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  1. Jinx had forgotten that part about not killing kittypets, so she felt a little more comfortable. Though she hadn't missed his accidental confession, and she looked at him curiously. "I had a feeling you were one," she purred, swaying her tail confidently, "I had a feeling you knew too much about the good life."
  2. Pinkie halts and tilts her head. "I am? I don't think I repeated myself. Guess we got so much stuff that I'm counting the same thing twice." She giggles. Her grin grows wider at his selection, and she passes the dessert in question to Mythos then tosses the rest behind her. Somehow it all lands neatly on the shelves behind her. "That'll be three bits!"
  3. Jinx followed after Slumberfur, feeling rather nervous now. Cats were being killed somehow, and she was in the forest so as far as she knew, she could be a target. "It could be anything though, right?" She mewed, looking over her shoulder back toward the scene again. "I mean, there are foxes and badgers and other things around here." That notion only served to make her feel more nervous. She couldn't take on a fox!
  4. It didn't take long for Jinx to catch up, since Slumberfur and the other cats were closeby. She let out another yawn before speaking. "So what is all the noise abo--" She halted when she saw the apprentice's body, and her fur bristled with surprise. "Oh no, what happened here?"
  5. "OoooOOOOOOooooh~" Pinkie smiles and ducks behind the counter, Mythos only sees her poofy tail swaying around in the air for a few moments before she reemerges with a plethora of dishes somehow carried in two hooves. "We goooooooot... strawberry pie, raspberry pie, blackberry pie, strawberry tart, blackberry tart, raspberry tart, strawberry and raspberry pie, raspberry and strawberry tart, blackberry and strawberry pie--" It's clear she's going to carry on for a while, since the counter is covered in berry treats.
  6. A little while after Slumberfur left, Jinx finally awoke slowly. She sat up and stretched out with a lazy yawn, and eyed up the squirrel he had left for her. Wasting no time, she started stuffing the prey into her mouth. It was delicious of course, but she couldn't see herself pouncing after one or climbing a tree to chase one. She preferred easy food, like this. She slowly padded out of the twoleg nest and took in the morning air. Slumberfur's close yowl of alarm got her attention, and once she'd made dirt she followed after it out of sheer curiosity.
  7. Pinkie giggles and keeps hopping along the street, Sugarcube Corner getting closer and closer. "I'd say I'm an open book but that's more like what Twilight would be. I'm more like a big cake with my life story all over the top of it!" Once she enters the sweet-smelling establishment, she hops into the air, doing a cartwheel across the bakery airspace before landing perfectly on all fours behind the counter, much to the approval and applause of the patrons inside. "What can I getcha~?"
  8. Jinx had had an uneventful night herself. She hadn't been visited by strange cats in her dream... rather, for some reason, she was dreaming about her mother. She remembered being close to her, but this was the first time she'd ever dreamt of her since she was smaller. As Slumberfur guessed, the kittypet was still fast asleep by the time he arrived at the twoleg nest to collect her.
  9. Here's hoping Fame and Misfortune has opened a few eyes

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      Yeah, season 7 is definitely the strongest so far imo

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      I agree Bob. :) It has been pretty friggin great.

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      S7 has been awesome so far. Even the poorer episodes have been pretty good, and episodes like Royal Problem and Perfect Pear, I just can't.....

  10. "Yes mother," Jinx murmured, lashing her tail softly as she padded toward the twoleg nest nearby. "I'll be on my best behaviour." She didn't like this arrangement one bit. She decided that if any of these forest cats interrupted her beauty sleep, she'd be out of there the first chance she got. She flopped down on the old blankets and attempted to get some sleep.
  11. "I suppose so," Jinx muttered, yawning and slowly getting onto her paws. "I could use some sleep after today, especially since I couldn't get my afternoon nap." She huffed, still rather upset about that. "Thank goodness I could find some old blankets I could make into a bed. Hopefully I won't need them for long."
  12. Jinx swayed her tail and glanced aside, not arguing Slumberfur's logic. "Hm, fair enough. I wouldn't exactly appreciate it myself. My garden is my 'territory', to put it in a way you'd understand." She went on, "I admit I'm curious to find out why exactly you want me around here. I just hope it won't take long, I already miss my bed."
  13. "You forest cats are strange," Jinx mewed, unknowingly playing to Slumberfur's hopes. "There's plenty of room for one extra cat around here. You're letting me be here, aren't you?" She glanced aside sceptically. "Well, more like keeping me here."
  14. Private

    Indus wasn't sure what to make of all the different species waiting to enter the city. He still kept an eye out for his target, trying not to let himself get distracted. "It's possible," he muttered, glancing around and overhearing the chatter about some kind of warrior. "Sounds like nonsense to me."
  15. Jinx tilted her head, actually looking somewhat interested in Slumberfur's story. It sounded plausible, but... "The houses are quite a ways from here," she mewed, flicking her tail. "That's a long way to travel to make sure a stray wasn't hanging around."