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  1. catnet

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    Thinking I should catch up on a YouTuber or two~ Do you get no option like this? If so, try looking into your settings, you might have disabled them without realizing. I believe I've done the same before. If you're considering it because the community as a whole makes you unhappy or being around is of some detriment to you, a break could be nice? But if it's only because of a few bothersome people that can just be added to your ignore list, or because you think it's what others want, then it's not really worth even thinking about IMO
  2. catnet

    A Necessary Decision

    That's fair enough; best of luck directing your life onto the path you seek, it sounds like you understand what needs to be done, so I'm sure you'll be fine now distractions like this place are out of the way
  3. With how much attention is directed towards times when it seems the world is 'going downhill' or towards issues it's experiencing, sometimes it can be easy to lose sight of the many ways the world has improved through time, either through some issues being removed/lessened or new helpful things being created. What I'm curious about is, what kind of changes in your lifetime, or even changes from further back than that, are you very thankful have come about? Me personally, the internet is probably one of the biggest things I'm immensely grateful exists nowadays; not only does it offer so much entertainment (so much so that I question how people got by without it in the past), it's also allowed me to interact with many lovely people, certainly more easily than I would be able to in person. I'm also very thankful we're at a point where we understand diseases and can oppose them so much better than in the past... reading about some of the horrible conditions that people had no answer to back then scares me, and while there are definitely conditions that we have much to learn about even today, I'd feel much safer with them now than if I had any even 100 years ago.
  4. As someone who likes to see both sides of every argument and learn each side's valid points and flaws, it's kinda demoralizing to me when I see people either aggressively label an understandable opinion and those who hold it as 'brainless' all in all, or who see their side as the only option and beyond criticism when there are actually many respectable reasons one may challenge or reject them. Obviously with some issues in the world, there will be sides that really don't hold up whatsoever even under a fair examination, but lately, it feels like a 'black and white' perspective is somewhat popular in places it really shouldn't be, and that really isn't of much benefit to anybody if we're to learn and improve. So, I thought it might be nice to have a topic steering away from the kind of aggressive 'discussion' black and white perspectives can sometimes cause, where we can instead talk about sides we aren't aligned with but still respect or understand (or even just respect for a few points it makes), be it political sides or even just sides in far smaller concerns like fandoms, console wars and such; as long as it's respect for people who share different opinions than yours, it's welcome in this topic. In my case, I guess I can think of two things for the time being: ~While I'm a vegetarian (previously a vegan), I have absolutely nothing against people who decide not to go with that kind of lifestyle; not only because it can be a hard change to make long-term, but it's also a lifestyle that has done more harm than good for some people who've tried it, so it's definitely not something I think people should feel forced to do. ~While I'm an atheist that left Christianity, I still get and respect why Christians (and followers of other religions too, but I'll focus on Christianity since I've had much more of an experience with it) see an omnipotent being in the universe's creation and in the way nature works- heck, sometimes I feel I sorta see it myself-; and despite having strong objections with certain stuff in the Bible as well as the way some followers use it to attack homosexuals and such, I don't hope for the religion to die out or think lowly of the many, many good people who follow it either. I feel like I have improved as a person after turning atheist, but I think Christianity can be a very good thing, and I'm glad it has helped a lot of people. How about with you guys? What sides/beliefs etc. do you have some respect for despite not aligning with them?
  5. catnet

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    Thinking I should really play Monster Hunter again sometime, and perhaps try be a bit more risky in it too. Status updates could be an idea perhaps? You get to meet and interact with a lot of the community through them, and they're pretty laid-back on the whole Oh geez, I'm so sorry for you and your family's loss... I teared up a few days ago just from imagining having to say farewell to a dying pup, so for your family to have to really experience that, I can't honestly even guess how rough it must be. While I haven't had a pet in years, I think the best you can do for yourself is (if you haven't gotten to already) take as much time as you need to cry it out and let surface any feelings and thoughts, perhaps even memories, you're holding within you (putting them into words to post or even just for you to see could be an option if you prefer, Reddit has some very supportive pet loss areas if you do decide to tell others about your dog). I'm guessing your family has at least one other dog, so if it doesn't make you feel any worse, playing and spending more time with them through this could also be good; not because they should replace the dog you lost obviously, but because they can feel the loss too, from what I understand... perhaps the two (/or more) of you can give each other good company through this and help cheer each other up. Best of luck coping with this however you decide to do it; take good care of yourself, whatever you do.
  6. catnet

    Craft Clay Cupcake!

