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    Defeating a sandwich only makes it tastier.
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    Netflix and my PS4. They treat me good XD

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  1. S'up you pony people. Been listening to this and some other jams all day! How are y'all?


    1. Flutterstep


      Hello minty mint pone. I've recently been listening to 70's rock, 80's house, 90's hip hop and 00's pop. I live in the past when it comes to music :P

    2. The Mint Pone

      The Mint Pone

      Nice. The 70's are where most of my favorites live. That said i try and listen to as much varied music as possible but i still gravitate towards this kinda stuff.

      Anything particular you've been listening to?

    1. Flutterstep


      Blue baby hype! :pinkie:

    2. The Mint Pone

      The Mint Pone

      BABY BLUE! I am already more excited than i should be. I still watch World on the reg cuz that film is FUN!

      Also the Goldblum is in the new one. Goldblum, Chris Pratt and baby raptors can only make a great film!

  2. Atleast we have a similar taste in pony games But still get outta my bed!
  3. Yes, although i see people talking about you more than i see you
  4. *still unconscious but accidentally boops @Mirage with a flailing hoof*
  5. *Is lost among the thousand booping pones and faints due to confusion but not before slapping my boop hoof across @Fluttershy Friend's snoot*
  6. Mega Thread

    Banned for trying to stop the fanservice! *bans self for being slow to post and getting multiple ninja'd*
  7. *Boops @Mint Chaser again!* Thanks :3 *Boops Doctor snek @Mesme Rize and Victim of my art @Flutterstep
  8. *Boops @Mint Chaser @CypherHoof He has to boop us both or the universe will become unbalanced!
  9. No the repercussions of eating a Princess would be great.
  10. Mint Swirls! Sounds delicious
  11. At least the face of death is friendly!
  12. I have once again created art. @Mint Chaser @Flutterstep


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    2. The Mint Pone

      The Mint Pone

      I don't know Totally Lyra but that makes me want to add him to the art even more XD

    3. Mint Chaser
    4. TempestShadow


      True art indeed.

  13. Mega Thread

    10/ 10 Spread that Christmas cheer you slimy thing!
  14. Mega Thread

    Banned for not having Jiraiya be your go to ninja!