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  1. Movies/TV

    I hope both Jim and Mauro will be okay They're both such lovely guys
  2. Movies/TV

    ...whoa, I never realised What happened to him?
  3. Private

    Indus listened closely to the exchange, and his brow furrowed slightly at the mention of Jacky. "She is our 'employer', you could say," he explained, "she required something from a museum in our world. I believe it's connected to a spirit bound to a suit of armour we encountered in some ruins."
  4. Open

    Tyra smiled, happy to have a fortune cap of her own, before tilting her head at the collapsing noises from outside. Narrowing her eyes, she walked up to the door. "I shall investigate!" She declared, and opened the door to see what was happening.
  5. Open

    "I'm not worried at all, Smokestar," Stormstar rasped darkly, still staring icy claws into the WindClan leader's eyes. "We'll see what Midnightstar and Kitestar have to say about your 'new territory' at the next Gathering."
  6. Movies/TV

    I dunno, Bray Wyatt vs Randy Orton will be a good match Roman vs Undertaker is the best time to make a Roman heel turn. C'mon WWE, just do it and let us boo him! And c'mon, Seth Rollins is coming back after we had to wait a year!
  7. Open

    Stormstar stared up at Smokestar, not intimidated by the larger leader at all. "Oh believe me, Smokestar. If another of my patrols comes back injured by your Clan's claws, you can expect a fight for the horseplace." He swayed his tail softly. "That's not a threat--just a friendly warning."
  8. Open

    Stormstar unsheathed his claws at Silverfur's remark, becoming increasingly frustrated that he could do nothing about it. Instead, he turned his anger toward Smokestar. "We are not the greedy ones," he retorted, "it was not RiverClan who suddenly decided they wanted the horseplace. Tell me, where were the other leaders when this decision was made? I certainly wasn't there, or else I would have told my Clan to expect an unprovoked attack." Owlheart continued to stalk around the territory, occasionally hunting and burying prey for later. He was more than certain that Moonshine was trying to get the answers from Slumberfur. If he planned to sneak out again, he would simply follow.
  9. Movies/TV

    I really don't know why they got rid of the guy people like seeing
  10. Open

    The girl slowly regained consciousness, her head throbbing for some reason. She sat up and took a look around, having absolutely no idea where she was, or how she got there. She just remembered playing video games, and then she woke up. Speaking of which, her portable console was tight in her fist, and it seemed to be all she was carrying apart from her clothes. She slowly got onto her feet, holding her head in her free hand while she wondered where she was...
  11. My deepest condolences, she sounds like she was a lovely woman Wishing you and your family the best
  12. Movies/TV

    Definitely 13 Bret Hart vs Stone Cold was perfect!