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  1. "Who said I needed humans?" Jinx pointed out, glancing around. "I just prefer to have them around. Why do work myself when I can get mindless humans to do the work for me, right?" She lapped at her chest fur. "And like I said, I prefer to fight after eating."
  2. "You don't know that," Jinx hissed, lashing her tail as her anger, and hunger, kept growing. "We have never seen each other fight before, so you can't tell me how good I am without seeing it." She lapped at her paw. "And besides, the fact that I am still alive even with no humans around must mean something."
  3. "What?!" Jinx hissed, lashing her tail at the warrior. "I am not scared of anything! I just... haven't eaten yet. So I probably won't be as good a fighter as usual." She flicked her ear. "Besides, what will you prove fighting me?"
  4. Private

    Indus nodded slowly in agreement, sipping his coffee while staring at the church, not taking his eyes off it. "Agreed," he muttered. "We can't draw attention to ourselves. I get the feeling we're already rather suspicious..."
  5. Jinx's ear flicked, trying not to show any fear. She hadn't expected to actually have to fight, especially since she was sure she had convinced him with that story of hers. "Um, well, like I said, it's been a while since I had to..."
  6. "Hey, my humans are not always around," Jinx mewed defensively, lowering her ears. "So someone has to guard the house when they're not around." She idly groomed herself. "Maybe I'm not as ready to fight as I used to be, but that doesn't mean I don't know how to defend myself."
  7. "Hey, I did," Jinx hissed, flicking her tail irritably. "The humans just call them away when they've had enough. There's a reason they're never in my garden after all." She purred triumphantly, raising her chin once more.
  8. "The dogs around my home don't bother me," Jinx pointed out casually, licking at her paw. "Mainly because I showed them who is truly in charge. Not even they are stupid enough to try fighting me again."
  9. Jinx's tail flicked nervously at the thought of foxes, dogs and badgers coming after her. She did not like this idea. "Why would you live somewhere where those mindless monsters can just wander around and attack you on sight?!" She yowled.
  10. "Well, not everyone can have the privilege of fighting for their life every day," Jinx mewed defensively. "I've never had to fight before, and I'd really prefer not to have to start now, if it's all the same with you."
  11. "Hmph, they should be scared of us," Jinx mewed, raising her chin pompously. "What, with how much of a good fighter you apparently are, and of course that skill has to be in me too since we're related."
  12. "But why are they so interested in us?" Jinx asked, letting out a lazy yawn. "Well, I am quite attractive looking, but I doubt that warrants being threatened." She swayed her tail over her head. "We deserve better treatment than that!"
  13. "If that makes you feel better," Jinx purred, regarding the comment about her usefulness. She swayed her tail, always enjoying the sensation of feeling important. She glanced over her shoulder at her last point. "I suppose not. Those cats are strange, like they somehow seem to know where we are."
  14. "Hm, that might work," Jinx purred, then padded up to Slumberfur's side and gave him a gentle bat behind the head with her tail. "I suppose I'm not as useless as you think I am, am I?" Her meow practically oozed cockiness.
  15. Jinx didn't seem all too worried about it either, letting out a yawn as she swayed her tail carelessly. "It seemed like it just wanted to make vague threats and run away again. It must think it's being scary."