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  1. Movies/TV

    Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre were jobbers once, look at them now Plus we already had Styles as WWE champion, and yes the run was great, but WWE are letting a new guy get a chance in the spotlight and I say we let him have that chance
  2. Movies/TV

    Both of you chill, the guy literally just won the thing Give him a chance to show us what he can do as a champion
  3. Movies/TV

    Off the top of my head I can only remember having CM Punk as WWE champion in '12 and '13
  4. Movies/TV

    I remember that, and he came out dressed like a punjabi pimp
  5. Movies/TV

    Allow me to take a guess...
  6. Private

    Indus followed Summer's gaze to the snow, then looked toward Flearia. He clocked on right away to what she wanted to do. "Mischievous, aren't you?" He said, though not sounding judging. He didn't seem like he was going to go against Summer's idea. In fact hesounded the mildest bit amused. "Do it if you wish then."
  7. Can i maybe look at you?


    Trusssssst in me

  8. Open

    Tyra tilted her head from learning about this insulted Amazonian killing machine."I would love to challenge her!" She grinned. She looked at the door and attempted to lean over to peek at who was outside.
  9. Private

    Indus turned to Summer and gave her a short nod. "Good morning, Miss Breeze. I also slept well, thank you." He turned his head toward Flearia, hearing her mumbling in her sleep. "Perhaps one of us should wake her up soon, hm?"
  10. Movies/TV

  11. OOC

    I'm also down for that
  12. Private

    In the morning, Indus was sitting in the mouth of the cave, staring at the snow-covered landscape. He had his overcoat on, and a mug of hot coffee in his magical grip. He had awoken first, and so sat quietly, leaving his equipment untouched in case Flearia and Summer had any need of it. He had a silent sip of his coffee while taking a deep breath of the crisp morning air. He would wait for an hour at the most for their contact to arrive. If they missed this deadline, he would lead the mares on toward Ruvenhain himself. He had gone over the route the night before, so he had a good idea of where to go.


    1. A.V.


      Scorpion: "GET OVER THERE!"