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    Defeating a sandwich only makes it tastier.
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    Netflix and my PS4. They treat me good XD

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  1. Just watched the first episode of this anime called 'Your lie in april'. Pretty good! Guess ill make this my night! :sunbutt:

  2. 9/ 10 Not my usual breed of metal but so darn good. Currently sitting in my "Damn good music i do not own" playlist on youtube!
  3. Mine being a seller of mint would proper offer some mint themed confectionery. Maybe not as big a scale as yours but still welcoming hopefully XD
  4. Gorillaz Humanz is now my most excitedly awaited release of the year. Sorry Deep Purple but Damon Albarn takes precedence over most things XD

  5. Best Disney film? Tangled without a doubt!
  6. Mega Thread

    8/10 I would like to know what she is smirking at!
  7. A Tales from the Crypt/ Tree house of Horror episode would be great. I do like the holiday themed episodes so another Nightmare night episode even in normal mlp style would be nice!
  8. That's alot of money i wouldn't even need t think about it XD Gimme an mlp onesie and i'll do it with a dance XD
  9. WARNING: Flutterstep has currently lost communication with the forum for unknown reasons. Any attempt to speak or reach out to him shall be made via carrier pigeon. Thank you for your time. Good day. 

  10. Oh i like the new makeup the forums wearing. 

    Oh snap you can brohoof Status updates. That is a nice addition