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  1. Into Darkness: A RWBY RP

    Calbian just stood there and took in all the information, feeling kind of uncomfortable, in the past day he'd been involved the personal disputes of people he barely knew and had heard information which he had no right to know. The teen out a long sigh at the end of it all "Honestly I don't really care for a lot of this, but I do agree with Draco on one point: Yuki's her own person, I honestly couldn't care whether she was a God or a faunas or even a bloody grimm for all I care, what she is, is up to her... Anyway, aside from the 'lovely' history lesson, what other reason do you have from brining us here Ghalan, if we could have gone anywhere for your little survival course, but it seems we are currently in one of the most dangerous places in the world, because there's a difference between training and suicide and personally I at least want to know what's out there."
  2. OOC Wild Wacky Multiverse Adventure OOC

    @Buck Testa @Lektra Bolt @Gabriel @Denim&Venom What i'll do is reply to any posts if anyone wants to make some, just to satiate my mind and also so I remember what I wanted to say to people, but there won't be any progression
  3. OOC Wild Wacky Multiverse Adventure OOC

    @Buck Testa @Lektra Bolt @Gabriel @Denim&Venom Ok new plan, just going to go on an official hiatus until everyone good.
  4. OOC Wild Wacky Multiverse Adventure OOC

    @Buck Testa @Lektra Bolt @Gabriel @Denim&Venom Hey everyone, so I know that nothing has really happen in a "little" while, so Gabriel, Denim if you guys wouldn't mind posting, we'll continue on a little, no really progress, but just some chatty stuff until life stops beating the ever living c**p out of Lektra. So what I am going to do is just for now, reply to each post separately(e.g. I reply to bucks post, the Gabriel/denim posts, I reply to them, then the other one posts etc.) to make up for the missing person. That good with everyone?
  5. OOC Wild Wacky Multiverse Adventure OOC

    I know, I've spoken to Lektra and she said that she should be able to post sometime this week
  6. Into Darkness: A RWBY RP

    Calbian looked down at the large structure taking note of anything worth noting "Seems old, ominous, and likely deadly." The human the turned to Ghalan "So, if I may ask, what's the point of this exercise exactly, I would like to know what I'm getting into before hand, I feel there's more to this then just 'make it back on foot'."
  7. Into Darkness: A RWBY RP

    @dragon4111 @Drago Ryder @Acnologia @rolle @silvermoon15000 Calbian looked at Ghalan with a doubtful stare "I'm sure it does have an effect, an amount i'm sure is about equal to the amount of emotions I show." It was then that it became very apparent that though Calbian was trying to be sassy and/or funny he was really bad at it. As team ESER arrived Calbian let out a long and very loud sigh "I did not sign up for this, three's bad enough, but now I need to get on with four other people, please kill me now." Calbian then entered the bullhead but stayed as far away from everyone as possible, staring intently into his book.
  8. OOC Wild Wacky Multiverse Adventure OOC

    @Lektra Bolt Or are you? Maybe you just a spirit, talking to us from beyond the eternal veil. Wooo spoopy
  9. Anyone out there who enjoys playing Hearthstone and fancy's playing a few games against me, I'm bored.


  10. OOC Wild Wacky Multiverse Adventure OOC

    Well kind of I guess, but since @Lektra Bolt is still busy ( I assume) then i'm fine giving her as much time as she needs, besides it's allowing me in improve upon some of the stuff I've been planning
  11. Well i'm a bad guy so I have no place with you morally sound people XD
  12. OOC Wild Wacky Multiverse Adventure OOC

    @Lektra Bolt Yeah that's fine, RL always comes first
  13. OOC Wild Wacky Multiverse Adventure OOC

    @Denim&Venom sorry I don't mean to get pushy, I just come up with an idea that probably won't even happen for quite a while and get hyped.
  14. OOC Wild Wacky Multiverse Adventure OOC

    @Gabriel @Denim&Venom @Lektra Bolt Just wanted to throw out a quick reminder for you guys to post, obviously I get it if you don't have time, but I will not let this RP die damn it! But yeah just thought i'd say since it's been 9 days.
  15. Into Darkness: A RWBY RP

    @Drago Ryder @dragon4111 @Acnologia Calbian momentarily looked up from his book and at Ghalan "You right, infact I feel one of those enemies is your attitude." The teen then gave a very loud sigh "You know Draco I personally think your mother is more trouble than she's worth, though I have no place to judge you. If it were me I'd want nothing to do with her, but that's just my personal morals talking."