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  1. "Maybe it's because it's so cramped with all the trees around here," Oliver suggested. "I'm sure it'd get pretty uncomfortable for a big dragon. Or maybe you're getting used to your human form by now?"
  2. "I hope so," Oliver said, "I'd be worried too if they were going somewhere whil this was going on." He looked at Jenna quizzically. "Speaking of which, you've never mentioned your parents. What're they like?"
  3. A loud bark of pain erupted from Jade as her aura sphere shattered like glass within Rokata's grip. Her body was close to giving in, but she still kept trying to force herself free. His arms didn't move, no matter how hard she pushed. No. No, no, no, no. It can't end like this. She felt her power fading, the last ounces of her strength being used up. Everyone... Master Tricis... Master Xiang... I... She opened her eyes, revealing her pupils as the dragon's energy had depleted, returning her to normal. She watched as Rokata's body began to fade away, like cherry blossoms pushed off the trees by the wind. When she was freed, she could barely manage to spread her wings and glide down to the ground, her legs almost giving way as she landed. As the adrenaline wore off, she found her muscles screaming and her body aching all over. Her legs shook trying to hold herself up, but still she managed to bow her head to the cloud of dust scattering in the breeze. Rokata, is this what you wanted? I hope I could give you the challenge you wished for. May you find some form of peace wherever your soul lies. She lifted her head just enough to look toward Topaz's booth -- what was left of it, at least -- and she awaited the official call.
  4. Oliver nodded and stood up, stretching again. "Alright, we'll walk there then. Hopefully nothing will jump out at us from the trees." He walked up to Jenna. "How did you sleep, by the way. You seem to be feeling better."
  5. Oliver nodded, swallowing nervously. "Alright. I'll tell my parents I'm staying at your place for the day or something. I don't want them to worry about me going off to fight things from another world."
  6. Jade felt Rokata's arms around her, compacting her aura. She was protected from his strength for the moment, but she could feel him breaking through. She grit her teeth, pouring on as much energy as she had left. I can't die here. I won't die here. Rokata roared and Jade let out a scream as she gave him everything she had. Every ounce of power she had left to break his defences and finish him. She could tell she was so close. She just had to get through.
  7. "Yeah, trying is all we can do right now," Oliver agreed, nodding determinedly. He felt more confident knowing Jenna was this ready to deal with the situation. "What do you think we should do first?"
  8. "A new vehicle would be a good place to start," Oliver agreed, looking around at the trees. "I don't think we'll find one around here, though. We'll have to see if there are any towns or houses nearby or something."
  9. "I guess so," Oliver admitted, frowning and looking down at his shoes. "I just don't like any of this. Whatever happens, I hope I'm ready for it. I know you will be though," he added, smiling at Jenna.
  10. Oliver nodded and finished eating before putting on his jacket. He smiled at Jenna's reassuring pat on the shoulder. He just hoped he could continue being helpful to her. "Where do we go from here?" he asked.
  11. "Yeah, I don't get it either," Oliver admitted, shrugging. "There's just something about certain appearances that triggers feelings in different humans. I don't really understand it, it's just how it goes I guess."
  12. "Maybe," Oliver said, shrugging. "I dunno, none of it makes any sense. What could we have that they need that badly that they'll create a portal to our world? And how did someone know these portals were gonna show up?"
  13. "I dunno," Oliver said, shrugging. "Humans are just pretty self-conscious on the whole. They find someone they like and they don't want to embarrass themselves and ruin their chances of finding the perfect partner."
  14. "I guess because they knew the army would fight back and try to stop them?" Oliver guessed, shrugging. "I don't know why else they'd be interested in a place like this, apart from the people with powers."
  15. "It's a human thing," Oliver said, shrugging. "Something about chemicals in the brain or something. I don't really get it either." He looked at her, smiling. "Your dragon form is really awesome looking though."