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  1. I guess I can't join after all. It's fine, I'm not upset. GM discretion. I'm sorry wasting your time in that regard Do you need an anti villain? Chrissy is a character who is good because she wants to be, not because of a code of conduct or being brought up that way. You'd have to read the profile to understand. She would be more of a supporting character if you do decide to accept her I'll post a link if that's OK
  2. I do not. My character is only unicorn. Not interested in any other species and I don't do many characters like some other people. That's a problem, especially since my character is very dependent on her talent Lektra is often brutally honest, insulting with the honesty even. It can lead to hilarity and would be fitting, but up to you if you want to imbalance the species What do we do? Chrissy is more of a side character
  3. Ok so being that it's been more than a week that anyone has expressed interest, I'm going to bring this up one time to see if anyone just isn't noticing it who might be interested, then forget it I'd also like to say I'll probably be planning something on my own, but it will take a while. I had hoped I could find a group of people who would like to craft a changeling based RP together instead of just working on it alone, but oh well 🤷🏻‍♀️
  4. Actually she is unrelated. She's weird and not fit for all RPs. Not an Alicorn, just weird. You'd have to check when I post it or look at my characters list, if it will be necessary My main character I'd have to link off site. The profiles are locked (as well as ugly as sin) and I never got the rewrite finished on site Anyway I'll be around
  5. Alrighty I'll just hang around. Mention me when you have a decision please
  6. I guess I can fit honesty just fine. My character can be brutally honest, enough that it can actually be hurtful But again, I won't step on anyone's hooves if they don't agree. If this is not okay I can suggest Chrissy who is an anti villain and might be fitting for something else
  7. The whole thing, all two pages of it? I don't feel right about this. It isn't fair to the other players who have posted unless they agree
  8. Well I have to yield to @Sheremhaving first claim on the slot, having posted first, unless you can fit us both?
  9. I'm interested as well, maybe an anti villain if you need one and can't fit in another regular player? Kinda sad I missed signing up for this. Otherwise if not you guys have fun
  10. I'd like to do an action adventure for changeling characters, both original recipe and reformed ones. Also any other characters who would enjoy this kind of thing It will somehow involve my own character: Chrissy is not Chrysalis, but also is. Please read the profile and watch the videos to understand, then come back to the profile to see how I frame it into my OC. Sorry for the broken profiles, that's out of my hands. The best you can do is grab the links in the profile and watch the videos I don't have a concrete idea yet, so I'm doing a thread about whether or not people would like to do this and what kind of RP we could do
  11. @Skylord Nexus@Denim&Venom@Gabriel @Arid_Blitz @Buck Testa Starfire, 50th Test Room I was actually rather happy as Star grabbed onto my neck. I re-positioned to make sure we were both comfortable. I was about to head out into the doorway when the thing with KOS-MOS and the military gentleman erupted into him going full Clorbag and trying to kill Shion. Her shield had already gone down and she had been slammed into the wall just as he was bumped back by it. I looked on curiously as she struggled to turn it back on, but the child with the bubble gave the military man a stern thrashing. The shield needed to recharge and no amount of struggling would have saved her, except maybe if KOS-MOS had blocked the shots before the boy did. "Yes, quite impressive. I for one did not think he had it in him to do that." I said this as I wondered what other surprises my new companions had up their sleeves. I had said this as I looked over the robot that showed up. KOS-MOS, 50th Test Room Shion kicked the unconscious man in his side as the new android picked him up. "Serves you right picking on a mostly defenseless woman." Not that he would probably remember that or care about it. Back when he tried that I was about to unload a barrage of laser Gatling shots into that guy in response to what he was going to try to do to Shion. I lamented not being faster than a speeding bullet at such close range, but the child seemed to have it handled. Maybe slice him up into ribbons for good measure as well. The pair of large guns only half materialized under my arms, only the outline of them being visible before they vanished again. "Thanks, I just determined this was the most appropriate course of action." This I said to Overseer as I headed out with the others while I effortlessly carried my maintenance pod on my left shoulder. Starfire floated alongside Shion and me as we walked with Alexander. I was very interested in this robot and his functions, running scans. Finally I asked a simple question. "Can you tell me what the immense source of power deep below us is? I have been sensing it since we got here." Shion Uzuku, heading out of the 50th Test Room I was having Bunnie analyze the hall and Alexander, leaving Overseer floating back there. We would probably meet his real self soon. Walking with the others, Starfire floating with Star actually, I had a couple of questions for him. "Who built you? Are you fully sentient like KOS-MOS or biased to serve and be subservient? Do you have any combat function?" Finally I kinda just blushed and said what was on my mind. "What kind of cake do you think we'll get?"
