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  1. As they got out and headed into the cottage Kriz looked at everyone "As stated pick a room and get ready for dinner. Remember we are a big dysfunctional family. Try not to draw attention to our little group." he began to undo his jacket buttons and loosened his tie up a bit "Let us say about an hour before we meet? Let you get a shower and dressed." with that he headed to a room and shut the door locking it behind him. Removing his suit jacket, he placed it on a coat hanger neatly. Undoing his shirt buttons along with his pants he set them along with his jacket. Heading to the shower if one we

    To all that has been very patient with me as I walk through the dark. Thank you have some cuteness









    1. TBD


      hope you're doing well! 

  3. Chuckling a bit he watched the others as he sat there, listening about the yacht party he nodded "Do what must be done. If need be have me go...at least I wouldnt stand out because...you know I am rich and famous." he teased before relaxing in his chair having it recline back a bit "Though that is as you said a few days so get what you will need and be discreet. If you need cash ask and I'll handle it." closing his eyes he sighed a bit "Now then we have a plan, we should get hotel and other accommodations out of the way Vehicles, locations mapped out, hotels.Also as I explained to Beez here th
  4. Hey guys I am super sorry about the lack of posting from me. I have been going through an episode of depression and recently began physical therapy for an old shoulder injury. I will try to get one up by the weekend and if I do disappear again @TBD 🚬 Could just say kriz is doing a side thing so I dont hold this up
  5. Can someone else do a post? Been feeling a bit of writer's block.
  6. This is true I like the idea of it being an illusion used by someone to get on the inside of the group. That way if @Jedishy Is able to rejoin, can without issue or character death.
  7. Gone permanently. We can just say his illusion disappeared and poof gone
  8. Btw guys I dropped ball. Jedishy is unable to continue in rp and tbd is a bit sick. O3o
  9. Sitting there he watched the others as he began to stand, walking to the front of them before speaking in a clear voice "It is as he said, we are going to Italy to deal with a gang distributing a very dangerous drug. They are calling it Cocaine however it is far from that." taking out his cell he began to tap on it before displaying a picture. It was a woman who normally her quirk wasnt strong...fighting off a group of police officers before being taken down "This woman was arrested after tearing through a department store. Shops were left in shambles, however after she was finally in custody
  10. Jailed for not kissing when offered a kiss when kisses are the best
  11. 76c151da1a2c500ce392af40b552422a--tails-doll-creepy-stuff.jpg.46924305969b95cd75673b47003d3641.jpg

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      Whoa, that's creepy. :mlp_blink: Though the first one is cute in a weird way. :please:

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