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  1. I'm glad I've chosen Teemo as my main. I have no regrets.

  2. I haven't watched MLP since Stranger Than Fan Fiction, but I got a glimpse of the new Changeling. M'Kay then. I guess they are less intimidating to other ponies now. But might take a long time before I can get used to that.

    1. Prospekt


      Do watch all of The Times They Are A Changeling, it's probably my favorite Spike episode

    2. Thunder Tinker

      Thunder Tinker

      Once I'm free, which is gonna be soon with the oncoming Lunar New Year, I'm gonna binge through the second half of Season 6.

  3. Tinker hummed softly at the offer, raising a hoof to rub his chin. "It'd be splendid if you allow me to go into your vault. From what I've seen, these aren't exactly combat ready." His horn lit up and one of the mechanical wing unfold from his body, slowly extending out as if to emphasize his point. "I need to upgrade their durability while keeping it flexible enough for me to take sharp turns. The material I usead here would be fine for general flying, but if I went too fast around a corner, they'd break."
  4. Let's see if I can write up a reply. Busy school life has been....devastating. For RP replies, anyways.
  5. Tinker raised a brow at the magitech robot, humming softly. "Yes, having been working on it for years." He answered, pointing a hoof at the robot. "You made this magitech robot?" He asked in return, before looking behind the yellow unicorn for the materials that might come in handy for him. "Also...What kinds of materials are on sale? Maybe something lightweight but strong?"
  6. We are but school makes life extremely busy for me. I'll try to get a post up today or tomorrow.
  7. @@bronislav84 Tinker sighed in relief once he finally arrived at the town near the Bangcolt Arena. Not the one for long rides, he wasn't really fond of the trip, despite the quality of the train. The unicorn dragged his luggage along with his magic, heading to an inn. After having dealt with renting a place to stay and sorting out the rest of his belongings in his apartment, he headed out to the town to explore. "Hm... This shop might provide me with what I need to repair and perhaps upgrade my wings..." He thought to himself, opening the door with magic as he walked inside. He was als
  8. I'm really confused as to what is going on in the RP at the moment.
  9. Life has been busy for me and it dragged me away from MLPF for a while. If no big event is going on, I'll try to get Tinker to join in.
  10. "Suffering is Magic!"- Hecarim. I can't believe Riot hid an FiM reference in LoL.

  11. Can I join the RP now? Or do I need to wait for the other DMs for approval?
  12. I'll be on the LoE Singapone server, everypony! Searc for Thunder Thinker or Arcing Storm and you'll find me!

  13. Legend of Equestria Open Servers hype! I will be on either Thunder Tinker or Arcing Storm! Meet you there!

  14. Feels... Well, three songs in particular from Undertale:
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