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  1. Not too into The Smiths bar a few incredible tunes but have been listening to this one all week
  2. 9/ 10 Ozzy's voice could never do wrong. (except for the times it did we'll ignore those times) Love this song! Enjoy
  3. The fur is comfy and the gun makes me feel safe! This is also a good setup
  4. Mega Thread

    7/ 10 You appear to have a decent catalog of slime avatars!
  5. So happy with what i got on the steam sales.

    Darkest Dungeon, Fallout 2, Oddworld new n' tasty, Final Fantasy 9, The witcher and Dishonored.

    Only played DD and Fallout 2 so far but the seem really good. This has put me in a pretty good mood. Gonna play them all like crazy on monday!

  6. This is a pretty good setup
  7. Hey there Kurama! Wasn't expecting the nine tails fox to be a brony i'll be honest XD

  8. Ubisoft has made me a happy little lamb today. PIRATES WHOOP!

  9. Very excited. I am hoping they clear up some questions i have for Dissidia NT. Since they just released the trailer and release date for AC Origins hopefully they have enough time to make the combat look less buggy. It looks real good apart from that slight bugginess Also wont hold my breath but a little trailer for FF7 Remake would sustain me for a few more months XD
  10. New Assassins Creed trailer and Kingdom hearts trailer! Hopefully not much longer for more significant info on KH3. Not too excited but i'm sure it'll be good. Assassins Creed on the other has got me all excited and it looks like every leak of this game was accurate XD

  11. Watching the Roland-Garros highlights since i had to miss it all while at work. I gotta say that Wawrinka vs Murray match looked astonishing. Sad i missed it but the better man one and Sundays final looks like it will be quite a spectacle. Unfortunately work means i will miss that too D:

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    2. Dabmanz


      Normally just games like Minecraft or ps2 games recently I've been doing a Minecraft Zen thing.

    3. The Mint Pone

      The Mint Pone

      For ps2 if you ever do Jade Cocoon 2 message me XD Nobody likes it but i love it to no end!

    4. Dabmanz


      ok will do :)

  12. Paintball hurts about as much as expected. I am covered in bruises D:

    Exhausting fun though i will be doing that again!

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    2. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      *hugs you harshly*

    3. The Mint Pone

      The Mint Pone

      Thank you both XD

      It was worth it. Meeting back up with everyone today was funny. We were all complaining like we had been through real war XD

    4. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      A REAL REAL war or a REAL war?

  13. Going paint balling tomorrow. I assume i will come back scarred by war, with the blood (paint) of many innocents on my conscience.  

  14. Yo hello people how goes it?

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    2. The Mint Pone

      The Mint Pone

      Pretty good. Been on an mlp high the last few weeks. Planning on catching up on the last few episodes tonight :P

    3. vivishy


      I need to catch up too. 

    4. The Mint Pone

      The Mint Pone

      How far behind are you? Think i have only seen the first 3 episodes


  15. The forum games are so funny. The people that have been on them alot recently know who there are but they have been cracking me up. Good silly times!