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  1. "Right," Jinx confirmed, pricking her ears up in case she heard anything approaching, but she only heard the wind in the nearby trees. "Midnight and the kits are okay," she assured him, looking toward the kits. "At least, I assume so. I haven't heard any fighting."
  2. "At least you didn't seem to get the worst of it then," Jinx murmured, rasping from the blood on her tongue after helping Slumberfur with his wound. "Ugh... so, does this mean you've found their weakness?"
  3. Jinx looked as her brother got up, lowering her ears when she saw the wound. She padded over and started licking it out of instinct, hoping it would help. She cringed at the taste of blood on her tongue. "Less skilled?" she said, swaying her tail curiously. "You could actually fight him there?"
  4. Jinx sighed and stretched out her legs, getting incredibly bored with the constant silence. Though her ears pricked up when she spotted Slumberfur had gained scratches and lost a tuft of fur. She considered waking him, but the scratches didn't look too bad at the moment.
  5. Jinx's ears flicked occasionally with every sound Slumberfur made, but at the moment he seemed safe enough. She kept sitting there, letting out a yawn. She didn't mind this job, but it was quite boring sitting there.
  6. Jinx flicked her ears and looked around while Slumberfur laid against the wall. Everything seemed peaceful for the moment, but she hoped for his safety as well as her own and the kits'. She even hoped Midnight would be okay, as hostile as she had been toward her. She sat next to Slumberfur as he slept, keeping up her promise of watching out for him.
  7. Jinx swayed her tail, and leaned forward to give her brother a soft nuzzle. She needed to show some form of support and this was the best she could think of. "Be careful in there," she mewed. "I didn't know I had anything to lose until a few days ago."
  8. "Ugh, don't remind me," hissed Jinx, bristling her fur as she remembered when she got covered in cold mud in the dark forest. "That was unpleasant." She looked at him, actually looking concerned. "Are you sure you can handle it? What can we do here?"
  9. Jinx flicked an ear, feeling rather uneasy about that idea even if it was the best one they had. But even as mildly annoying the experience to that dark place was for her, she didn't like the idea of him going alone. "You don't want one of us to come with you?" she suggested.
  10. Jinx flicked her tail irritably. Again with the excuses... "Fine, fine," she murmured, ears lowered again. "What do you propose we do instead? Those cats must have some sort of weakness we can use."
  11. "Hm, we'd have to wait till you feel better then," Jinx decided, swishing her tail. "We can just carry the kits if they feel tired anyway." She looked toward the lake, gazing around. "Can't we just go around the territories? My house is near the rivers anyway."
  12. Jinx narrowed her eyes at the idea of living in another abandoned house. It certainly didn't sound like her idea of safe and comfortable, but she knew one place that did. "What about my garden?" She suggested, raising her chin proudly. "It's far away from the lake and no wild cats ever come up there. I can't think of anyone who would bother us; the only other cats around are other pets anyway."
  13. Jinx swayed her tail as she listened to Slumberfur, and began to mull over where would be a safe place to hide. She turned to look at Midnight when she spoke up, and flicked an ear. "I know of some place as well, but what did you have in mind?" She was fully aware of the accusations that would be thrown her way when she made her own suggestion, so she may as well let Midnight go first.
  14. Jinx flicked her tail, feeling irritation build up again. "That isn't really important right now--what is is what you said about your kits. We need to make sure they're okay." She looked around slowly. "Do you know of anywhere else safe?"