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  1. spoiler

    This episode was Starlight Glimmer's first cutie map mission. Princess Twilight Sparkle appears as a ballerina music box asking for Starlight Glimmer about the situation and I say "Adorable ballerina music box with my favorite pony in it." The problem in this episode is when Princess Celestia and Princess Luna arguing/bickering with each other, Starlight Glimmer switched their actual cutie marks in a temporary amount of time of 24 hours and I said "Starlight Glimmer, why did you switch their cutie marks? Switch them back!" At the dream world, there's something going on in the dream world and I would think that was Starlight Glimmer's fault after she switched their actual cutie marks, there's a fight between Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker (an arrogant and more powerful version of Princess Celestia), and later on in the Canterlot throne room, Princess Celestia made both Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker disappear. After 24 hours with their cutie marks being switched, their actual cutie marks are automatically switched back to where they belong and Starlight Glimmer's cutie mark flashes and I say "Mission Success!" So I will say this is an excellent episode and likely to be my favorite pony episode!
  2. I would like to go bowling. Probably on my birthday, I will know how to curve a ball to get a strike. I got a score up to 300 on my phone app and likely up to 100 or more in real life.
  3. spoiler

    This episode went successful for both Applejack and Rarity, so I will say this is an excellent episode as well! Those ponies are dressed up in a fashioned way at the near ending part, they like their new designs better.
  4. I was very busy, so probably I would be here because I'm doing something else on the internet as well with gaming. I know how to design a website now, a simple website in HTML.

    1. Jeric


      You have a new avatar!!!!

      Looks good Allen!

      Also, keep learning web. The deeper you get the more rewarding it is. 

    2. Allen


      Thanks, Jeric! (Jared) :D

  5. My current avatar represents the background gradient of blue and purple transparent, airline icons, pony cutie marks, and my name initials. I can update my avatar at anytime in the future.
  6. spoiler

    I like the part when Big McIntosh impresses Sugar Belle by fixing her bakery at the near-ending part before Feather Bangs does that, so I will say this is an excellent episode!
  7. Summer is here, so the school is finished until the middle of August! :D

  8. My public independent school district will end this Thursday on June 1st, 2017; so I'm almost finished with my junior year! But I didn't want to miss them after they graduated high school from my school, which means I expect they can visit my school at anytime including my orchestra concert as well!
  9. I will say Happy Memorial Day and remember those people who died in our country's armed forces! It's almost the end of the 2016-2017 school year, so my school district will end this Thursday!

  10. spoiler

    I will say this episode is great! In my opinion for this episode: When Scootaloo introduces to Rainbow Dash's parents, she screams out and I say "Stop! You're too annoying!" Another part is when Rainbow Dash's parents shout and cheer out at their daughter Rainbow Dash (and her fellow Wonderbolts), I say "Stop! You're too annoying and I want you to keep it down!" and Rainbow Dash is annoyed at this as well with her fellow Wonderbolts. Being disappointed at her parents by being too loud, she makes them cry and I say "You can't do that to your parents like that!" At the later part, her parents is calm now and I will say that's okay when they watch the private Wonderbolt event, they hug each other after the event. The last thing is in school is Scootaloo explains about Rainbow Dash is her inspirational pony in her life and Rainbow Dash along with her parents cheers out at Scootaloo. And it went successful.
  11. I'm sorry I'm late to post a comment here on this thread, so I will say this is a great episode! Some parts in the episode are successful is when a filly named Chipcutter earned his cutie mark and Ripley likes to play fetch with a small branch given by Sweetie Belle that was found in Rarity's mane and Zipperwhill is happy now to be successfully reconnected with each other. It's a job well done for the Cutie Mark Crusaders (CMCs) including Sweetie Bell as well.
  12. Good morning, bronies! I'm sorry I'm late to post on this website!

    1. Johnny1226


      Good morning Allen 

  13. Sorry, I'm late, because I was busy. I attended their orchestra concert last Tuesday at my previous school and the band concert today at my school!

  14. My homeschool orchestra concert today evening is phenomenal! :D:love:

  15. I played at the competition and enjoyed myself at the orchestra party at my homeschool orchestra director's house yesterday! :D Now looking forward for my orchestra concert tomorrow evening!