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  1. Oh snap! It has been 3 years since I've created this account. XD

  2. I am thinking about creating a fanfic about this new Foxist, and if it kick in, I will leave the backstory in a spoiler. How about this, guys?
  3. I am finally back folks. yay.

  4. Oh no... Well, I could complain, but it wouldn't do anything. Well, I had suggested my image long ago, but I think it got buried in the thread. It's my fault, I should have paid more attention. But relax, next time I'm sure I'll be in the photo XD
  5. She stared at him with fury. "I DON'T NEED ANY HELP!" "So if you don't need help, why are you escaping?", said one of the Chunks, with some notable sarcasm. "Damn, I think... No, Iniblia, you're fine", she said to herself, as she tried to gather more strength. However, the cold started to get in critical levels. The air was sterile. Like arrows, hundreds of shards took flight from the ice creatures. "Only option: Running", she thought. Unseen by the busy ponies, a strange being flapped its wings between the clouds, whose density almost covered the sun. From the ground, a mere black dot. In a closer distance, you could see two shining light-blue lines and two eyes on a pitch-black pony-like creature, with two horns. "[incompreensible words]... Found." Iniblia turned back, running towards the group. She shook her head as her mind started to get tired. She looked back, and the shards were about to fall upon her. Her mind suddenly tilted, calling her to a rest she would never come back. She luckily managed to avoid it when a shard, a big one, pierced the snow layer in front of her. She walked to the left to almost get hit by another one, and the more she avoided, the more the shards seemed to be forming a kind of a circle wall. A prison. Few moments later and she realized she was imprisoned. She looked up, and some kind of dark flying being was coming in her direction. "I didn't realized I was... Done.", she said as her throat almost got frozen solid. Iniblia closed her eyes, smiling at the coming end. And then a massive strike broke one of the shards.
  6. I really need to write something here...

  7. A swiftly moving gray dot could be seen from above. However, as she was getting near, a couple of cold entities could be felt by her sixth sense. Iniblia turned back to see three big shards flying towards her. The air was getting notably cold, and her brain's response was several chemical reactions that accelerated her heartbeats. She ran to the left to only realize the ice shards were actually seeking heat from their target. The only thing left to do was running. "Flesh cannot run forever", she heard from one of the falling Chunks, as the clouds seemed to be focusing on her. Several dodges in a row, she got struck by more ice, while energy seemed to be sucked from the earth. "What is this?", she thought, almost getting dangerously distracted by it. "Running again, sweetie? What a shame." The Chunks continued to taunt. "Why do they want to fight back?" She remembered the time she got frostbitten by the Big Chunk. Contact, it was the word. It actually was the perfect idea. “How many daggers am I holding?” She asked them. They laughed, saying: ”Certainly not enough”. However, in a blink of an eye, a hoof could be seen moving in a swiftly speed and a sound of a breaking crystal could be heard. One of her daggers went through one of the Chunks. As they tried to locate her, she fooled them. She dug through the ice bodies, shutting down one at a time. However, the more she was attacking, the deeper the cold energies were penetrating through her soul. “Let’s… embrace this”, she said, as she stopped feeling her hooves, and the chemicals’ reaction was slowing. She needed to escape again, but she didn’t seem to be actually ending this nightmare.
  8. Iniblia was starting to feel a bit irritated about some voices around. She turned her head back for a moment, and looked at Kasmeer, with her normal serious eyes, and nodded to the actual scene, as if she were saying "Why don't you help the team?" And then turned back to the situation. She could feel the confusion, and something cold under her skin. The only thing she was afraid of, that was the sense of control, took her out. She was at depending on something she didn't even know what it actually was, and her group, which didn't have a minimum of cohesion with each other. She looked at all the incoming danger. "What can I do? This was far from being what I expected..." "Look at yourself, little pony. Do what you've always done in these situations. Did you forget who you are?" "No, I didn't." "I just... Lost my... Fury. Like if I was cooling down. I need... Whatever I had before." "You are one of us!" She was staring now at the thin ice sharp Chunk that slammed nearby. It was staring at our big Chunk who was just "chilling" around [sorry for the jokz], with an angry face. "Come on, let's do this again? What's the matter?" It said, speaking with a thick and persuasive voice. Iniblia could be paying more attention if the unknown cold force weren't slowing her mind down. She just went back to 100% when the big Chunk said a memorable "~No." With that said, the Chunk moved his leg backward, and punched the thin Chunk. "One can't betray the system! I will make sure your soul will be trapped for centuries again!" And punched back as well. With that fight scene, the blood temperature of our heroin increasing. She knew that was pure ice, and there was no much lust in just hitting inanimate things with blades for her, but it was not a question of fun or desire now. Iniblia was in a place she didn't know and with ponies she had never seen before. "What am I doing with my life..." She said, jumping on Enzo and reaching for her saddle sheath, grabbing a blade ready to fight, while midair. ---------------------------- When she reached the ground, one of her knives was buried deep in the thin Chunk head. She was giving her back to it, expecting the Chunk to be one-hit-killed. However, she heard words that changed her soul: "You can't kill what's already dead." Hearing a mere noise, Iniblia suddenly dodged what was supposed to be a flying ice shard. A shard that came from a very far place. The aerodynamics of the ice shard were close to theoretical perfection, and its sharpness as well. This literal water blade did not melt a single drop or broke the smallest piece when it fell on the ground. "Where... Did this come from?" Guessing the direction from where the shard came from, she saw a giant Chunk full of spikes. "So... Who wants to play first!" She smiled. The low pressure of the air made possible for the sound to travel longer distances without losing too much energy per area. She didn't need to scream to taunt it back, smiling. "Now you're talking my language." As she was about to run, the big Chunk stopped her. "Take care, little pony. You are a skilled one." As she coldly replied, "You just gave the reason to not care about me at all." And then she turned to her teammates: "Let's leave these two things alone, and beat the one who's really wanting a fight. But of course," She looked to Enzo, "It's just a test of skill."
  9. I am a bit tired... I don't know anymore if I'm going to write in this RP, anymore. Look, it's not like I'm giving up when everything is just going to get started, but I realize there are things which I should improve at before trying to open more windows.
  10. Why the Asian guy never dies in The Walking Dead? Answer: That's racist.