  12. @Gabriel KOS-MOS, 50th Test Room Shion sighed and was about to open her mouth to say something but I spoke first. "Mrs. Tin Can? My designation is KOS-MOS, serial number 000000001, code name KP-X. I am a Special Humanoid Anti-Gnosis Annihilation Weapon. You may also call Mary Magdalene. I have no problem annihilating humans as well, if necessary." I morphed my arm back into a hand. I then let the bullet drop to the floor with a clink. "It's true, she killed Lt Virgil to save my life once, within her first hour of reactivation. Shot right through him." I recalled this memory. Let's not tell him what else happened to Virgil afterwards. Shion, 50th Test Room He was unarmed at the moment, doing something silly. I could handle it. Though a yelp of surprise escaped my mouth. "Wait, American? Earth? Lost Jerusalem again?" "We at Scientia don't....." I sighed and materialized my MWS on my right arm, activating the force field. "......suddenly run aimlessly at people." The field should protect me, and push him away. Depending on the force of the impact, it would probably need to recharge afterwards and I'd be pushed back. KOS-MOS had moved between us ready to crush his helmet but as she saw I could handle it she jumped back to where she was instead, her translucent blue hair waving in the air. KOS-MOS stood where she was, with the gentleman now between us. "Please do not threaten Shion, this is your second warning." That was all she said on the matter. I still couldn't stop smiling. KOS-MOS was only five and a half feet tall compared to this guy. Very much underestimated
  13. @Gabriel @Buck Testa Shion, 50th Test Room "It seems a demonstration is in order." I said this as I figured he would do something drastic, watching Starfire hover over by Star wondering if she was OK, concerned. "KOS-MOS? What do you think he will do?" I looked at her as he was reaching out, her expression was devoid of response. KOS-MOS, 50th Test Room "I am sorry, excuse me for a bit." I said this to the big floating head hologram. I had been scanning this military gentleman. Very resourceful, unpredictable, but conventional weapons? The shot echoed through the the room, smoke going from the spot just below my Hilbert Effect helmet where he put the shot. I moved to lower his hand with the gun back down using my right hand, allowing the bullet to be visible to everyone. Then it popped off and I caught it with my left hand, holding it with my thumb and pointer finger. It was mashed into a flat disk, like a coin. No damage, just some smoke from the spot that had just been shot, which dissipated. I held it up for him to observe. "Are you convinced.........." With a flash of light I transformed my right arm into R Cannon and pointed it at his helmet. ".......or shall I demonstrate my weapons systems?" I deliberately slowly built up energy, creating a humming sound "I am insulted. You are not the only one with a gun." Actually my system registered a bruise where I was shot, but it was barely noticeable. Shion grinned. "Demonstrate on his face? Probably not a good idea." KOS-MOS had exercised irony, showing her own 'gun' and making the projectile weapon look like a toy by comparison. I was observing from behind her. I wondered if I'd need to use her maintenance pod that was leaning against the wall by the new door
  14. @Skylord Nexus@Denim&Venom@Gabriel @Arid_Blitz @Buck Testa Starfire, 50th Test Room My companions and I stopped giggling immediately, as if on command. The situation had gotten serious again. KOS-MOS had a goofy grin on her face slightly longer than Shion or I, but we all just didn't feel like laughing anymore. Here was this suited guy who hadn't done much the whole time and she had saved his life as well as much of the room, and he was being an ungrateful clorbag But then I realized why. She had made the conclusion too quickly and many didn't even realize what had happened. He was owed an explanation. I moved to open my mouth, but all that came out of it was a gasp as I closed it. I really had no idea what the android had done other than purposefully kill those susceptible to it and then resurrect them. I was very much out of my element and as Shion had used the same whatever it was afterwards, she probably knew more about this. But as we were being threatened, it might be best to just diffuse the situation first. "I am sorry about this sir." I gave him a cute smile to try to seem light hearted, but as this gentleman was wearing a helmet that covered his face entirely I had no idea what effect, if any, that had on him. "The only thing I know is what you know. We are trapped in someone's idea of a test of some sort." KOS-MOS moved to interject, but I was still unfinished. "Please do not threaten my companions, if at all possible." Politeness went a long way, but I was unsure what kind of effect it would have in this particular situation. KOS-MOS, 50th Test Room "Please do not threaten Shion." That was the first thing I said after regaining my composure. That entire giggling fit was very uncharacteristic of me and I was running a self diagnostic, particularly on my Personality OS. One could see data running across my eyes, if one could read at the speed of my processor. "You do not want to threaten my Maiden and creator." I said this curly, more for his benefit than anyone else's. I really did not want to hurt him. I looked at the front of his helmet where my sensors indicated his eyes were looking, at me. "The only thing I know is that we are trapped in someone's game, and that there is an immense power source at the edge of my sensor range far below us. After the explanation of what to do with the button, I simply concluded that I had the means to force a positive outcome regardless of what actually happened. Secondly, this is a test meant to turn us against each other. There were meant to be fifty tests, and after so many most get irrational and anxious. It was meant to plant seeds of doubt and nobody was actually offered anything, but it was meant to have everyone think everyone else was guilty, so we cleaned up the experiment for the next batch. As Overseer had let slip, we were not meant to survive and it could care less if we did. Nobody survives these tests and nobody returns home. This room has no winning scenario, except to die. Both of these were