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  1. As he sat there looking through news articles on his cell, he heard Beez speak to the others who showed up finally. Looking up Krizalid stood looking over the group "Well I had plans for you all to see how you work together..however this takes priority." he sees the man limping onto the plane and tilted his head some "And we seem to have picked someone new up? We can discuss it on the way to Italy." he heard everything Beez said bringing people up to date "Yes, it is as he said we will be in teams. Not only do we need to figure out if this "Drug" is coming from Japan or if they are creating a new strain of this dangerous drug. We have seen in Japan how it increases a quirk's power ten fold." as the jet was about to take off he sat down thinking a bit "If worse comes to worse we MAY need to buy some of this drug off the street so we can inspect it. Once the mafia is found we need to keep them under watch carefully. Find out where they are keeping their labs, or even storage of the drug. As well we need to keep the police in on the them that unlock in Japan where most heroes go out and keep the police in the dark. If we have any questions ask your team leader." sorry on post if it's weird or anything. Been in pain from muscle strain @Drago Ryder @dragon4111 @Goat-kun @Buck Testa @Jedishy @TBD 🚬
  2. One team in side chat one team in normal and communicate One team in side chat one team in normal and communicate
  3. Jailed because they didn't say for mother Russia
  4. As Kriz got his text he smiled some "So it seems we are going to be busy." as he had plans to meet and get simple assignments out to see how each member functioned. This will work just as well, as he arrived at the private plane he got on as he looked at Beez "Ah good seems you got here before me. I have an idea of when we get to Italy. Maybe two teams." he thought a bit as he sat down in the seat next to Beez "A team to deal with these mafia and a team to study this drug they have." he leaned a bit in his seat before sighing "Not exactly what I had planned for this week however I am sure we will be just fine." Taking up his cell he checked it "Beez would you be willing to lead the team against the Mafia? I know it is short notice, however I am sure you can deal with it. If it can be done peacefully great...if not, I am afraid you will need to take them out." as he looked over the news stories from Italy news sources he tilted his head "I wonder if they got this from Japan...or made a brand of their own..we will need to know all we can...wait..can you Speak any Italian? If not there is a translator on your cell."
  5. Watched this love it. This and food wars are my two favorite anime

  6. 2385035__safe_artist-colon-shoutingisfun_edit_twilightsparkle_alicorn_caption_esp_imagemacro_text_tw.png.ed2a1bc0689ddfc521840df75f34862a.png

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      Twilight secretly attends book burnings :ph3ar:

  7. O3o


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      So cute! ^_^ Dragons can be surprisingly adorable! :yay:


      Also, that picture is by a Finnish artist! :o

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      Yay also it's spyro the dragon


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      Celestia didn't even need to say that, it's obvious from some of her actions. :P