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  1. Technical Issues Signature Error Help

    Would like to say this is still happening and I'm running into this when trying to remove something from my signature. In this case a link to a now defunct YT channel. My sig does contain an image though which I need to stay. When will this be fixed please?
  2. OOC Wild Wacky Multiverse Adventure OOC

    I'm alive. I check notifications about every couple of days
  3. OOC Wild Wacky Multiverse Adventure OOC

    Sorry guys, all my RPs have been suffering cause of RL stuff. I'm getting through it, but would just like to assure everyone in general that I'm not quitting the forum or taking breaks, just RL been kicking my ass lately. I check notifications but that's all I have been able to do. Couple days more, ok?
  4. I'm so sorry, if you look at my feed I haven't been able to RP anything. It's not just this. I'll get on it within a few. Though I will say that she has nothing to add to the discussion other than confirm she has no questions, which wouldn't add much
  5. OOC Wild Wacky Multiverse Adventure OOC

    I imagine it's still edible as parts of the monster, if you kill it. I'm thinking about ways to make it funny, stay tuned
  6. OOC Wild Wacky Multiverse Adventure OOC

    Shion will be noticeably upset the cake is no longer edible. Permission to blast it into paste and sate her? Starfire will be flying around the compound
  7. Critique Wanted Celestia walking base

    Second one, but it's really too close to call
  8. OOC Wild Wacky Multiverse Adventure OOC

    See I watch the show too and understand where Buck is coming from. That is definitely something Star would do, but I'm not sure she's really that reckless to strand herself and the group. Nobody knows how anything works here, and even though KOS-MOS could perfectly recall the dimension location as it was said, it wouldn't be a ton of help. Shion could probably figure it all out and she's the most likely to do it, but not immediately and there would be a lot of wasted time that would need a time skip
  9. I gotta say, it came out gorgeous! What's a Zoib though?
  10. OOC Wild Wacky Multiverse Adventure OOC

    So you wanted him killed, or you mean the part where we're cooperating for now? Barely
  11. It's still on, I've just been busy off forum. Nothing I'm involved in will die if I can help it. There's been time for @Acnologia @Drago Ryder and @Denim&Venomto catch up to myself and @Gabriel, since my next post will have us teleport in. Could you guys please keep going and get your mission taken care of so we could meet up?
  12. OOC Wild Wacky Multiverse Adventure OOC

    Yea this actually happened. Time is relative. That dimension is so different time wise that Marco actually became an adult with an adult voice (is Marco 16 and became 18? He looked over 20), but came back to Earth and reverted. Every time he goes to that dimension he turns adult again, and can even use his adult voice anytime. Also, time is relative by necessity in RPs, since yiu can't really do everything in exact time
  13. I'm very sorry, I haven't forgotten. I've just been busy off forum. Nothing I'm involved in will die if I can help it