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  1. "Yeah, probably," Oliver agreed, gently patting Jenna as she kept flying. "I'm just glad it did comfort you." He smiled down at her. He looked around, wondering how long the flight would take, especially in this weather.
  2. Oliver stood back and let Jenna go at the punching bag. He watched her, noting how self-assured she was. He could only think that he had to be the same as her. He had to be more confident in his abilities, and he'd try to.
  3. Jade was happy to oblige, keeping up her offense. She swung more blazing kicks at Rokata, any that landed connecting with a small, burning explosion of power. She seemed to only get faster as she kept up the attack, trying to force Rokata back on the defensive.
  4. Oliver blushed more from Jenna's teasing, and looked up at her. He was friendly, but he was more than just a big dog. He knew he was. "I'll show you it more then," he said, managing to smile back at her.
  5. "I'm not sure," Oliver said, gently patting Jenna on the neck. "I think it comes from animals licking each other to show affection. I think we just sorta took it on and decided to use our hands for it instead."
  6. Her hind hooves almost blazing with energy, Jade brought them down onto Rokata's head, almost between the eyes. He should have seen that coming. Did he let me hit him?
  7. Oliver caught the look Jenna was trying to give her, and smiled back. "Yeah, I'd rather not get crushed, accident or not." He pet her neck again, this time so she could see it with her head turned to him.
  8. Oliver caught the look on her face and looked away, blushing again. "I don't have to ask permission for stuff," he muttered, mostly trying to convince himself. "I'm a wolf, after all. I'm tougher than a dog."
  9. Jade winced as the pain shot through her body. Clearly, regular attacks wouldn't work. Was it because he had trained enough to reach that point? Or did this demonic energy grant him some kind of endurance? Either way, she would defeat him. She shot upward, swooping over the blast of energy. She span herself as she shot down toward Rokata, the fiery aura around her hind hooves streaking around her body before she went to bring them down on him.
  10. "Well, just in case," Oliver insisted, petting the side of Jenna's neck, "Maybe it'd be safer if you made a landing somewhere safe before you took a nap." He smiled at her. "I don't want you to get hurt or anything."
  11. "I hope not," Oliver agreed, smiling awkwardly and blushing. He hadn't made Jenna mad yet, and he wanted to keep it that way. "What about wolves?" he asked, grinning teasingly. "Can you be angry at them?"
  12. Jade was prepared for Rokata's claws, but the sheer demonic presence he took on caught her by surprise for just a split-moment. She could feel it now, his sheer strength bearing down on her. Shao was right; he was holding back before. Is there truly nothing left of him? She spread her own wings as Rokata lunged, preparing them for when he was close enough. She pounced upward and forward just as he struck, locking eyes with him for just a moment, turning herself so her hind legs faced his back, and went to deliver a swift kick right to his spine. That sheer power...
  13. Oliver listened closely, nodding as Jenna spoke. It definitely made sense to him; how could he be blamed for something he didn't know." "Yeah, I understand," he confirmed. "Just try not to be too mad with me." he added jokingly.
  14. Oliver watched as Jenna glided through the sky. It made plenty of sense with how little energy she was using, but he didn't like the idea of her flying out of control. "I just hope you've never crashed doing that," he said.