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  1. I see him pop in from time to time, but it seems he is too busy to make an RP post, he did say he needs to find the perfect time.
  2. Not too sure if you'd remember me, but I do remember you. It's great to see an old face again.
  3. Honestly, I prefered it when our names would turn pink, like before rather than green as a MCM donor, thought that was neat.

    P.S: Yes I know that pink is for sectional mods.

    1. Califorum


      I don't remember that

    2. Flow


      It was years ago, I think it was back in 2013.

    3. Califorum


      I was an elementary student in those days.

  4. Flow

    Web Youtubers You Like

    There are some Youtubers I like, not only in entertainment, but also educational: Ashens Nurdrage Geography Now Electroboom Scotty Kilmer Ordinary Sausage New England Wildlife and More
  5. It's really hard to tell how high my tolerance for those spicy stuff, but I can recall that the spiciest stuff I've ever tried was a locally made hot pepper paste made from Bird's Eye chili peppers (50,000 - 100,000 SHU). I tried that with a single tortilla chip when offered by friends, and it was ridiculosely hot, it took ten minutes for the spiciness to go away from my taste buds.
  6. This avatar's actually old.

  7. Flow

    Web Youtubers you hate

    I pretty much loathe the ones that upload clickbait, especially the ones that would promote misinformation to viewers for the sake of getting money from montization. I also avoid content farms like 5 Minute crafts, which promote lies for the sake of viewership.
  8. I don't eat Pop-Tarts so much unlike back then, but I do prefer the brown sugar cinnamon flavor over all others.
  9. Happy birthday, do take care now, and stay safe.

  10. When Bloom reached the graveyard, she then came to a halt, then looked around for the statue that had interacted with her earlier. For sure, the looks of this particular one was ingrained onto her memory, especially when it had came alive right in front of her eyes, It did not take long till she found the grave with that statue. Almost imediately, she took note of the grave, noting its age, and how it withstood time, and the elements to retain such impressive form. It did made her ponder, was such statue treated with magic to maintain its form? But beneath all that splendor, were carvings of w
  11. Merry Birthiversary! 

  12. Well happy birthday to you

  13. Happy birthday, my friend! :pinkie: May it be an amazing one! :D

  14. :blue_baloon:Happy Birthday!:balloon:

    1. Flow


      Hey thanks!

  15. Not really since Ive gotten used to it.
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