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  1. "Well, you're not the one who shot me," Oliver pointed out, shrugging. "And if doing all this means both of us get to live, then I'll just have to deal with whatever comes. Besides, it wouldn't feel right to leave you to handle this alone."
  2. Oliver nodded and put his arm around Jenna. "We'll get through this, we just need to know what we're gonna deal with. I can handle supply runs and stuff like that if it comes to it. I'll be able to smell out any trouble."
  3. "Yeah, I guess that makes sense," Oliver said, and he smiled as Jenna put her hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry about it, I didn't have much to leave behind anyway. And you stopped me from dying so I think we're even."
  4. Oliver smiled a little at Jenna's comment, but he didn't fully agree with not running. "But if we can't fight it or run away, what can we do?" he asked, tilting his head. "There's gotta be something."
  5. Oliver looked at his phone and swallowed as he looked at the time. "Almost three." He looked around, trying to sense anything. "You know it's bad when the animals have all fled. Something tells me we should've done the same."
  6. Oliver nodded as he followed what Jenna was saying. "Well, I'd be happy to try and help you clear up anything you're not sure about." He smiled at her. "Though, it doesn't have to involve getting shot at again."
  7. "I would've moved you somewhere comfier," Oliver said, "but I didn't wanna wake you up. You looked happy sleeping there." He looked around again. "You think there's gonna be another portal opening up around here?"
  8. "Yeah, every living creature can feel affection," Oliver explained, smiling at Jenna. "There's nothing wrong with it." Something she said made him curious. "Do you think there's other things they didn't tell you about?"
  9. "Not much happened really," Oliver said, looking around him still. "I just noticed there's no animals nearby anymore. Not even any birds." He looked at Jenna. "How did you sleep? Do you feel any better?"
  10. "I thought you might like to experience it first hand," Oliver said, smiling. Something about what Jenna said got his attention. "So there's stuff about dragons even other dragons don't know?" he asked.
  11. "I just though you'd be up for it," Oliver said, shrugging. "You probably haven't seen some stuff for real and I don't mind showing you." He smiled at Jenna. "They would be normal days anyway, so don't worry about that."
  12. Oliver frowned when he noticed the faint senses. Even the animals could tell something was wrong, and their instincts never failed. He kept watching and waiting, occasionally looking at Jenna to make sure she was still sleeping soundly.
  13. "Well, now you can see things first hand instead of reading about them or something," Oliver said, smiling at her. "You could use some time to rest and enjoy yourself after everything that's been happening."
  14. Oliver nodded, frowning at the idea of a portal opening right there. He didn't want to ask anymore, seeing how tired Jenna was, so he just sat closer to her and let her lean on him so she could get some rest.
  15. Oliver nodded and watched her bar the door. It felt good taking a more proactive stance, though it was fuelled by him not wanting to see Jenna ran ragged. "What happens at 3pm?" he asked, looking out at the horizon.