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  1. Jinx flicked her tail and stood up, slowly following after Slumberfur. She didn't really want to move anywhere in this forest, especially in the dark. It was getting chilly and she really wanted to be at home now. "Where are we going...?"
  2. Jinx wasn't really sure what to do. She had no idea what this place was like, or how to navigate it. She never went any further than the rivers near her home. She padded up to him and sat beside him. "Could be worse... we could both be alone." she tried. (No problem )
  3. Open Anthro Slice of Life Redux

    Tyra scowled at the idea of 'verbal jousting'. That was an awful sport and no one liked it. Especially not her. "Nonsense!" She yelled. "We will have this test of strength right now!"
  4. Jinx had to admit, that did sound difficult. She may have been out of her home, but at least she wasn't kicked out. The least she could do was help him try to get on good terms with his clan. She sighed and rolled onto her back, staring up at the sky. "Well, what do you propose we could do about getting you back with your friends? You know them better than me."
  5. Jinx's ears pricked up and she looked at him, a little surprised to hear that. "Really?" She felt like she knew the answer, but she was curious so she had to ask. "What do you mean? What do you know now?"
  6. "Of course I'm not," Jinx sighed irritably and flopped down on her front. "I don't think I'll ever get used to this." A chilly breeze bristled her fur, making her yearn for her warm bed at home. "I hope this helps sort everything out sooner."
  7. Jinx, despite her exhaustion, managed to somewhat sit tall and pompous after the praise. "I am rather smart," she purred. She looked at him, ears lowering a bit. "But, I suppose the teaching did help. Thank you."
  8. Jinx swiped at Slumberfur a few times, actually managing to land a few blows. It was starting to make her more confident about fighting, even if it was exhausting. She soon stopped to catch her breath, panting lightly. "How, was that...?"
  9. Jinx sighed and stood back up, shaking herself. All of this work seemed pointless at first, but she was starting to see the purpose behind it. Plus, the adrenaline was certainly flowing through her. She pounced at him again, attempting to put more power behind her strikes.
  10. Jinx was clearly far from being a great fighter, but she was trying enough to show she could at least defend herself enough to escape real conflict. She managed to land a strike on him, but it wasn't especially powerful.
  11. Jinx was flopped down on her front as Slumberfur leaped off and looked at her. She was happy about finally getting some praise for once, but this sort of thing was quite tiring. "I suppose we may as well do a little more," she sighed and slowly stood back up. "Come on then."
  12. Jinx was as prepared as she could be when Slumberfur gently pounced onto her, and tried to attack her. She tried to use her back legs to kick him off while using her front paws to guard her throat from his attack.
  13. Jinx sheathed her claws and sat down, listening to Slumberfur's explanation about fighting. She was listening intently, and it all sounded easy enough, so she didn't look too worried. "I think I understand," she mewed, sounding as sure as she could manage.
  14. Jinx yawned and padded back to the nest, seeing Slumberfur already there. She knew he was going to get right to it, so she figured there was no point in arguing. "Well, I know that you have to use your claws," she mewed, unsheathing her claws.
  15. Jinx soon finished and yawned before slowly padding back toward the nest herself. She was looking forward to having a rest after a long day, but she had a feeling Slumberfur wouldn't let her just relax.