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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Fallen Valkyrie

    Private Following the Dream

    Our two litle adventurers started following the pony dressed in red and couple of priest. The group walked true the great city nonchalantly, they did not look suspisous but clearly the maiden in red was a centar of attention, and when ever she speaks the priests would have smile or laugh. As they walk they did not look too much out of ordinary for this city, but from time to time some creature would turn atound amd look at them, maybie because they would recognize the Hero, or maybie just because of the red maidens beautifull look. Our little adventurers did not h
  3. Fallen Valkyrie

    Private Following the Dream

    And so our litle adventurers got comfortable in the cafe across the great church of Ruvenhain and have started to wait. About an hour and a half later, true the city rang the bells of chruch and the might wooden dore opened, and from the churche emerged the great "Hero" dressed in beautiful red dress, with one black lantern encrusted with couple of white gems, the "Hero's" hair was short and orange with small burn marks on its ends. The "Hero" had dignified aura surounding her and on the frst, and prety much second look this could have been some one un known pony, but to our litle
  4. Fallen Valkyrie

    Private Following the Dream

    There was nothing overly interesting in the goships to be heared in this cafe, even do it had more then half of tables, creature did not talk about something overly usefull thet would help our little adventurers in there quest. There was mostly small talk betwene groups of usuly two creature (of same race), for the matter of fact there were not a single table thet had two or more creature of diferent race. This could maybie be because of something church was teaching or it could have just been thet Flearia walked in here in bad time. Flearia got her Late relatively quickly, it was a b
  5. Fallen Valkyrie

    Private Following the Dream

    Indus opened his ears, and cleared his mindin hope of hearing annything about the "Hero" thet they think its Jacky. He heared a lot of different things, great majority of it was just things about the religion this church spread in Ruvenhain, there were many legends of pagan gods there were conquered by the "The One" before he raised the church and showed the true path evryone should follow. He also heared a bit about how creatures live here. He heared soft whispers about how the church rulles evrything from the shadows, ptobably soft and silent as the ones talking did not want to
  6. Fallen Valkyrie

    Private Following the Dream

    And with thet our little adventurers moved true the small street's and cramped side streeta of Ruvenhain. After around fifteen minutes of walking the masive white churche appered in front of our heroes. From our heroes point of view church was so tall it chalinged the sun it self. If out little adventurers are to look around they would find out thet they are in some sort of a centar of the city, and unlike at the trading part of the city here there were much less shops, but thos who were there were not street shop but much classier and luxuries shops in the buildings.
  7. Fallen Valkyrie

    Private Following the Dream

    White one flapped her wingsand raised her right one and pointed it tiwered the one alley on the left side of our litle adventurers. "If you go true thet alley, and on second one make right and then...er....I think 4th left. You should be in front of the church."
  8. Fallen Valkyrie

    Private Following the Dream

    "You did not heared?!" Dragon started this time "The hero saved an entire village down south from fire..." The white one continued "It was glories, in the midle of the night a fire started and before annyone could do annything it spread all over the village. But luckly The Hero was there and she saved evry one." Black one continued from this point "If you are realy thet eager to return thet to her, she should be with arch priest some were around the church."
  9. Fallen Valkyrie

    Private Following the Dream

    Closest group to Flearia was not realy thet big, it were three creatures (one was white pony like creature with white glowy eyes and white wings, second was almost its oposite, it had dark as coal skin with dark black eyes and black wings. And the 3th creature was an green dragon). Creature looked among them self after Flearia said the description of the Jacky, and the white one started "I dont know about 'red coat' but the great hero is from a pony race and she has red mane, and is always dresed is red...." But before white one could contineu, black one cut in front with its words
  10. Fallen Valkyrie

    Private Following the Dream

    Guard spit on the flore after Inuds and Flearias responded and with out a word moved to allowed them entrance into the city of Ruvenhain. After couple of seconds of walking true the dark hallways thet conected two sides of the wall, they finaly glanced at the beautifull city of Ruvenhain. This city was so huge thet even on the horizont, all our heroes could see were houses, and in the midle of all of em was an beautifull white church, it was quait tall and its roof chalinged the skyes them selfs. If our heroes wouod look for something to buy, they would sure find it here. By looks
  11. Fallen Valkyrie

    Private Following the Dream

    "And I am looking for lady on the white horse, but guess what." Guard started "I dont know were both of them are." Then he proceeded to pull an paper from his bag "For entering the city il need both of your signatures here."
  12. Fallen Valkyrie

    Private Following the Dream

    As our two adventurers got closer to the gates, they could see a lot of diferent creatures. There was an creature thet walked on two legs and had a pair of dark as coal wings on there back, there was an small blue creature with something thet looked like a flower on its head, also there was an creature a bit taller then our creature and it resembled a dragon. At the dores there were couple of guards in full golden armor, this two guards were a bit smaller then our heroes but because they were in full armor our heroes could not see details of what race were they. As oir
  13. Fallen Valkyrie

    Private Following the Dream

    And with thet our liyle adventures are off for Ruvenhain. They did not stick aroud to wait for ther contact, and started to go down the road on there own. It was not hard to find there way around towered right direction as Ruvenhain is quait big and importent town. It was a week of travel over quait good road, they did see lot of un usual creature along the road but unlike deamon ponys they did not gave them much attention. Our litle adventurers arive at the big town of Ruvenhain, they are currently stending about 100 feet from the masive grey wall, this is probab
  14. Fallen Valkyrie

    Private Following the Dream

    And with thet our litle adventurers were off to rest for the night. Night was mostly calm, only thing thet would from time to time happen was thet some litle critter would wonder in the cave our adventurers were occupying, but as doon as they wouod notice this they would run away. Morning came with soft, cold sun light from the outaide world. Snow was not falling, but the ground was still covered in litle layers of snow from days before. If our adventurers were to wait for a litle longer, there contact would probably show up, and if they did not want to wai
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