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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Somepony to watch over me: The Chimera sisters. I find their relative lack of fanart disturbing... Yeah, I know everybrony loves the Timberwolves because of how creepy and ominous they are, but these girls are charming in their own way too!
  4. Quite decent! Certainly the Celestia/Luna episode we were all waiting for. It's quite welcome to see Celly portrayed as someone who struggles with her own flaws rather than the utterly flawless idol ponykind loves and respects, and her evil counterpart, Daybreaker is glorious!. My only issue is that the presence of Twilight and Starlight seems kinda unnecesary, but oh well, it's good to see they recognize Glimmy's explosive temper as her biggest flaw and that is pure potential for decent character development.
  5. Eh... whatever, while i'm glad to see Yakyakistan in its full glory, this one just seems pretty meh... The show already dealt with the "Don't be so skreeonking stubborn and accept some help when necessary" lesson all the way back in season 1's "Applebuck Season", so i didn't really see much point behind this episode. Not bad, but a kinda lackluster way to dive into the skreeonking hiatus. The folks at Australia got luckier, though.
  6. It was great to finally see Rainbow's parents in the flesh, but RD being portrayed as the bad guy for angrily yelling at them because of their constant over-doting ways was quite off-putting. She had all the reason to call them out on such behavior, but i do admit she could've been somewhat less furious over it. Also, i liked to see Lightning Dust and Cloud Chaser among others as fillies in that montage. Opens up plenty of possibilities for fanfic writers. So does Scoot's reference to having no support as a younger filly.
  7. Sorry, but no, just no. For starters, it's pretty obvious that Applejack doesn't have a very good understanding of fashion, yet Rarity picked her up anyway. And while i can see the episode wanted to deliver a lesson about how brutal honesty can be rather hurtful at times, Applejack herself pretty much behaved in a quite unsympathetic way with her judgement. Yeah, the main moral is that you should not judge something too harshly because of all the effort and work put into it, but this episode failed to deliver that gracefully. I gotta admit, i do like Rarity's completely unexpected guitar solo.
  8. Well, while most CheeriMac, and MarbleMac shippers are obviously upset, i kind of like SugarMac. It feels a tad more realistic and refreshing, not to mention it doesn't feel as forced as the former two pairings. And that Feather Bangs guy was pretty hilarious too, glad to see even Hasbro can't resist making fun of Justino Biberón. Those bimbette mares were quite a treat as well. That being said, the whole thing got downright cringe-inducing at some moments, but frankly, this is one of those episodes you can enjoy if you don't take it seriously because, obviously, the episode doesn't take itse
  9. I have evily resurrected this post just to say, yes, there will be another hiatus... https://www.equestriadaily.com/2017/05/discovery-family-confirms-mid-season.html But we won't be alone this time. The three Equestria Girls specials which aired on Poland will air sometime late in June. https://www.equestriadaily.com/2017/05/equestria-girls-specials-coming-to.html Hmmmm... Seems like the guys at Hasbro and Discovery are testing the water to see how well a possible EG series would fare with the public.
  10. A decent one, seems like an answer to season 2's infamous "A Friend in Deed". You just can't force friendship to random people. Anyway, Maud was sweet as always and it's great to see she's bonding with Glimmy, but i really wanna see more development for the rest of the Pie family. Glad to see the quarray eels making a cameo, but i still hope we get some more new monsters for the bestiary. And nice world-building with that secret, underground lost world, hope we see more of it.
  11. Eh, so-so, most of it felt like a rehash of "Baby Cakes" for me, but it's not without its redeeming graces. Flurry Heart seems quite reasonable for a baby and has grown up quite a bit as a character, being more empathetic for example. Also, Shining's friend, Spearhead, is rather interesting and i wish we get to see more of him later on. And most of all, DAT GROGAR REFERENCE! As much as i want him to show up, though, i'm afraid this season's final enemy will be Chrysalis once more, considering she's out to get Glimmy's flank. Anyway, not a bad episode, but not too great either, the whole thing
  12. Well, i was able to catch up with the latest season after a while. Let's see what we've got: *Celestial Advice: Pretty sweet way to start the season, we got more Celestia characterization and darkly hilarious doom scenarios only Twi's mind can cook up. But it's kinda early to have Starlight graduate from her Friendship lessons. Might be mitigated by Glimmy not getting sent away, but i'm sure something big will happen to her eventually. Whatever the case, let's just enjoy the season. *All Bottled Up: Hmmm, so Starlight's magic is fueled by her emotions, huh? Pretty interesting, an
  13. Happy birthday! Hope you have a lovely time :D

    1. Grtxkkyz


      Thanks a lot pal!

  14. Godzilla and Star Wars were this ever since i watched their movies and i can proudly say i'm still part of their respective communities. Other fandoms i've been in for quite some time are Metroid, GTA, Silent Hill, Dragon Ball, Digimon and of course, FiM.
  15. Favorite color: Blue Favorite food: Mexican, Italian and Japanese cuisine Favorite pony: Bat ponies, who sadly have had only one appereance. (Flutterbat doesn't count, she's more of a vampire) Favorite item you own: My plushie dinos Favorite animal: Extinct and marine animals Favorite thing to do: Surf the net, play emulated games, drawing. Favorite sport: Swimming Favorite word: Whatever... Favorite season: Winter, Rainy summer. Favorite book: Anything horror, fantasy, adventure and science fiction. Favorite dog breed: Pug Favorite cat breed: Ragdoll Favorite superhero: Batman Fa
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