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  1. (It was definitely quite a ride I'd be down for doing this again sometime if you ever want to)
  2. "I hope so," Jinx half-joked, actually not against the idea of having her own kits. If only the other pets around her hadn't been cut yet. "I'll see you sometime then." She yawned and flopped back down on the fence, wondering when she should visit next. (That's a shame, I like what we've built here )
  3. Unicorncob

    Movies/TV Any Pro-Wrestling Fans Around?

    Takeover Chicago last night confirmed two things to me; 1. NXT remembered how cool Street Fight matches are 2. I think I might have a crush on Nikki Cross
  4. "Well, I hope they're as polite as you are," Jinx murmured, flicking an ear and licking her leg. "Especially now after all that's happened, I feel like they can forgive me taking a few fish." She suddenly got a craving for Riverclan's favourite prey and considered getting herself some on the way.
  5. "An escort? How thoughtful," Jinx purred, swaying her tail. She liked the thought of having her own protection through the forest this time. "I'll be sure to come by often, I'd love to see how my nieces and nephews are doing. It's been a while since I saw them and I'd love to meet my new ones."
  6. "That makes sense, I suppose," Jinx agreed, glancing away for a moment, then purring in amusement. "No he wasn't. I could see through him easy." She felt a little deflated at hearing about her brother's passing, but at least he wasn't suffering anymore, she supposed.
  7. Jinx flicked her tail. "Would have been nice of him to tell his friends about me, especially after what we went through. Oh well." She lazily washed herself. "Good to see he found another mate, at least."
  8. "I see," Jinx murmured, flicking an ear. "That's a shame, I'd love to meet them sooner. But if those are the rules, I suppose." She leisurely stretched out her legs. "I'm curious, did Slumberfur ever talk about me?"
  9. "Oh, that's nice," Jinx purred, pleased at the news that she was an aunt again. "I haven't seen my other nieces and nephews in a while either. I hope they're doing okay." She swayed her tail. "I'd love to meet them sometime. Hopefully they can visit."
  10. Jinx's ears lowered and eyes widened at the news. "He's dead...?" She looked down and remembered the warning she'd told him about over a year ago. So it did happen... "I wish I'd believed him," she murmured, then looked at Silversnout, trying to hide her emotions as well. "So, what do you want? Or is that what you came to say?"
  11. Jinx was about to make a comment about 'silly forest cat names' until Silversnout brought up Slumberfur. Her aloof expression faded right away and she lifted her ears, paying attention. "He's my brother, yes," she answered. "So you know where he is? I haven't seen him in a while."
  12. Thankfully for Jinx, when she returned home, her humans were more than happy to see her, and to clean her up and feed her after her ordeal. And she was more than happy to accept the pampering. She liked seeing Slumberfur when he visited now and then, somewhat interested to hear how things were going for him. Though she wondered why he stopped visiting after a while. On the day the silver-furred cat addressed her, the large pet had been wandering around the twolegplace, and she glanced lazily down at the newcomer from a fence. "Maybe, who's asking?"
  13. "Don't be afraid to come visit," Jinx purred to her brother, flicking her tail as she turned. "Unless you need me to risk my life again, in which case stay far away from me." she added jokingly. She padded off toward the Riverclan territory. "And I'll remember to, when I see them." she finished as she made her way toward the rivers near her home. At least, she hoped it was still her home.
  14. Jinx shook her head. "Whatever you prefer, then." She let out a yawn herself. "Yes, and I should be going home... at last." Her fur prickled as the possibility rose up again in her head. Would her humans abandon her, or welcome her back? She was almost too scared to find out, but she had to.
  15. Jinx opened her mouth, then closed it and looked away, chin still raised. "I still say it's much safer. Especially after what I've had to go through out here." She glanced toward him. "You can't deny it's a much easier life than out here."