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  1. I'm off the whole week on Thanksgiving, so I get to be here with you guys everyday! But the thing is I will mainly focus on schoolwork and take the SAT to improve my SAT score to get ready for college.

  2. Hey y'all, set all the clocks back 1 hour today because the Daylight Saving Time ends today and get an extra hour of sleep.

    1. Vulon Bii

      Vulon Bii

      All my clocks are set by the internet, so I don't have to do anything. :P

    2. Allen
  3. Oh, Happy Birthday, dear administrator Dark Horse! :D

    1. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      Thank you, dearest Allen! ^-^

  4. Happy Halloween, bronies! I give out a few candies to those who came to my house today.

    1. ChB


      Happy Nightmare Night, Allen!

  5. Those background ponies are stressful about the friendship book that was brought for every-pony. But at the end, it went successful for all the mane 6 ponies including Starlight Glimmer herself as well as those two fillies! So I will say this is an excellent episode! Also, the song in this episode, it's in D major and B minor (but I thought this song is just in B minor when I hear this first), so that's an excellent song as well!
  6. I got straight A's because I keep working hard in school!

  7. Their story since years or decades ago before Nightmare Moon is set free, those two ponies Bright Mac and Pear Butter are best friends and love each other. They were going to get married but was interrupted by Grand Pear and Granny Smith by means felt of disappointment between their parents. I didn't want those two ponies who were trying to get married leave with their disappointed parents! Also, the song in this episode is in D major, so it was a lovely song with her voice after coming back from the hiatus in this season!
  8. The tea party in Discord's house was good for both Discord and Fluttershy. As Discord started to fade out, Fluttershy has to act chaotic in his house before he completely disappears!
  9. I have to re-watch previous episodes in this season and post to episode topics that I did not post on the episode topics while I was busy. I'm looking forward for the 7th season finale next week.

  10. The Homecoming Dance at my school in the cafeteria was excellent! :D But the thing is I forgot to put on tuxedo clothing as I'm coming to the homecoming dance for the first time. The next dance is the high school prom that is for all seniors, I will wear the tuxedo clothing as a reminder of the upcoming prom. ~Allen

  11. The UIL region contest went successful and I almost made a perfection in state etude cuts! I'm coming to the Homecoming Dance at my school tonight! ~Allen

  12. Friday the 13th: Lucky or Unlucky? I will say it's lucky.

  13. I'm going for the region contest this Saturday, so I'm prepared. I will also go to the Homecoming Dance this Saturday as well in the evening at my school.

  14. Spoiler

    Fizzlepop, I hope you have your (broken) horn repaired because you're good now. As I saw in the movie it turns out in a flashback.
  15. Oh, Happy Pinkie Pie Day! Because party is the thing for her, we cheer for her.