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      Nothing. I wasn't referring to myself. God knows I don't care.

  11. "...What? Am I alive again? I feel... Warmth... Around me." The cold figure did not move a centimeter or emitted anything more intense than silence. His stare was trying to leak through Enzo's, while the condensing air was starting to surround the pony group. Several ice chunks of ice continued to fall around them, however about half a mile away. Its eyes turned then to the other ponies. "Why again? Why can't I get used to this life? They does not seem to be evil... No, this can't end like this." However, he was still. But the ground was trembling with a higher magnitude than before. Several ice figures were charging a powerful group tackle, coming from the foggy curtain in the terrain. The grass was now a mixture of green and white. The noises were making almost impossible for our captain to recover with efficiency, so she had to open her eyes and hope for the best. "Shut... the BUCK UP!" She jumped with extreme speed, murder in her eyes, both blades ready, and her pissed off instinct forcing her to hurt the one who did anything to her. While midair, a big "AHHHHHHH" went out fearless, and in a second, she stabbed the ice. Like two pickaxes, she continued to carve a hole in the thing, and then, suddenly, she got frostbitten in the attacking, open-mouth pose. Some cracking sounds took place, and the creature finally was able to move. It moved his head to her side, stared it for a couple of seconds, and then said, in a dry, ancient voice: "We didn't got time for talking, but if you give value for your existances, follow me. And for the courageous little one," It said, as it magically melted her back, "You almost got me. Let's go." ------------------------ The ice figure stopped for a couple of seconds. Iniblia looked at it, asking herself furiously how could it literally stop her attacks in a fraction of a second. It looked around, without any noise, and turned around slowly. "Let's go this way." "But what is going on anyway?" She asked it, confused. Another ice figure smashed the ground, this time with the shape of a thin, tall pony, and moving quickly. Sharp crystals of ice were in the place of its hooves, and its eyes were of a deep blue. He jumped into the group, but the big ice figure blocked his path. She gave a look to the sky, and the conclusion wasn't new: The haze did not stop yet.
  12. The clouds were starting to get a round shape, while the almost unseeable dark figures gained a purple shine. The atmosphere's temperature decreased to the point of condensing breath in about ten seconds. The air was getting drier. Iniblia closed her eyes, trying to wake the sixth sense inside her, unlocking a new level of perspective in this situation. "The moisture... I can feel it lifting..." She opened her eyes again, now with a slight reduction of sight in the area; An interesting kind of sudden climate change fogged the nearest cliffs. Her senses started to react a bit stronger than she would expect, and were covering each other, while Iniblia gave a few steps backward, feeling tilting presences from above along a slight chill climbing her bones. "Urghh... Are you ponies feeling this sensation of~" Slam! Something that, in a fraction of a second, could be interpreted as a large pony-sized, pony-shaped chunk of ice, smashed the ground below it, throwing Iniblia backwards. Over the few seconds later, multiple sounds of falling things took place in her overloaded audition. She couldn't actually see what was actually happening, although it was obvious: An overpowering haze, that by all means could not have been summoned by any regular group of flying beings. Our captain is fighting to recover her senses. The hostile storm needed to wait at least five seconds, but time does not stop. Two shining dots appeared in the head of the pony-shaped ice thing, in the place the eyes would be, and a green one inside the chest. That thing must be alive.
  13. "...Really?" "Wait, really? What the hay, it's like, there was a huge commotion in Ponyville about this! It's almost impossible to not get a clue about what I-" The sound of a thunder echoed through the fields. "Rain?" She thought. "Why raining right here? This is... strange." Iniblia looked to the sky. The weather changed notably, into rainy dark clouds. Some dark points were flying around these giant clouds above. They were unrecognizable by the distance, but didn't seem to be peaceful. "Okay, this must be some kind of a trap."