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  1. I can post tomorrow I think. Sorry for the trouble
  2. Well then @Drago Ryderand @Acnologia...... Let's discuss how to integrate her? We have a white already. Would pink be too close?
  3. By the nature of the RP (everyone being plucked from space and time) I can't think of a way to do this without a rewrite of the basic premise
  4. You guys know I'm waiting for you to finish the refinery story right?
  5. @Denim&Venom @TBD @Randimaxis @Acnologia @Drago Ryder
  6. I'm sorry my life stuff got let's just say active again. I fade in and fade out, but I'm never gone long
  7. Well need to discuss how to integrate you. One member has dropped and it's has caused issues I'd like to not have repeated
  8. Hmmm that could work I guess If his player does come back we'll just put it back in at that point
  9. That works. The problem is I can't completely retcon it out. He was the one that helped out after the stuff with the previous team made a certain orange-yellow pony so sick that she passed out. So best I can do is he gets trapped mid teleport to keep that part intact, and we just have nobody worry about it and kinda mostly forget he exists. This happens a lot in TV where plot threads hang out but characters don't seem to notice
  10. Yea I thoughts so, and I guess we'll decide once you guys are ready to teleport in. If he's not back by then he's getting trapped mid teleport
  11. I'm here of course. I thought we decided the Factory mission would be finished before anything else continues so I've been here twiddling my thumbs. It also gives @Gabriel a bit more time to sound off
  12. Lektra Bolt

    Searching Mechquestria: System Reboot

    I actually forgot I wrote that section, it was a while ago. It was good wasn't it? I feel like I need to reread it though. Which post are you talking about Rand? I also should do another round on what's been going on. I have been keeping up, of course
  13. Lektra Bolt

    The (Rejected Character) Bench

    THIS is what was confusing me. I thought they were calling the town Sugarville. Indirectly helped my confusion
  14. How's that work for you @Denim&Venom? We'll clear the rubble when we get settled, and kinda time it so we're meeting the others?
  15. Well Nexus did say it's size is undetermined. Do you have a better idea on how we could kinda not immediately notice this happening?