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  1. Oliver's heart skipped a beat when he heard Jenna saying she thought about surrendering. That was the last thing he expected from her. He walked over and gently pet her hair. "Well I'm glad you changed your mind."
  2. Oliver blushed even more upon hearing Jenna thought he was cute. He had heard it before, but it was still nice to hear. "Yeah, normal people don't even have powers," he agreed, grinning happily at her.
  3. Jade had been watching the match quietly, listenng to her team's discussions. "If Draco can somehow stop Nin's heart long enough for a countout," she mused, "but I'm sure he would want a more... decisive victory."
  4. "I'm glad you didn't push me away," Oliver said, smiling ear to ear at Jenna. He was glad to have someone like her as a friend, and a girlfriend at that. He grinned and blushed a little. "Yeah, I guess that's true."
  5. Oliver was relieved to hear Jenna's leg was better, but he frowned at her confession. He could tell something else was troubling her. "Is something else wrong?" he asked. "Did something happen while I was out?"
  6. Oliver shrugged. "I guess, but I hope no one is mean to you behind your back or anything." The thought of that made him uncomfortable. He smiled back at Jenna. "Yeah, and I think you're more 'cool' than weird.'"
  7. "That's true," Oliver muttered, still not sure what to think. He had dragon blood inside him, would it be permanent or temporary? Was he really enhanced? He'd have to keep an eye on himself. "What about you?" he asked. "Are you hurt?"
  8. Oliver nodded slowly, not too sure what to think. He had dragon DNA inside him now. Did that make him a dragon too? "So, I'm some kind of human-dragon hybrid or something?" he asked, truly curious.
  9. "Yeah, it's pretty unlikely," Oliver agreed, shrugging. "Still, you never know if someone else will have powers. I mean, neither of us knew the other did." He nodded slowly. "Yeah, I don't think people know enough about me. But I don't think you're weird." He grinned.
  10. "Maybe," Oliver agreed, looking around as he kept beside Jenna. "You think anyone else at our school has powers too?" He grinned at her. "What do you think people would say if they saw us together?"
  11. "You used your blood?" Oliver repeated, eyes widened. He looked down at the wound again. "No wonder I feel so good after getting shot." He looked down at himself, and all over. He wasn't sure what to feel, since he didn't feel different. "So, dragon blood is in me now. What does that mean?"
  12. Oliver was taken aback, firstly by Jenna's teary face, then by the sudden hug. He'd never seen her so emotional before. Was she worried about him that much? "I'm fine," he assured her, putting his arms around her, "which is weird, since last I remember, I think I got shot." He looked around the wreckage again. "Oh, this was just you? I thought a fight broke out."
  13. Oliver blushed and smiled. He understood it when Jenna put it that way, since he felt similarly. "I don't really mind the classes, but it's gonna be a lot more fun when you have someone special to you around."
  14. "Dynamo speaks true," Jade agreed, watching the fiery blaze and seeing the blood spurt from Nin's wound. "Draco must act quickly, because every wasted moment puts him at a disadvantage."
  15. Oliver slowly woke up, expecting to be in pain, but he felt surprisingly well-rested. He tapped the scar with his finger, but didn't feel a thing. He could use a drink, though. He saw all the destroyed furniture and feared the worst, but was relieved to see Jenna standing at a table. He got up and walked over to her. "Are you okay? What happened in here?"