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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Sorry, I haven't posted in ages, my end of year exams have started and I need to do good in then to get into Uni. At first, I was going to try and get posts in my free time, but I've been so drained I've lacked the motivation to. Due to this, I will temporarily be leaving the RP until my exams are over, fortunately, I wasn't having any interactions with anyone at the time, so feel free to assume Lucius is lurking around the school, setting himself up in the meantime.
  3. I haven't posted in ages cause I've had a stint of writer's block as well as being super busy, fortunately, I don't think anyone waiting on me.
  4. Shivers seemed to constantly run down his spine as the Nice Lady spoke. Lucius hated interacting with her on any level and would often contemplate whether he'd prefer to be affected by her magic, it would certainly be an improvement. The only thing that really got the man through these interactions was the knowledge that one day she would have to be dealt with, especially if she intended to work towards ending the 'musical' as she so gracefully put it. For now, however, she was a useful ally and one they couldn't afford to lose so Lucius figured it would be best to appease her for now "I'm sure you will find a way to end her my dear I'm sure you will. You have my word that I'll do everything in my power to gain the girls' favour and give her to you." Whilst only part of that was true, he hoped it would be enough for now. Then it happened, what Lucius hated most about any insane person, especially the Nice Lady, the moments of lucidity. The thoughts strong enough to force themselves through the thick haze and tangled vines that surrounded an insane person mind, at that moment, Lucius would have prefered her to go back to being insane. Lucius just stood there as she spoke and left, no goodbye, not a word, he just revelled in the silence there now was in the hall, content with it. A sudden realisation then came over the white-haired man as he stood there, content: He'd now met three people who had been at the school longer than him, if the Nice Lady could be counted as a person that is, and he hadn't thought to ask ANY of them for directions. He couldn't even remember the way out after spending the better part of fifteen minutes absentmindedly opening doors in his boredom, so instead of wounding his pride by going to find someone to ask, Lucius just stood there, taking the time to ruminate over his very eventful first hour within this school.
  5. Sorry i haven't been able to post, i've been budy with studying. I should be able to post in a couple of days.
  6. You take way to much pleasure in playing that character.
  7. Lucius stifled an uncharacteristic giggle as Ley went off on one at the janitor "I have to admit, I'm starting to like this kid, surprisingly." He did however step back when the portal swallowed her, and though any normal person ma be worried, this only served to peak the mans interest even more as he began running theories through his head to explain what had just happened "Hmm, judging by the look on her face, what ever happened wasn't done by her deliberately. A possible cause may be possession, that would explain her demonic features, though she does seem to be in full control of herself which is unlike any form of possession I've heard of. Maybe she has dual personalities fighting for control, though that doesn't really explain that quick spike in her aura. Perhaps she simply lost control of her magic, again seems unlikely. Guess I'll just have to wait and see if she survives." Lucius just stared at the janitor with unimpressed and cold eyes "Oh be still my beating heart for the janitor doesn't like me because I have a scary aura. What ever shall I do?" Though as the man walked away, Lucius did figure he might be troublesome in the future, so he began to formulate a plan to deal with the janitor, until he heard the music. The man let out a heavy sigh as he heard the music and singing, pinching the bridge of him nose, letting out a quiet "Oh god." Before turning to see the woman approaching him. While she was by far one of the creepiest members of their little group, Lucius had to admit she was also probably one of the most useful in spite of her appearance, which never failed to send a shiver down his spine. Lucius politely bowed to the ghostly figure in front of him, his stoic expression from the janitor remaining "And to you as well Lady. I trust you've been doing well?" He did however let a small smile creep onto his face as he thought about his new favourite enigma "Perhaps. It would be good to get her on side, plus she has a lot of potential as well as her family's resources." Lucius did recoil slightly at the 'song' the Nice Lady showed him, no matter how many times he heard her do stuff like this, it never got any less creepy. He grimaced, and fained agreement "Yes... lovely, I see why you like her." He knew the importance of staying on her good side, as she was one of the few individuals he had met that genuinely scared him, a point she proceeded to prove. He recoiled back further, worried she might lash out at him in her rage, it wouldn't be the first time it had happened to someone, poor Joe, he was a good man. "Ah yes, that's' the one with plant powers, very useful." Thankfully the Nice Lady calmed down in one of her classic mood swings, asking Lucius an unexpected question causing the man to shrug "It's bland, and poor, and full of idiots, just like the rest of the world."
