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  1. Skylord Nexus

    Into Darkness: A RWBY RP

    Calbian looked at the wolf faunus with emotionless eyes and a straight face "Truly you are the worlds greatest detective, though you are slightly off, you see I am actually a vampire." Due to his emotionless voice the statement, though most likely a sorry attempt at sarcasm, sounded very true caused by the lack of tone. He then turned and gave a small polite bow to Yuki "If that's what you wish then of course." When Calbian saw Draco arrive back with Asgore, the human walked over to them, though paid Asgore little head "Draco, I wish to offer you an opportunity to ask me a question about myself, if you so wish."
  2. I'd like it to be, I'm just assuming that everyone's busy.
  3. Skylord Nexus

    Into Darkness: A RWBY RP

    Calbian had remained deep in thought for quite some time, not really paying attention to his surroundings, but acutely aware of Ghanlan's piercing gaze, and began to slowly trail behind him and Yuki. Then, seemingly out of nowhere Calbian began talking to the two "I believe I owe you two, and Draco for that matter, some level of information about myself. In the past couple of days I have been involved in a large portion of all your personal matters, and you know little to nothing about me. As such you may each ask me one question about myself, and I will do my best to answer you accurately and honestly. I will also extend this to Draco when I next see him."
  4. Yeah something like that, except more advanced and upgraded but not invincible, though it would take a serious amount of energy.
  5. @Buck Testa I know, but just because it's called an anti-magic shield, doesn't mean it only works on magic. It's more on an energy cancelling field, but whoever named it thought anti-magic shield sounded funkier.
  6. Skylord Nexus

    Summer Sun Celebration 2018

    @Princess Celestia Is it possible to have the nice temperature of summer, without so much light? I'm not a fan of bright lights
  7. Skylord Nexus

    Open Wacky Wild Multiverse Adventure [Reboot]

    The man shrugged at Trunks "You could of, but you didn't, so we're all good. Besides a good scares what you need in a situation like this, keeps things entertaining." his attitude seeming to be way to nonchalant for the situation they were in. He then turned to Xena when she stated her shock at the numbers trunks could sense, once again shrugging like he didn't care "Not really, 2000's more like the size of a small battalion, nothing on the scale of any army I've ever seen, though those numbers are quite interesting." The cyborg then looked at Trunks again, this time with an intrigued look on his face "Given the numbers and the distributions you describe, i'm guessing you can only sense organic life, correct? Cause those numbers are WAY off." The man watched as Trunks interacted with X, chuckling to himself "It's certainly an interesting group of people which my experiment has brought, though it is nice to see you all being so civil. I mean when you think about it, things could be a lot worse, there could be horrible zombie abomination coming through the portal." It was at this moment that the horrible zombie abomination fell though the portal "Well lets not worry, I mean sure it looks a little strange... and horrible... and undead, but we shouldn't judge, it could be perfectly tame." as if on cue, it had been the moment when the creature began running at them. (Note: that's the monster Denim did, just in case you think it's a different one.) After the fight had ended the cyborg sat, quickly hitting his right shoulder with his left hand in a rather pathetic attempt to clap "Bravo! Excellent job with that nasty thing. For a second I though it had you on the ropes, but then that blast BOOM! dead. Wonderful, just wonderful. Though I guess we should get down to business." He then tried to get up, however it seemed as if the poles was too much weight for the cyborg and he quickly fell back down. "Ok, that's not gonna work then. Still things must proceed and I need the city moving or else I'll have a massive file of paperwork to do. Computer, activate the anti-magic shields if you will please." It was at that moment a robotic and emotionless sounding female voice echoed through the room. " At once Lord Nexus." Trunks would immediately seem his hold on the ship disappear and the distant sound of groaning metal could be heard, caused by the relived pressure. "Ok. With that done, next thing on the list really should be dealing with that portal. Though there is one single more important task, which so many things could depend on it's vital we take care of it post-haste. A formal introduction! My name is Lucius. Tiberius, Nexus the fourth, scientist, engineer and overall smart-guy. Who may you all be?" It would become very obvious that Lucius seemed to been a somewhat peculiar person, though it did also seem that he knew that most about their current situation."
  8. @Lektra Bolt @Denim&Venom Cool, well if you guys want to get on that at your earliest convenience then, I already edited the first post to briefly say about the section you're characters are trapped in. There's the section a writ so you don't have to look for it. : where a large part of the ceiling had collapsed, exposing raw, sparking circuitry, effectively boxing off a section of the room.
  9. Skylord Nexus

    The Avatar Above You Is Out To Kill You - How Screwed Are You?

    He looks pretty angry, I think i'd be pretty screwed.
  10. I could also slightly retcon the description of the room and have a section of it that collapsed in, closing your characters in.
  11. Another convenient pile of rubble?
  12. I never really specified the size, so for the sake of things i'd say big enough
  13. The hard thing with that is that your all in that room for plot reasons and the guys in the room with the others is important to the plot, so while I could come up with a reason why your guys aren't with the others it would be hard to create an area that doesn't end up boring. An alternative is that you guys can fall in through the portal later than everybody else so your characters enter at the current point so you don't have to worry about the previous stuff between the characters. Though if you and @Lektra Bolt want to be in a separate room I can come up with something, however I'd need a while to come up with something.
  14. Yeah that should work well if you two coordinate with each other, then you can do the same kind of thing that X, Xena and Trunks did where X only met the others when he was aware of their presence, that was you don't really have to worry about prior interactions.
  15. Anything I can help with?