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  1. Lektra Bolt

    Searching Mechquestria: System Reboot

    And I still need to make some edits. My computer has been on the fritz and it's better but not quite fixed
  2. I'm down for this idea, but let's just not have the choice thing and leave the reason for the forge being shut down as an unknown, or at least something that doesn't involve Equestria that heavily. The Zords are from Equestria and would need that world to stay magical to function. I'll keep tinkering. Computer has been having issues lately, and as of this writing I don't know if the bandaid fix I put on will fix it.
  3. It's an interesting idea, but it would not only directly involve Equestria which I'm trying to minimize, but would also mean the players would have to make a choice. EG is nice, but pretty sure we'd all choose to keep Equestria a magical place. I'm also trying to go further back than just a thousand years for the time period of it being shut off, and SS isn't immortal or otherwise unaffected by the passing of time like the sisters. It's interesting but would just create an issue of only saving one world. Since it's your idea how would you resolve this? As for Luster and Sci Twi we didn't really finish that. I was thinking Luster could be our Android Ranger like in Operation Overdrive, getting sent from Equestria but getting damaged in the crossing and needing to be rebuilt to be a human. But you never decided which direction you'd like to take Sci Twi. I imagine she would find out about this first and all the girls in general would feel threatened by another group of geode wielders. I'd like to involve them, but the problem is players tend to not want to play the canon's. The other girls will have very minor roles, if any at all
  4. Waiting for input from @Denim&Venomand @Drago Ryder
  5. What happened to A True True Friend? Really nobody has thought about it? If I'm getting my titles wrong, it's the one from Magical Mystery Cure after/during getting the Cutie Mark's back in order This song is kinda close to my heart, even though the episode is IIRC not very liked. Too late to add it in?
  6. Unless it's a really powerful villain like you know who, we are assuming that the villains are at max possible power at all times, balanced only by how much magical ability is allowed to the world by the Magiforge. For comparison purposes, this is how I'm rationalizing that the Rangers need to transform in the first place. It's a 'get on my level' kind of thing. In Season 2 they would transform to again match the villains, who are considered Op at max world magic level. Also how I've always rationalized fights being 5 or more on one. You need a minimum of 5 Rangers to match 1 monster, or a powered up Red/Extra (Special suit). Though in later seasons, Extras have been able to match the monster or a squad without needing a Special like the Battleizer I haven't worked out how S2 will work yet. Just trying to set the lore and work out the starting details. If we need to make changes we will
  7. Yeah, and gain Equestria ability for short periods. Only a geode will allow you to to function fully like someone from Equestria, and only in powered up form. While there is no actual duration limit, it's encouraged to not just stay transformed indefinitely for balance purposes
  8. @Denim&Venom@TBD@Drago Ryder Good news guys! I have an idea! I've been thinking about this a lot and here is a (messy) version of what's been in my head I'd like to do a what if EG world, taking the canon into account but making it work with what I establish here. So like it happened, but we are adding to it. I would like Canterlot High School eventually to become a school of magic. How? Well let me present my idea. The Magiforge (tentative name) is a sentient ancient artifact that has lain dormant underground for millennia in EG. Due to an unknown event (This can be decided on if necessary) it has stopped it's rotation for these millennia, removing magic from the world and making EG a magic-less 'regular' world. With the leaking of magical energies from Equestria the forge has started to turn again, ever so slowly. The geodes are a representation of magic attempting to come back to the world. As magic continues to leak from Equestria the forge will spin faster and more supernatural things will happen in EG until the forge is spinning enough that it will make EG into a world where pony-like magic works again EG humans will be able to have abilities like the Equestria races, but for now we are starting small. Only those who have found a geode and are chosen by the Magiforge will be able to use magic, and only while in Ranger form. The Magiforge Conduit in Ranger HQ (in the school, exact location to be decided) must be protected. The forge itself is in the planet's core and cannot be destroyed, especially since the villains will be able to take advantage of it too. How the villains got here Starswirl trapped many bad guys in this magic-less world, thinking their powers will be dampened and they would be unable to cause any damage. With the Magiforge starting to spin again, ordinary humans living here since being trapped who forgot why they were still alive for so long are discovering that they are actually not so ordinary. Some of the bad guys had gone into hibernation from a lack of magic, but are now starting to wake up. The Power Rangers: Harmony Force Take up your Morpher! Magical Source, Harmony Force! Each Power Ranger will have a Geode Morpher and will be allowed one ability while in civilian form. Anything more significant will require morphing and the other members to be present, at least one. More for more complicated spells. A spellbook will not be provided, and players can come up with spells as the RP continues, pending GM approval. Think of this one ability as your Pony Talent or racials. When morphed you will also have a racial ability, so if your counterpart is a Dragon you can fly and breathe fire. Be sure to choose a race counterpart! Non Ranger players are allowed. Amount of Rangers is to be decided, but I'd like 5 or 6, or a max of 7 or 8. People who have watched enough PR would know why these numbers are important.
  9. @TBD @Denim&Venomthis all works for me, I know you guys can run it well. I'll get to work writing a draft and run it by you in here before posting it and asking for this thread to be closed
  10. My main concern with that first one is she's been shown as not only deathly afraid of going evil again, but Midnight was defeated in her mind. So not only is she not going to let it happen, but it's just not something that can happen anymore based on prior events. We have a villain though, many in fact. I've given you an idea earlier of how we can being in Luster, but her being evil is just unnecessary as we have a a whole Cadre that could drive us batty for a while. Trust me, I know But there are a few things that would still nerd to be worked out, and that's what could have damaged her enough or why she she comes here, and stuff like that
  11. So like invests in sponsoring other peoples tech and has some income going in from that, I like it. As for Twi, which do you think would seem more plausible, and which would you enjoy playing more? Probably the former. A saving Twi arc
  12. That works. On a teachers salary though? Maybe development is somewhat further along and she has an income on the side? We will still need repair materials if we go with the learning and adapting What role DO we want for Twi? She's too much into investigating to stay away
  13. He's already said he ain't doing it remember? Is he allowing you to run them? It was his idea so I'm not sure if it would feel right without his permission. Feel free to discuss how were converting them to humanoids in EG
  14. Hmm if we tie it too much to Equestria then that might present the problem that it's too complicated to repair after battles, since they're magical. We would need to explain how we can repair them, and where the materials to do so come from. Self repair can only go so far. Losing a chunk and regrowing or reattaching seems kinda cheap to me. Not cheap like cost, but cheap like is the robot Deadpool? For how long? Working together then? I'm sure Twi would wanna be involved, or at least she's too much into investigating to not find out on her own. She did with the girls originally that something weird was going on. I figure she'd find out anyway
  15. @TBD@Denim&Venom @Drago Ryder (Mentioning Drago cause he did post having interest still) Guys we're the only ones left that care about this RP right now. Let's get the reboot hashed out and posted soon? I feel like we've waited MORE than enough for any of the other players to chime in and give their thoughts Moving to EG, yes or no?. Status of the villains? OC heroes get their powers how? That costs money, EG Lektra ain't rich as originally intended What's gonna be the status of the Twilight and Lektra relationship? At this point we're basically the GMs collectively right now. Denim and I pretty much are the good side GMs and TBD the villain side. What we say goes, so let's just all discuss and agree on something we all like and wanna do, and run it ok? I don't want this to sit here please