  8. @dragon4111 @Duality Yeah, he was being a little overconfident and underestimated the teachers. Besides, some suspicion around him makes for a good dynamic. His aura also doesn't have to mean he's evil, as far as anyone knows, that could have been a perfectly kind and normal evil eye. XD
  9. I know :3 That's just Lucius trying to get on her good side by defending her.
  10. @Passion @dragon4111 Lucius' facial expression didn't change at Ley's reaction, though inside, his mind was working hard trying to understand the demoness in front of him "Well the tone of her initial reply is somewhat hard to read, however the word she uttered either imply some form of sarcasm/sense of humour, or an extremely large amount of vanity somewhat veiled by an otherwise emotionless personality. The most likely is the former, and besides, I think I know what she's up to but I need to be sure." The right side of the mans lips then curled upwards ever so slightly to form a cocky smirk "Well, I generally find that some light flattery can go a long way when distinguishing between the vain and the intelligent when it comes to women of class such as yourself." The demons' next words all but confirmed the mans suspicions, she seemed to be sussing him out as much as he was her, and to say the prospect of speaking with someone with a similar amount of wit excited him would be an understatement... That being said, Lucius was fully prepared to battle the girl for control of their convocation and prove who the sharper one was. The left side of his lips curled up slightly now as well, changing the smirk to a smile, though still keeping enough shape to show that the smirk was still there to those with sharp perception "Well, what more can us mortals do to please demons such as yourself if not shower you with praise. That being said, a demon here does intrigue me, especially you, who has much more... humanity than most demons I have much, though admittedly that isn't many." And there it was, Crimson River, though not overly familiar with the family, he knew enough for the name to raise more questions than answers. Suddenly, this young women and gone from interesting, to the apple of his eye "And here I thought being here was going to be boring, looks like I've found a puzzle to keep me entertained for a while." By now Lucius' smirk had gone entirely, replaced with a seemingly sincere smile as he replied to her initial statement "Indeed I had guessed as much, it seems meeting you will be the highlight of my tenure here then." He then took a step back and gave Lady Ley a deep and respectful bow, with his right arm going outwards as his left lay across is stomach "Lord Lucius Calbian Darkflare the Second, at your service my Lady." He then swiftly reached over to Ley's right hand, gently holding it in his as he lay a light kiss on it before letting go "And I assure you, it is as much an honour for me, as I'm sure it is for you." Lucius dismissively glanced over the Ghalan, not really paying him much heed since he wasn't being addressed. What Ghalan would see however would not warrant such an equally dismissive response however, as the aura he would see would be violent and black, larger than most peoples, uncomfortably so. Even more worrying would be the deep purple eye with the slitted iris which would occasionally open and stare at him. Lucius quickly sensed this invasion of his magical privacy, a slightly surprised look in his eyes as he swiftly placed his left hand into his pocket and slid a gold ring with a large blue jewel onto his middle finger, at this moment the aura Ghalan was seeing would slimmer down to that of a normal person. Feeling the need to shift the mans attention, Lucius decided to speak to the man, though he had a look of distain in his eyes akin to that of a king to a peasant, and the tone of his words were equally as disrespectful "Hello, I am a new teacher here, and was in the progress of going to speak with the head mistress to announce my arrival. This charming young lady kindly offered to show me the way to her."
  11. Sorry, I've been a tad busy. I should be able to get my post done by the end of tomorrow at the latest.
  12. @Passion As Lucius went down the corridor opening doors, he was making mental notes about everything he saw... if you can count 'no Lilith' and decent notes that is. "No Lilith... No Lilith... Pink demon... No Lilith...! Wait, what was that last one?" Having his train of thought de-railed, Lucius stopped and turn on his heels rather eloquently to see,what indeed seemd to be, a pink demon girl staring at him. Lucius stared back at the girl, his deep, red eyes enough to bore into the soul of most men, as he inspected the girl. Her most obvious features were, of course, her skin and horns, these intrigued the man, mainly because, while the girl infront of him looked demonic in nature, he could sense something human about her. Next was her outfit, the deep colors mixed in with gold trims just radiated class, which definatly peaked his intrest, no only that, but he liked it on a personal level, definatly his style. While not massivly revealing about the girl, it had surved to give her a little repect by the man. Lastly, there was the magic he could sense from her. Deffinatly dark, like himself, but also different in a way "Perhaps due to her demonic nature?". What Lucius could definatly tell, however, was that see was powerful, or at least she had the potencial to be, and if there was one thing the man liked, it was power. After assessing all the relivent information, Lucius decided the girl was worth talking to. His straight, stoic face turned to that of a charming smile as he looked down at the girl, his smooth, refined accent acting as reenforcment of his high class upbrining "Is there something i can do to help such a radient beauty such as yourself my lady?"
  13. @Buck Testa This is him here. He's a bad guy spying on all of you :3 But shh, your characters don't know that yet.
  14. Well if you're interested i can give you the link to the RP, though it's quite a bit different from how it was. It does however have a lore page which i'm going to be activly updating as the stpry goes on.