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  1. Oliver felt a wave of relief upon seeing the post office. He pulled into the closest parking space to the building and cut the engine. He sat back and looked at Jenna. "Alright, here we are," he said. "What next?"
  2. "I guess that makes sense," Oliver agreed, biting his lip. "But I still don't like it. All the secrecy and stuff, it just feels really suspicious." He turned around, in case someone was behind them, then looked ahead again.
  3. Jade hung her head and closed her eyes. She was mostly convinced that Rokata had simply spread a rumour to get into her head, but part of her actually believed that he had really done the deed. "So did I." She looked back up at Shining Armour. "Rokata used to be her own student, before he was blinded by his own ambition. That ambition led to impatience, and then to rash, unforgivable deeds." She looked out to the horizon. "I feel like... like this is what she was preparing me for. She was training me all this time for this one fight."
  4. Oliver nodded and kept following Jenna's directions. He made turn after turn after turn as she instructed. He was almost surprised that she knew where to go, but that was probably because this source of hers was quite helpful.
  5. Oliver nodded, looking back at Jenna. He trusted her of course; he was just nervous about all this. "I just hope it's not someone trying to get us or something," he admitted. "I don't want you getting hurt."
  6. Jade watched as Shining Armour exited to the balcony. It was true, she had learned a lot about Rokata from Tricis, and while it was important that information was shared about his team, she wanted to know what her team's benefactor had to say. She followed him outside and looked him in the eyes. "You wish to speak to me?"