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  1. Jinx grumbled and yawned, rolling herself onto her front and lifting herself onto her soft paws. She turned to look at Slumberfur and sat down, casually running her paw behind her ear. "I hope this is actually important," she mewed, "and that you're not simply waking me up from my nap to annoy me. You and your friends have a habit of it that I'm not fond of."
  2. Movies/TV

    Jinder's actually starting to pick up steam He's got good heat coming, and he's starting to show he can work
  3. The plump kittypet snorted as she was jostled awake, and her eyes narrowed as they slowly opened, seeing the silhouette of a cat above her. She grunted and lazily waved a paw toward his face, not reaching it. "What're you doing in my garden...?" she muttered, too sleepy to be smart.
  4. Lucky for him, the kittypet in question was quite infamous in the area, and he was pointed to her right away. "Look for the fat lump of fur asleep in that garden," they told him. Indeed, Jinx was still snoozing on her patch, her tail twitching softly in comfort.
  5. Meanwhile, Jinx had fallen asleep on her patch of grass, resting off her food while sunning herself. The plump she-cat was a fluffy lump laying on her back, snoozing peacefully. Thankfully no visions were coming to her this time, so she could enjoy her nap in peace. Which meant she had no clue a cat was coming for her...
  6. Jinx yawned and padded outside as soon as she was finished with her food. The morning sunlight warmed her soft fur, making her purr comfortably. She approached her favourite patch of grass in the garden, before stopping to look at the lake beyond the fence. At the forest surrounding it. The green leaves that looked similar to the trees in her dream. She had no idea why, but she felt compelled to go over and investigate. Just what was over there that was so important that she had to have a strange and specific dream about it? But that could wait--she had all day to herself, and her patch of grass was calling her. It was naturally smoothed down with how often she used it, and this time was no exception. She flopped down and purred, rolling onto her side to sun herself.
  7. Jinx took a look around, flicking her tail as she tried to get an idea of where she was. A cool breeze brushed her soft pelt, and the rustling of leaves made her ears prick up. She assumed she was in a forest of some kind. Maybe it was that one where all those wild cats lived? The silly idea caused a purr to rumble inside her, though the trees did look similar. Though, something caught her attention. The shape of a cat in the distance, which she mysteriously felt compelled to approach. But as she got closer, the shape bounded away. Once it got a ways away, it stopped and turned, its slit white eyes fixed on her as if it were saying "Are you coming?" She plodded on, being led through the shaded trees for who knows what or why. She had no idea why she was doing this, but she just felt like she had to. She was led to a little clearing in the trees, with the shaded cat staring right at her with its slit eyes. A voice began to echo around her. "Outsiders will come, and despair will follow." Jinx slowly opened her eyes, and slowly raised herself up. She gave a stretch of her soft limbs while letting out a long yawn. She was back in her comfy bed in the kitchen. What a weird dream. She stepped out onto the cold tile floor and plodded over to her bowl, purring at the gravy-coated tuna pieces in her bowl and happily eating up. She couldn't help but think about that forest in her dream... perhaps when she was finished, she could go take a look. Maybe after a nap too. From looking out the window, it was to be a sunny morning.
  8. Movies/TV

    Exactly, we need him more ruthless And you can't say he's not doing his job, he's getting great heat Never forget that the first ever Ms Money in the Bank was a man
  9. Movies/TV

    I have to admit, I appreciate that they're taking Jinder's title reign seriously enough to let him retain against Orton in St Louis, and he's getting decent heat, James Ellsworth crashing the first ever Women's MITB ladder match, that grinds my gears a bit
  10. Private

    Indus nodded once, and got onto his haunches. He made sure both ponies were outside his tent before he used his magic to fold it up and set it amongst his saddlebags. "Let us make for Ruvenhain then," he said, then stepped outside.
  11. Movies/TV

    Here's what Vince thinks of your precious 'women's revolution'
  12. Open

    "My mother always told me a good defence is a better offence, so offend before you must defend!" Tyra beamed, rather proud of her mother's advice.
  13. Private

    Indus watched his companions interacting, his gaze lacking judgement. They were entitled to their own entertainment. He looked out toward the outside again, his head up straight. "Not yet. Either our contact has gotten cold hooves, or we are to meet them."
  14. Open

    Tyra just had her hand on the doorhandle, before she was halted by Miko's voice. She turned her head to look at her. "Oooh, is there a storm outside?" She grinned, not really seeing the point. "Even better, it shall make my attempt to make things better more epic!"
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    Extreme Rules spoilers ahead: