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  1. Back in the old days what I started watching My Little Pony since 2013, my sister watched it first before me. I love watching My Little Pony.

    1. Blivy


      Same bro same!

  2. I'm not crying now after the finale. I enjoyed it in love.

  3. I will say this episode is great, because we concluded the finale with a song before concluding this episode and the series together! I can't believe that Princess Twilight Sparkle got bigger and taller, as the newest leader of Equestria, as that is a future like a decade later after watching the previous episode before this one. The last friendship problem from that pony is fixed, which I will say that makes it to a successful conclusion of the series! Also, the song I hear today is in E major and ends the note in E. The ride never ends, guys! I will not cry for this one. I and we will look forward for the fifth generation of My Little Pony by next year (the next decade), which I want to see Princess Twilight Sparkle and the Mane 6 ponies again in their same pony models. Ponies together! Friendship is Magic forever! I'm also in love with that song too.
  4. At last, now for the penultimate episode of the season and the series! We anticipated our final threat to Equestria from our league of villains known as the Legion of Doom today! That's the final battle that they anticipated for Equestria's fate. I'm very happy that all background ponies and other characters are here in this episode! That includes Thorax, Pharnyx, all changelings, Ember, and Fizzlepop Berrytwist (Tempest Shadow) too! Later on, the combined magic with rainbow of light from the Mane 6 ponies, the Young Six, and the Pillars altogether with Twilight Sparkle defeated the league of villains (Legion of Doom), once and for all! Now that's what I call it the Ultimate Rainbow Beam! And after they're defeated, they're imprisoned into stone for their crimes against Equestria, and they will never, ever be free and try to conquer Equestria again. That includes Cozy Glow too and she'll never grow again. I'm a little sad that both Princess Celestia and Luna will relinquish their equestrian leadership to Twilight Sparkle, as Celestia say that back in this season's premiere that Twilight will be ready to be the new ruler of Equestria. I will be happy that Princess Twilight Sparkle will be on her leadership duties of Equestria, and she would be up for the coronation after this episode. At the epilogue part, I'm very happy that Twilight and her Mane 6 friends are celebrating together at the Canterlot Donut Restaurant for their battle victory, which leads to a successful conclusion of this episode! At last, I will say this episode is great for defeating last of our villains of the series as a victory in this thrilling final battle! Friendship together. Victory is ours!
  5. I watched this season's finale episodes today and I say it was great! We defeated the Legion of Doom by the combined true Magic of Friendship together! The last friendship problem, and the problems fixed makes it successful in concluding the series of the fourth generation of My Little Pony!

  6. This episode turns out to be a mess first in conflicts between Discord and Big MacIntosh; and then we have a marriage of both Big MacIntosh and Sugar Belle together. Therefore, I will say this is a great episode when they got married! Congratulations to both Big MacIntosh and Sugar Belle for getting married! That was since PewDiePie got married with Marzia before hitting 100 million subscribers on YouTube on that week. Now that's what I call this an antepenultimate episode of the season and the series with this episode title! Also, I like that part when Lyra and Bon Bon (Sweetie Drops) showed up their rings together as a proposal for them!
  7. The Cutie Mark Crusaders became grown-ups as mare ponies? That was unexpected when they wished for that to travel on the train ride to that event, and that was not an easy thing. I knew what's that going to happen next for that event. They wish what they taught about when they were grown-ups. Therefore, I will say this is a good episode at 8/10.
  8. That's great that we have another Daring Do episode again! The truth is that Dr. Caballeron as Groom Q. Q. Martingale is actually a fake author for Daring Do novels that is completely misleading, as been seen or heard from Rainbow Dash. I knew what this is going to happen next. Fluttershy went on with Dr. Caballeron's gang while Rainbow Dash stays behind with Daring Do - that was a split up of our mane six focus. Honestly, Rainbow Dash and Daring Do will have to keep a low-profile on them is by sneaking after them to that ancient temple until that creature Ahuizotl detects both. Right at the conclusion, Ahuizotl revealed the truth behind his villainous actions. I knew what Fluttershy is curious about that kind of truth. Therefore, I will say this is a great episode too for a successful adventure! ~Allen
  9. Hiring for a new vice headmare at the School of Friendship was not an easy task for them, so I will say that Starlight Glimmer will have to think carefully for those vice headmare candidates. That's when it was a complete mess in the classroom, Twilight Sparkle fixed the damage magically as much to Trixie's dismay to Starlight's dismay outcomes. Right at the conclusion, Starlight Glimmer (along with Sunburst) formally offers Trixie to be provided as a new student counselor at the School of Friendship. That's when Trixie threw her plant Phyllis in the garbage can for office re-decorations, she cried out for Phyllis , and I will say that's funny for that part! You know what? I will say this is a great episode! I will thank them for making appearances of Octavia, DJ-P0N3, and Dr. Hooves in this episode! When I saw Spoiled Rich again in this episode, I say "Spoiled Rich? No way! Why she's here for?"
  10. I don't smoke cigars nor cigarettes, even after I turned 18, because I don't want to risk myself of lung disease and some poison gas like carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning for that. My dad do smoke a cigarette at anytime.
  11. Really? Because I would expect that pony status at 1,500 posts as a potential goal. Those new ranking images look great to me, including that metamorphosed changeling and sea-pony rank too! Also, I have a sea-pony rank too as unexpected, so I will say that's good for that ranking update.
  12. I have to admit. We should conclude this season finale with a song too as I expected that before. After defeating the league of villains (the Legion of Doom), I suppose that we have a song on the 25th episode.

  13. I'm prepared for the ninth season finale today tonight after the concert! We're going to anticipate our final threat to Equestria from our league of villains, known as the Legion of Doom! ~Allen

  14. Both Rarity and Spike had a hard time in this episode, so I knew what is going on between both as I genuinely want them to make things right again, as with Gabby's appearance. I will say this episode is good in my opinion.
  15. Happy 9th anniversary of Friendship is Magic! I'm prepared for the season finale tomorrow after the concert!

    1. Blivy


      Mhm gonna be great!