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  1. Happy St. Valentine's Day and Hearts and Hooves Day, Twilight Sparkle! You deserve to be my valentine!
  2. I wish all of you Happy St. Valentine's Day! Also, Happy Hearts and Hooves Day for ponies too!

  3. I prefer being alone at some places but not always, as I'm on the computer and my phone all the time. Fortunate from being alone, I would like to hang around with some of my friends and some other people at sometimes whom I will recognize with their familiar faces and their shoes as well. That means when I'm in school, college, parks, or other official events; then I may recognize who they are to me, including when I last saw them.
  4. Yes, it is a new decade now as it goes with a third digit of the current year. We're in the 2020s now, 2010s is finished.
  5. Happy New Year, every-pony! I know what I can expect in this new decade. A newer advanced technology.

  6. My internet connection is back up in my house again, because my dad accidentally cut the connection wires in my backyard while trying to find and eliminate the termites that may crawl into my house.

  7. From my aunt and cousin in my current city, I got a $50 Visa gift card before they go out-of-town and before Christmas. I also got a gift from my aunt in Chicago: the money reward.
  8. Merry Christmas and Happy Hearth's Warming Eve to all of you too! Imagine that, Princess Luna, I loved your solo song too from the Hearth's Warming special episode! My gift for Christmas would be a new small whiteboard and a new refillable whiteboard markers (non-Expo).
  9. 516 We wouldn't be able to make it to that number by next Wednesday if we don't have enough people to post it here. I'll let you keep counting on this.
  10. Yo! Merry Christmas, every-pony on the forum!

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    2. Allen


      You too, Splashie.

    3. applesjck


      Merry Christmas!

    4. Allen


      Yes, you too, Applejack fan.

  11. For Black Friday, I spent hours playing Flight Simulator X flying to Tahiti with a larger airplane.

  12. Is your name Andrea Libman as her voice actor? You can sing that high E and A note since the pony episode you sang first. I prefer I'll let you sing Vivaldi's Spring Concerto from the Four Seasons when you know it's spring time in Equestria.
  13. Since we have Fluttershy banner and her reputation emoticons on this pony forum website right now, I'll make my post here on this fan club. When I want to meet with Fluttershy by her voice actor, she would literally be nervous to say "hi" to me in her voice despite being too kind. A lovable pony like you, kindness is filled with hearts. I am also a kind person like her.
  14. What an adorkable picture of her as a kirin! But as an alicorn with wings as a unicorn, should she have wings as a kirin? I never seen her grown up like that since she ascended as the new Equestrian ruler from the very last episode of Friendship is Magic. I prefer keeping her model as a younger mare while still being an alicorn.
  15. 483,289 That's good for you to keep counting on this one.