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  1. I actually own three 3DS consoles, one is a New 3DS (With C Stick), and the others were the older models. Playing on the 3DS has since been taken over by my Switch.
  2. I will be using this nice sketch of Bloom by Gaines in the future, really impressed by it:
  3. I last ate some dragonfruit, it's really good.
  4. It's exactly what I wanted. I love it, definitely using this in the RP I'm in, thanks!
  5. Alright no problem then. I'll still be making a request for sketch of my OC Love Bloom: Would it be okay if she were to be holding a maid headress? If not, then her alone would be fine.
  6. I have a question: Are you willing to sketch a pony in a maid outfit? Because I was hoping you'd do one similar to this:
  7. @Randimaxis Bloom expected to be struck, but was astonished to see that the statue came to a halt right in front of her. "Huh? Did that do it? What happened?" She thought, before observing the statue point towards a canopy of forest, and in it, was jut of carved stone, that appears to be poking out of a mix of thick vines and other wild overgrowth, "There? Err...how may I help with that?" She spoke, before remembering one of the many tales of Master Daxter, and the distinguished statespony, Illiad Easle of Troy, when he visited the manor. She recalled the time where the two had ventured out into that same area before. In almost an instant, she knew what was there. "The statue of a relative, I remember now," Bloom spoke, right before the statue brought it's hoof down, then seemingly stared at her, before it drew its hoof back and forth on the ground to spell a single word. "Clear? Oh I see, you would like me to clear that overgrowth on that statue correct?" Bloom said, figuring out what it wants her to do, then the the statue stared at her again, before returning to the same place it rested on. "Alright, I can take care of that," She said, before she left for the statue.
  8. Is it the fact the Gold's rival is the "marefriend" of Dax? Or is it because Mystic is simply female?
  9. As of now, a lockdown is in effect for Guam, so I don't see much people around.
  10. Happy birthday Blitz!

    1. Blitz Boom

      Blitz Boom

      Thank you kindly. :)

  11. Ordinary Sausage - Ice Sausage
  12. When you said latter, you mean Bloom correct? Well I don't like the idea of Bloom being an agent of some organization, as it was never my intention to write her as one. She isn't working for anyone, but the Blackwaters for now, and she arrived there at her own whim. Though, I am open for ideas for interactions with others.
  13. I don't intend to write Bloom as an undercover agent for an organization, she just heard rumours of the shady doings of the Blackwaters. Being the caring type, and because of her persistent and naive nature, she made the trip there to see for herself, Vylia then intervened, which led to Bloom's employment, changing her perspective, and has made her grown fond of her fate. Though that's my idea.
  14. @Windy Breeze 🥧 I'm not too sure yet, but it could go along the lines like: Because she bore a resemblance to an old friend, Bloom approached the pegasus to verify if it really is indeed her "F-Flow? Is it really you?" She asked before taking a closer look. From there, she realized that it was not her, but rather a doppelganger of her. Seeing that made the maid appolagize "P-pardon me, you just...looked like a old friend of mine. Oh yes, where are my manners...my name is Love Bloom, and I am a maid of the Blackwater manor, how may I serve you?" Though, that's just an idea for now, but it may happen upon the first interaction with my character. I look forward to your introduction in the RP.