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  1. I could not resist the punny name.


  2. I think the realization that the show is actually over now is slowly dawning on me. I'm not sure how to proceed without my beloved cartoon horses delivering equine-enacted candy-colored doses of dopamine. In other words, would anyone point me in the right direction for some great fanfics, comics, and other fanmade projects to fuel my fanaticism? I'm open to crossover ideas, especially concerning horror universes. I'd love to get some high-quality recommendations!

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    2. ShadOBabe


      Hmmm... well I don’t know if my tastes in fanfics would suit you, but there’s one I really, really like about Fleur de Lis called “The Diary of an Evil Pony”. If you don’t like messed up fics, don’t worry, it’s super duper chill and tame.


      Then of course there’s Past Sins. I’ve come to have some criticisms about the story as I’ve gotten older, especially with the treatment of Celestia. But when I FIRST got ahold of it, I got sucked in, read the entire thing in one night, and cried a lot. So I’d say it’s worth a look.


      Then there’s Maternal Instinct which, while being proven decidedly non-canon in it’s interpretation of Changelings, is still amazing. It’s portrayal of Celestia is PERFECT when she’s around, which is a big deal to me, and the Imperial Japan based changelings are honestly more interesting than what we actually got. And it will also make you cry. XD


    3. TigerGeekGuy


      @J.T. Oh definitely, I started that a long time ago, got hooked in, but unfortunately never made it past halfway. Life got in the way around that time and I had to put all my effort and time into something else. I don't even remember the details leading up to where I left off, maybe I should restart, but then again, that's a lot of re-reading.

      @ShadOBabe I will definitely check all of these out! Don't worry too much about taste, I'll give them all a shot!

      Thanks to both of you!

    4. ShadOBabe


      Awesome! You’ll have to tell me if you like then!

  3. Mozzarella sticks, fried food is like my Achilles' Heel. Favorite past Halloween costume?
  4. Holy crap, you looked badass! Great work on the costume!
  5. I've had some these past couple of days now: "Hey, what's up?" "The opposite of down." (Paraphrased) "Oh, I always thought it was a slave cabin." "Why would we celebrate that and put it on a penny? That's like the equivalent of putting Lee Harvey Oswald's face on a penny."
  6. IT: Chapter Two - Oh man, I am disappointed. This looked to be really good and the opening was strong. But, the horribly goofy monster designs and flat-out more comedic approach to this film really hurt any effort it made to actually be enjoyable. I have no qualms with comic relief, just don’t overdo it and know when to do it, because this film sure as hell doesn’t. sigh I was so looking forward to this, but it just sucked. One scene in particular made me believe that the filmmakers didn’t take this one seriously at all. Such a disappointment.