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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

  3. I really hoped the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic will go away soon, so the vaccine production are well at the third phase this month, and those will be ready to be distributed to all COVID-infected people soon. Social distancing should always been necessary by the CDC during this pandemic in order to slow down the spread and flatten the curve, which what I've been expecting before the end of this year. I hope y'all stayed safe, and I'm still safe too at home. I've never got tested, which I'm fine from other people in public.
  4. Guys, it's my 20th birthday today! Wish me a "Happy Birthday"!

  5. Okay, I have YouTubers and viral musicians in this topic, which one of you bronies may be familiar with when you visited their channels on YouTube. Additionally, I will just let you know that Tabitha's St. Germain's birthday was not accurate, which I've been mis-leaded of what I saw first until she stated it on Twitter for her correct and actual birth; it may not be August, but probably in October. If one of you were born on a Wednesday, then I thought you were born on the same day of the week as her. Per Unkitty's note, it may be hard for one of you to read the RGB yellow text, and I made it slightly darker for you to see it a little more clearer. At last, I will still remember this topic to figure them out what day of the week they were born on with their accurate birth information.
  6. Hope you’re having a happy birthday! ^_^ 

    1. Allen


      Thanks, buddy! I'm 20 that started from the international date line first.

    2. Allen


      Thanks, buddy! I'm 20 that started from the international date line first.

  7. *Follows* Happy Fourth of July, New Friend! :D

    1. Allen


      I like your quoted meme for the 4th of July, buddy! I posted a Trixie 2020 Calendar today on DeviantArt, so check it out and see!

    2. Sparklefan1234


      AWESOME WORK, My Friend! :D

  8. Allen


    I can tell you that fireworks are going to be loud when you set it off at night time! Y'all have a Happy 4th of July, especially you, Trixie when you're an honorary pony guest on the forum! Also, I like what @Sparklefan1234 said "Trixiependence Day", so that's part of the 4th of July meme from Trixie pony.
  9. Happy Independence Day, and Happy 4th of July too for the 244th anniversary! One thing we celebrate the 4th of July this year is going to be different during this COVID-19 pandemic. I suppose I watch fireworks tonight.

    1. Yoshi89


      Not in my neighborhood, they aren't. A lot of parties and people setting off fireworks.

  10. Thanks for following me! ^_^

    1. Allen


      You're welcome, because you're a kind sub on the forum.

  11. Since former vice president Joe Biden became the Democratic nominee for this year's presidential election after Senator Bernie Sanders was the last one to be dropped out, I'll set up a poll here on my blog. I will vote for Joe Biden for this one. I wish Bernie Sanders should have been the nominee when he ran for president for the second time after 2016, which Biden ran for president for the third time and he really wants to lead the nation. I know what President Trump has done during his presidency, especially during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. I want Biden to fix everything for what Trump has done, and sure President Biden will fix it to make everyone feel better and pleased. If Biden wins, then a two-term presidential streak since Bill Clinton's presidency will be broken. During this COVID-19 pandemic, I want the vaccines be developed as quickly as possible within this year or by the end of this year, and go into distribution to all COVID-infected people for free! Oxford in England are well at the second phase of developing a COVID-19 vaccine right now; the vaccine candidate will be AZD1222.
  12. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. Yes, MLB baseball will be back in session next month before my 20th birthday!

    1. EpicEnergy


      Awesome! :yay:

  13. I haven't watched Pony Life episode yet. Basically, Canada aired it early before the official premiere in the US, so I may have to wait until the actual series premiere date is announced.

  14. I haven't been here for a while, as I'm currently backing up all my files before inserting my new 1TB SSD drive inside my new laptop for additional gaming (Fortnite, almost all Call of Duty games (including Warzone too), Gears of War Ultimate Edition, Overwatch, etc.) despite that I have a minor defect in one hit spot on my brand new laptop touchscreen.

    Additionally, I got the best possible ending in Black Ops 2 by going through the whole campaign including Strike Force missions (required to ensure the USS Obama is intact as long as Briggs still lives) as well, and I completed at least five challenges (almost all) in every campaign mission to unlock everything in custom loadout. I did this on Recruit difficulty first. Also, I found all the intel in game too.

  15. Yes, I did this pacer test. Back in high school during my senior year, I ran like 38 rounds for my physical running challenge with my fellow gym boys.