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  1. Mega Thread

    Banned for sharing that with me o3o
  2. Song my family used to listen to when I was a kid.

    I miss having a family.


    1. Randimaxis


      ... I'll be your weird uncle for the holidays... does that help?

      *hugs and noogies*

    2. Mirage


      And I can be the cousin that eats all the cookies.

  3. Mega Thread

    Banned for thinking I would spend time reading a fanfic' I don't enjoy walls of text o3o
  4. Mega Thread

    Banned because I have no idea. lol
  5. Mega Thread

    Banned for going on about cupcakes o3o
  6. Mega Thread

    Banned for calling something so tame 'nightmare fuel' XD
  7. Mega Thread

    Banned because:
  8. Mega Thread

    Banned for not calling them :V
  9. Granted, someone spills a bucket of paint on you on christmas morning :3 I wish for a festive christmas :3
  10. Mega Thread

    I would clap someone else's hands. lol Do you know how to share happiness? :3
  11. I would splat at the bottom, then slither back up to tell them Go back to the Shadow! YOU SHALL NOT! PASS! o3o
  12. Jailed for being the one to sell it. :3 @Sparklefan1234 Jailed because it's not meant to be her face,but mine :3 And this slime has blue eyes =w=
  13. Jailed for calling it 'borrowing' Life sentence for thinking YOU were 'safe' :3
  14. Jailed for trying to judge me
  15. Mega Thread

    Banned for mobile suiting without @We_R_VeNoM 's permission :3