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  1. War Thunder, I drive the giga chad Maus, those pesky flea jets think they stand a chance against this Giga 188 tonne beast.
  2. All you're gonna find in there is protein shakes and pictures of Rarity, don't question the pictures of Rarity in my fridge you nightmare snowman.
  3. Simply go back to sleep, even a snowman Krueger isn't getting through these chad muscles.
  4. Mr Reeves may be a cool guy, but is he a chad, I think not.
  5. Machamp, Machoke, Machop, all highly underrated chads. Overrated Pokemon would easily be my chad dragon rival, Chadrizard.
  6. Logan Paul, Why? Look at him, he's the chaddest Tuber around.
  7. I'll always miss the lap of the white unicorn herself.
  8. An egg I think, that or a dimension where all the ultra chads are born.
  9. Rarity, nothing much else really.
  10. The biggest chaddest dragon about.
  11. A nice mixture of colgate and the finest gems to keep this pearly chad smile.