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  1. TigerGeekGuy

    Gender Race

  2. TigerGeekGuy

    What are you listening to right now?

    This song is so re-playable.
  3. TigerGeekGuy

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    I loved it. I wanna get all the great horror movies that have been released recently. O3O
  4. TigerGeekGuy

    Gender Race

  5. This genuinely almost made me cry.

    I’ve never crossed the line into full-blown obsession and have always tried to balance out my interests, but I know how tantalizing it is to just want to escape forever. And even now, I still feel like that sometimes, most of the time, actually. We have to remember where we are and where we stand, and don’t fall into this pit.

    Just... watch the video, it expresses it far better than I can.

    1. Totally Spicy BronyNumber 2A

      Totally Spicy BronyNumber 2A

      Things are better than people.

    2. Admiral Regulus

      Admiral Regulus

      Wow. Yeah. That is really, really good.It kind of reminds me of a meme I saw a month or two ago.

      I think the problem is that we tend to get into a routine and we isolate ourselves within that. So, we look within our daily life for something new, something welcoming, something to provide a source of happiness. The quick way to get that is to dive into some fictional world. But of course, it's not the real thing.

      The best thing is to connect with real people. No one knows for sure what's real and what's not--that's not what this is about, anyway. There's a certain happiness you can get from being with friends and sharing meaningful experiences with others, and no fictional world is quite close enough to being an adequate substitute.

  6. Hi, Twilight! Nice to meet the Princess of Friendship herself! ^_^

  7. TigerGeekGuy

    Gender Race

  8. TigerGeekGuy

    Hug a Pony

    *hugs back @Sparklefan1234 six times* *hugs back @Supreme Leader Rarity twice* *hugs @Nightfall Gloam @Jade Fire @Totally_Legit Gobo @Duality @Alexshy @Mirage @SolarFlare13 @Fluttershy Friend*
  9. TigerGeekGuy

    Cuddle War!!!!!

    *cuddles back @Sparklefan1234 four times* *cuddles back @Supreme Leader Rarity* *cuddles back @SolarFlare13* *cuddles @Nightfall Gloam @Jade Fire @Alexshy @Mirage @Totally_Legit Gobo @Duality @Fluttershy Friend*
  10. TigerGeekGuy

    Boop a snoot, any snoot

    *boops back @Sparklefan1234 sixteen times* *boops back @Supreme Leader Rarity four times* *boops back @Totally_Legit Gobo* *boops back @SolarFlare13 twice* *boops back @Fluttershy Friend* *boops back @Spicy BronyNumber2A* *boops @Nightfall Gloam @Jade Fire @Alexshy @Mirage @Duality (ew haw)* Phew. Once again, apologies for being late. Laif.
  11. Ew. Sorry I haven't been around lately, work has been my main priority. ;-;



    What happened to the pone emojis?

    My favorite one with Lesson Zero Twilight is gone. ;-;


    Anyways, I'll try to get back to the forums as soon as I can, Real Life™ has yet to claim my soul. ಠ_ಠ

    Bye for now, hippomaniacs.

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    2. TigerGeekGuy


      An AMD 2700x, a GTX 1080ti, an ASUS ROG motherboard, two 8GB Corsair RAM memory sticks, a 4TB HDD, a 500GB SSD, a simple Blu-ray drive, (I wanna watch movies on this too), a 700 watt power supply, some fans, and I'm torn between a Corsair case or an NZXT one, but I definitely want one with good airflow.

      I'm currently saving up for this. I don't necessarily need this right away, since my current PC can handle games pretty well now that I've installed a new graphics card. I also want something that will handle games well into the future. What say you to my picks? 

    3. Totally_Legit Gobo

      Totally_Legit Gobo

      What happened to the reactions?
      Why, they got better :3
      Now with more I SEE

    4. Admiral Regulus

      Admiral Regulus

      I can't think of a better build at the moment.

      I'm currently using an overclocked 1700 at 3.8 GHz and 1.35V. With the Fractal Design S36 AIO radiator I'm using, it stays around 70-80C under a prime95 stress test on all cores. Under day-to day usage, even gaming, it's around 30-40C even with the radiator fans barely running.

      I love the 8 core Ryzens, because they're hardly ever fully utilized in day-to-day use. There's something satisfying about getting great performance, and seeing that CPU load is only at 20% at the same time. The only reason to buy a Skylake or Coffee lake is if you need 144 fps or more at 1080p or lower resolutions.

      I would suggest perhaps waiting for the 1180 instead of getting the 1080ti, but considering the state of the GPU market, there's probably no reason to. With no competition from AMD, Nvidia is becoming the new Intel, and I believe we'll see the 1100 series cards as overpriced and only minimally competitive.

      As for the case, I got a Fractal Design Define S for my own build, and I couldn't recommend it enough. It doesn't have any space for an optical drive, but there's a slightly different model, the Define R5, that does. You can watch a really good video review of it here.

      I've built a PC with a low-end NZXT case before, and I liked it. Even though that one was cheap, it was pretty well thought out. It was nothing special though. With Corsair's cases, I find them to be overpriced and mediocre quality. I wouldn't recommend one at all unless you just really like their style.

  12. TigerGeekGuy

    Is the above user's avatar cuter than yours?

    I'd say they're about even.
  13. TigerGeekGuy

    Gender Race

  14. TigerGeekGuy

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    Excited and happy, finally ordered something that I've been wanting for a while now. Now the next step is to save up for something even better.