    If I didn't read the title, you could almost convince me this is an actual cupcake! I like the rainbow-colored heart on top, it's a very nice touch
  7. catnet

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    Feeling sorta shaky, might have a bit too much caffeine in my system. As in you feel unacknowledged, or is it more of a trippy feeling? I believe in your existence if that means anything, and if it turns out you don't exist, well, then you'd be the most charming non-existing person I've met What are you feeling sick with, may I ask? I hope it'll ease off soon enough whatever it is, make sure to get all the lovely rest and 'me-time' you can through this (and beyond)!
  8. catnet

    Visual Art Pokemon; Gotta Draw Them All!

    The fact that you're even willing to draw all 802 is incredibly impressive in itself, wish I had that kinda determination I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for when/if you begin this massive undertaking; you've certainly done a lovely job with this cute Bulbasaur at least, looking forward to seeing your next paintings!
  9. catnet

    (Happiness Thread)What made you happy today?

    Very happy I've been getting to spend more time with someone very close to me these last few days
  10. catnet

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    Feeling kinda unmotivated despite really being interested in something I'm working on being completed... maybe I should just put on some relaxing music, work on it anyway and force the motivation Whatever/whoever's made you feel this way, I hope you'll start to feel better soon; if some extra support would be handy, Life Advice's an option if you feel up for it. Strokes sound like they're very scary for everyone involved, I hope your dad is recovering okay and receiving good treatment after experiencing that... be sure to keep in contact with friends and family you're close to during this, something like this is too stressful to have to worry about alone.
  11. catnet


    I'm glad you're enjoying reading it so far! Having gotten interested in the story in the last month, I can understand the appeal of this all I hope you enjoy the rest of the series; I feel like things get a little cluttered and confusing halfway through the comics, but other than that, it's defintely worthwhile
  12. catnet

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    Feelin' kinda hungry, maybe I should have some cereal biscuits :3 A rough day and exhaustion is a horrid combination, I'm sorry whoever you're referring to screwed things up further for you :/ I hope, if you're not having it already, that you'll get some time to relax after all this or even just an early sleep so you can wake up to a day even a bit better than this; while it's nothing much, here are some singing cats to help raise your mood even a little ^^
  13. catnet

    (Happiness Thread)What made you happy today?

    The day being so calm and relaxed made me happier than usual Geez, no kidding about it being an unhappy day... I'm not very good with knowing what to say at times like this, but, I'm really sorry for your loss, yours and your friends. I hope you all will be okay; be sure to talk about how you're feeling with your friends throughout this, grief is too rough to suffer to silence.
  14. catnet

    ~Free Compliments~

    While we've never really talked or anything, I don't see any reason why one would be forced to scrape the barrel in your case? Whenever I see you interacting with your friends on here, you always seem very appreciative of them and concerned about how they're doing and engaging with them; you just have a certain friendly disposition about you, kinda wish I could get the hang of that myself Moreover, you are this friendly in spite of going through some very rough feelings from what I understand, and that's not something everyone in your shoes would be strong enough to do, y'know? I certainly know my past unhappy self was a bit of a loathsome something-or-other, so it's really inspirational to me when people such as you don't let their suffering close them off to others ^^ I realize since I'm kinda just a random person this might not really convince you, and that's fair enough if it doesn't. But, if random person with too much free time is already certain about those things, then I'm sure the people that know you better definitely wouldn't be short on compliments to give either. Also woahs, the complimenting is escalating to unfathomable levels D: It's lovely to see how much appreciation you guys have for one another!
  15. catnet

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    Feeling very at peace, and even happier than usual I hope whatever was troubling you has eased or screwed off by now; treat yourself to some nice extra rest or something you really enjoy soon, the sooner the exhaustion is gone, the better A rare quiet night can be kinda disconcerting if nothing breaks the silence; it's also kinda beautiful in a way, but having music on and earphones in offers some good company Geez, this often happens to you? Whoever felt the need to interfere really needs to back off, quite frankly it's none of their business what days you work and don't work (unless they're your boss, but they'd be a pretty lousy boss if they suddenly don't let you have your well-deserved breaks), and I doubt you've been slacking at all :/ Hopefully you'll get to unwind and have some good leisure time soon all the same, treat yourself to something if possible when you get that extra cash