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  1. btw Im on discord if you need to vent o3o

  2. OOC

    @Arid_Blitz @Buck Testa @Lektra Bolt @Gabriel @Denim&Venom Firstly I would like to say that techno is officially out of the RP which I have privately discussed with him. Secondly I believe I owe you all an apology for dragging you all into this entire situation which should have been handled in private, this was all unprofessional of he and I will endeavour to handle this kind of situation better in the future. If there is anything else on this subject any of you would like to discuss I would appreciate it if you could PM me about it.
  3. OOC

    @Techno Universal @Arid_Blitz @Gabriel @Lektra Bolt @Buck Testa @Denim&Venom Techno while I kind of see your points it is also the other people who take part in this who need to have a say in this. As such i'm proposing a vote to decide whether techno stays or leaves. Vote ends when we have majority either way. Personally (and i'm sorry) I want you out, because I know how you can be and I don't want to risk my RP
  4. OOC

    @Techno Universal I see the point with quoting, though I personally felt it would be obvious, but more than half you post consisted of basically saying you have armour now. Secondly you should be putting time into reading every post entirely because it's all important, the only difference it would make, would be that you post later.
  5. OOC

    @Techno Universal I have had several complaints about you techno, where in the RP you have in a way cheated the character minimum by quoting someone else and also ignoring everything that's happening in the room. Now I do plan to be this strict with ANYONE in this RP, so unless you can justify this then I'm gong to have to ask you to leave.
  6. OOC

    @Arid_Blitz just woke up
  7. OOC

    Yeah for stuff like fighting each other I think it's ok for you to break order
  8. OOC

    @Buck Testa Fait point. @Techno Universal suggestion for the cape, as an idea what if it improves you abilities by a small amount, such as making you slightly faster or something such as that.
  9. OOC

    You know guys the enthusiasm you guys are showing for this really warms my heart, at the same time I feel kind of bad you guys are doing this, it should have been my job, if you want me to take over any time, just say
  10. OOC

    @Denim&Venom yep, your in, feel free to post
  11. OOC

    Just from what I've gathered from past posts then, you guys want to do another round for more character interactions once everyone's positions are established, yes?
  12. OOC

    @Buck Testa Yeah I know I've seen the show, it was basically just to tell you that there is no one invisible in the room and there's no one outside the room.
  13. OOC

    @Buck Testa Well what I can say is that there isn't anything soul wise Crona should be able to sense aside from all the characters, so nothing more inside or outside the room.
  14. OOC

    Well it depends, I can move the story along, but if you guys want to you can do another round with your characters.
  15. OOC

    @Arid_Blitz I will smite Rouen.