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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. So I want wondering if anyone wanted to do a Steven Universe RP? I've recently got into the show and started at the latest series so I know about all the spoilers and basic stuff. But I have no idea how the universe of the show really works, and I really want to do an RP with people. So is anyone game for that? I do have some idea's as to how an RP like this could go but I want to see what ideas anybody else has.
  3. There have been like 3 posts since you and no ones been waiting on you. It's all good
  4. Skylord Nexus

    Open Wacky Wild Multiverse Adventure [Reboot]

    Lucius seemed extraordinarily calm through the rather gruesome death of the werewolf, not seeming fazed in the slightest, in fact he seemed quite the opposite "Oh, it must be Thursday. That's the only logical way to explain this. Too bloody to be a Monday." He then turned to look at Trunks "Sorry, no towel. I think I left mine under one of the other piles of debris here." He then gestured to the rest of the flaming wreckage in the room. The cyborg then turned his head and looked at X from his position on the floor "Hey. no one is eating anyone, this was an unfortunate accident and she was probably scared for her life. Ultimately it's my fault she died, she deserves a proper burial at least. Assuming nothing else can be done to save her. On another note-" Lucius then slide against the wall, and used to slide up so he was pretty much standing up and began talking to them in a tone a per-school teacher might with her class of children "How about we all play a little game? It's called we all calm the f**k down and talk like the civil, sentient lifeforms we are."
  5. The way I understand it, is that they came from Equestria, but were in a human world and therefore were human when they got sucked up, making them human... I think
  6. Skylord Nexus

    Open Wacky Wild Multiverse Adventure [Reboot]

    @Janicethelight @Buck Testa @Denim&Venom @Kronos the Revenant As things began to rather quickly escalate to dangerous levels, Lucius would seem rather calm and in a strange way content with what was occurring, absentmindedly humming a little tune to himself. Lucius then took the second of respite within the happenings to speak up "I do agree with the angel, you guys won't achieve anything by killing each other... And by extension, my ship. So lets just calm down with our crazy, flashing hair powers, weird angel personalities and friendship speeches, and just listen to each other like civilised lifeforms." Sora would then see a metal bar slowly coming towards him, then coming to a stop a foot in front of him, followed by a tap to the ankle by the man impaled by said bar. "Well I can answer that question on everyone's behalf I think my key wielding compadre. None of us a from here, except me, I'm from here. Though here isn't from here either, it's from a different here, much in the same way everyone is from a different here, but a different, different here than the different here, here comes from. In short: We are all both simultaneously here and not here at the same relative time. See, makes total sense!" And judging from the beaming smile of his face, Lucius genuinely believed that.
  7. Cool, I love it. Also that picture of derpy holding the doctor is cute as hell
  8. @Janicethelight feel free to do an entrance post whenever, also there's no post order so don't worry about that.
  9. Either's fine Cool, it's great. Welcome to the perpetual train wreck which is my RP XD
  10. Woo! YEAH! Let's do this! @Denim&Venom On a side note, what's up with the tree?
  11. That would be the plan yes. And have them arrive later.
  12. I don't think there'll be any need for that, we can continue from where we are, anyone who is to busy now, can be introduced when they're not so busy. That sound good.
  13. Ok, it seems we have quite the mess here, and I apologies for that. If anything we've learnt that I'm not great at starting stories, and my problem is, is that I can't really think of a way to solve this little situation. I tried to make it better this time around by giving you stuff to do, I even gave you an exit which you could leave the room from, as such i'm at a loss. Any suggestions are welcome.
  14. That's ok, though i'm pretty sure the RP died again XD