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  1. @@Lil Pip, Legend of Legaia gets my vote, too! I haven't played it in ages, but I remember it has a cool Dance/Rythym mini-game, in that tower-city place.
  2. "Tales of" Games Update The Tales of games span across consoles, from the Super Nintendo, on through the Playstation 4. I'm just gonna focus on the ones for the Playstation 1, since that's what this thread is all about. My brother and I have played almost every Tales of game, together, since most are multiplayer (during the battles). These games are in the Japanese RPG genre, but with a twist. The battles are not menu-driven. Well, to be fair, you can open a menu during battles, and it pauses the battle, and you can manually select items to use, change button layouts, spells, skills, and stuff, but really, you mostly are gonna be using button combos for your standard and special attacks. The things I like the best about the Tales of Series, are the storylines, and the exploration. Tales of Phantasia is a re-make of Namco's very first Tales of game. It was originally made for the Super NES, and has been re-released on several platforms, including the PSOne. The Disk Art shown above is not official. It's something my brother made for the English-Patched version of the Japanese game. http://youtu.be/MHR6wdUBSgc It's about a dude named Cress, and his best friend Chester, and there's Time Travel, and a Mana Tree, and there is a Half-Elf named Arche that rides on a broom. Hilarity ensues. The PS1 version, of this game, never got an official English release, but there's a link to a fan-made patch, a few posts above this one. Tales of Destiny http://youtu.be/hlkxTnjdLrk It's about a dude named Stahn, who sleeps like a rock, and meets a Talking Sword, and meets Other People, and more Talking Swords, and they have to save the world, and stuff. Tales of Destiny II (Eternia) Synopsys Coming Soon! ===== Update ===== Tales of Destiny II (Eternia) http://youtu.be/gV2LtbRgJ64 <-- Link to the YouTube video of the Opening Animation There's no sound until the 15 second mark. That's normal. Of the three, this one has the best storyline, IMHO. It also features tons of English voice acting, and has lost of anime style cutscenes. Reid and Farah, meet a strange girl named Meredy, in the forest, and they embark on a quest, to help out Meredy.
  3. I also have three "Tales of" Games for PSone. I'll take some photos, and talk about them, after I finish eating dinner. One of them (Tales of Phantasia) never officially got an English version, but there's a patch available. Also, Tales of Eternia was re-named "Tales of Destiny II" when released officially in the USA, which is confusing, because Eternia is not a sequel to Destiny, AND as there is a "Tales of Destiny II" game for PS2 that IS a sequel to Destiny.
  4. Does Final Fantasy Anthology come with Chrono Trigger? Or is it the other FF-Pack thing? Chrono Trigger is one of my all time fav SNES Games. I also have the DS Version, but haven't played it much cause I would rather play it on a TV. I've been thinking about getting the Playstation version. I heard it has anime cutscenes and other extra stuff.
  5. Wow! This thread has strange timing... My brother recently acquired a refurbished PSOne! Like, two days ago! I've been playing the first Wild ARMS game on it. It's pretty awesome! I've played the PS2 version of the first game, before (Alter Code:F), but according to my brother, and my early experiences so far, the PS2 version is not just a prettied up version of the PS1 Game. They are, like, very different games. Both are cool, though. ==================== He also got Wild Arms 2. I've only played it a little bit. I'm not to sure about this game. My brother says the storyline is kinda darker than the other games... But I'm gonna try to be brave, and give it a go, after I finish playing the First Game. :awuh: ==================== A certain somepony wants me to mention an advantage you have, when playing PS1 games on a PS1, instead of a download from the Playstation Store... Any old Gameshark will work on the gray Playstations, but the GameShark Lite is designed to also be compatible with the white "slim/small" PSOne systems. If you aren't in the USA, i think they call them Action Replay or Codebreaker or something like that...
  6. Another book, and a new Plushie! The book is titled Starlight Glimmer and the Secret Suite. It, like, was just released, Two Days Ago! The new plushie is Starlight Glimmer, made by Aurora World. Both were purchased on Amazon.
  7. As promised, here are photos of The Princess Collection books: Princess Celestia and The Summer of Royal Waves, Princess Luna and The Festival of the Winter Moon, Princess Cadance and The Spring Hearts Garden Twilight Sparkle and the Forgotten Books of Autumn will be released on Nov 1'st, 2016. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's a group shot of the Paperbacks I own, so far: Twilight Sparkle and The Crystal Heart Spell Pinkie Pie and the Rockin' Ponypalooza Party! Rainbow Dash and The Daring Do Double Dare Rarity and The Curious Case of Charity Applejack and The Honest-to-Goodness Switcheroo Fluttershy and The Fine Furry Friends Fair It's cheaper to get the Box Set, of the Mane Six's Books, instead of buying them individually. The following two books aren't part of the box set: Discord and The Ponyville Players Dramarama Lyra and Bon Bon and The Mares from S.M.I.L.E. Speaking of Box Sets... The Friendship Through the Ages Boxed Set comes with the first four movie Books. Book 5 and Book 6 are sold separately. Amazon has Book 7, The Legend of Everfree, set for release on Sept 6'th. I dunno why that is. I mean, I know That Movie will premier on Netflix, on Oct 1'st... and the Blu Ray and DVD will be released on Nov 1'st... Seems weird to release the Book before The Movie. Maybe it'll air on Cable TV earlier? Been avoiding the Movie Forums, because spoilers, and watching the Episodes through iTunes, so I dunno...
  8. I just finished reading the two "Princess Collection" books shown above (for Celestia and Cadence), while I wait for Amazon to deliver the Luna one, and a bunch of other Pony Books! I'll show more photos of the Celestia and Cadence books (I bought them locally, yesterday) along with today's New Books, once they arrive. It just started raining. Again. I'm gonna put my raincoat back on, get my Umbrella, and stand next to my mailbox. :awuh: Books + Rain =
  9. Hallmark Stores also stock the smaller Pony Plushies, as does Hastings, CVS, and Walgreens. Some Grocery Stores, such as Kroger, have some near the Greeting Cards on the end caps of the aisles.
  10. I'm so excited! Searched all of the Targets, and Wall Marts, in Pearland and Pasadena (Texas) and finally found Her!
  11. I have even more Equestria Girls Minis! :idea: I just can't get enough of em. Any word on when Sunset Shimmer's Equestria Girls Mini doll will be released in the USA? What about Octavia? Are they even making one for her?
  12. Speaking of Store-Exclusive Sets, Toys R Us has a new one (that I lovingly call "The Glitter Minis") called The Elements of Friendship. Kinda makes me think of The Glitter Force... As far as I know, The Elements of Friendship set is sold as three separate packages. One for Dashie, one for AJ, and one for the remaining four of the Mane Six (Rarity, Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, and Pinkie Pie). More Photos:
  13. Would love to see some photos, when you get the time. Is this the Target Exclusive Wonderbolts set, with Derpy, you are talking about? Additional Wonderbolts Set Photos: The only Guardians of Harmony figure I have, so far, is Princess Celestia. Photos coming soon. I'm also looking forward to the release of the smaller GoH figures, they look really cool. Kinda glad there was a pause in new Pony Merch, for a while there. Gave me the chance to put monies aside for my Rainy Day Pony Fund. :idea:
  14. Umm.. Well.. I'm not entirely sure....? :awuh: Not sure if i got your character right? Leme know if I need to change the text. ~_^