confirmed when we 'won' and were told we could die, as previously stated. There was no actual winning of this test, and nobody was offered anything. It was meant to kill everyone as I correctly surmised, but as I cannot be killed by most things meant to kill others, I simply forced whatever was meant to kill everyone." Shion piped up at this point, checking that her contacts were still on. "You have probably guessed by now that KOS-MOS is an android and not alive in the strict sense of the word. Things meant to kill living entities don't work on her, so she was one of the few in the room able to survive the nerve toxin. Effectively, she cheated." Shion smiled at this. "Cheated the test, cheated death." Starfire was flying around the room checking the condition of the rest of the testees, and making sure the pipes were tied up tight. She cared more about others than herself and was just really happy that for the moment we were all safe. She was fussing around Star the most, unsure if the other princess was alright. I turned to Shion. "Shion you should probably explain how Ether works." As a scientist she could explain it better than I could and in more layman's terms. Shion, 50th Test Room I pulled up my connection to Bunnie, showing a montage projection of what various kinds of Ethers there are. "Ether is 'magic' in our world. Without going into the specifics of differing world origins, timelines, and of course dimensions, I will explain what it actually is as we know it. We could talk differences in our worlds when we're not in someone's game. Nanaotechnology has advanced very much in our world. It is used to treat everything, and to even cheat death in some circumstances. Unless things take a horrific turn....." I thought of all the things I'd seen on my journey with the rest of our friends from whom we had been separated. "......healing and recovery Ethers can allow a person to live a full life free of pain and also work to repair machines. It cannot stop aging or turn back time, and therefore cannot save everyone. Some kinds of terminal illness and disease from our world are also hard for even medical nanites to overcome, but this is so basic we were not worried." I paused as I glanced at Starfire flying around. "KOS-MOS used the Revert Ether to revive those who had died, you included. You probably have some nanites on you still, working to restore function to you suit as it was before you died" I stamped my foot in the ground. "You owe her your life, as do many of us! Show some respect, will you?" I narrowed my eyes at the helmet. "You should be down on your knees, thanking her for raising you from the dead." At this point I stood behind KOS-MOS, as he had really been kinda scary and I didn't even know his name
  15. @Skylord Nexus@Gabriel @Arid_Blitz @Denim&Venom @Buck Testa KOS-MOS, second room Both Shion and Starfire looked at me like I was crazy. Shion had total confidence, but by her body language and scans revealed she might be thinking I'd malfunctioned. Starfire lasted the longest, and in her last bit of time deliberately inhaled as much of the seemingly endless amount as she could, hoping to spare the others and have them die slower as her alien physiology could take this longer than them. Of course this just caused her to die immediately when she was at her limit, but it did buy some time for the others. "KOS-MOS, why....." Shion had tears in her eyes as she collapsed but then she had a smile on her face, having deduced what I was going to do. She passed out in screaming agony and actually died, the nerve gas causing massive internal nerve damage. I actually teared up myself and dropped to my knees in sadness, as this was appropriate. I had failed in my directive, and failed to save my Maiden a second time. What was my existence for now? For a moment that felt like an eternity and as far as I was aware, everyone in the room was dead or dying. This nerve agent seemed to attack the nerves of the body while leaving the brain to die from the resulting complications, rather than simply inhibit nerve function. The agony of seeing anyone like this was ringing through Mary and we were feeling very sad, the tears not stopping. No, not so. I was reminded why I has done this. The Revert Ether. I stood up in defiance. "Not so. You will not win Overseer, you hear me? I am inorganic. I am made of entirely synthetic parts. I have no nerves. Neuro toxin has no effect. I had planned on this. We shall not die, and you will let us out of here and talk to us." I narrowed my eyes as they turned blue. "Or else. I will not allow anyone to die. It is my directive to protect life, and I know you can hear me. I can keep going on and so will everyone else." I began to do a dance around the room. "Revert!" A swirling and twirling dance like dancing with a partner, but I had no partner. Anyone who had also survived this could join me, possibly that little boy who could make a bubble or someone else, but at this moment I had my eyes closed. Glowing nanotechnology left my hands as I danced, the tiny lights entering everyone and repairing the nerve damage on a molecular level. It would take a few moments to revive everyone and for them to recover, but then they would leave the bodies after doing their work and return to me. This gas was concentrated and the effects were near instantaneous, but I'd stopped the more serious complications like loss of urinary or the other kind of bodily function. Now that would have been messy. Starfire and Shion heaved deep breaths of relief, realizing what I had done. They had actually been dead for just long enough to avoid brain damage. A millisecond more would have caused brain damage, and it would have taken very advanced Ether to repair. The kind we might not have. After Starfire flew to each pipe and crushed them closed into a cute bow shape to prevent any other surprises, they hugged me. I was happy and we started to laugh about it. Two phrases could be heard amid the giggles, uttered by Shion and then my reply. "KOS-MOS laughing? Is this Mary's influence? I have never heard you laugh." "I had never found it necessary before." I said this as we continued to laugh in relief of what had transpired. Shion used Refresh to clean up any residual gas, though that was ongoing as the Ether slowly floated around the room