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  1. Lektra Bolt

    Planning Equus

    True true. Sorry. We're talking about things. It's all tentative, I can make edits too
  2. Lektra Bolt

    Planning Equus

    Perhaps. There is doubt that traditional real world electrical technology exists in MLP. There is nowhere to plug it in and even rechargeable ways would run out eventually. Magitek is any form of what we would consider technology, but enchanting largely makes it do what it does instead of electrical components. A great example if The Chancellor. His necklace artifact makes portals. I've got the weapons of war very much handled, and while a factory does exist, there is much spell casting through enhancements to allow mass production. It's been years like this, and the army is fairly extensive that full scale production is no longer necessary
  3. Lektra Bolt

    Planning Equus

    Sorry, going to have to disallow this also. The specific way to make Bolt version of Magitek has to be a state secret unless you're a member of the court. Knock offs wouldn't be allowed. Black market imports?
  4. Lektra Bolt

    Planning Equus

    Buck I hope you don't mind too much I made Evil Twi go both ways but prefer mares in terms of romance. It just seemed to fit More will be forthcoming, and I'll add to the personality traits Character sheet: The Professor
  5. Like, inheriting as the RP starts? Please elaborate. I didn't have much planned there, and had wanted her to keep her job to be close to Twilight. She likes her job. I didn't want to just fall back on being richer Only if Sci Twi decided to move also, because reasons. It doesn't really work out unless we change the city entirely and drop the connection to Sci Twi entirely. I had wanted to keep her in the loop. You can see I didn't have much worked out for EG? Wouldn't you rather be an android? Operation Overdrive had an Android Ranger, but he didn't know he was an android Butlers don't go on missions This works! Equestria Lektra made them? Kinda feels like a cop-out, especially if we're upgrading the finances for EG If it's been some years and everyone moved on to college, maybe that would also help to alleviate some of the issues? Ok. Let's work off this. Sunset is around too of course What if Sci Twi and Lektra are working on the company together by this time? Twi is probably married by now, or we could eliminate Timber as a failed relationship and just have them together? Seems too easy, but working together might work? Twi joins up cause another genius recognized her genius? No ulterior motivation lol Will you wanna play her, or we just have her float around in NPC form? I feel like she'd be a Ranger ally. Tech opportunity of a lifetime Not really necessary. Zords can be built, it's the finances and materials I'm worried about
  6. It is completely up to him if he would allow you to continue his work. Please get in touch with him or wait for his reply here Aa for if we're doing pony or EG, I guess now it's EG since it makes more sense. We need to iron out those outliers I've changed the thread tag to Planning, since we're planning for the reboot
  7. Oh, that's still up to @Randimaxisif he would allow you to convert it to EG
  8. ^Yes, that @TBD Rand you were more than stellar! I've already explained that multiple people ghosting as well as myself was what killed the RP into needing a second reboot Rand had originally assumed a decision was being made without him. That was my mistake and I explained, but he has no time either way For the record, as our villain side player Rand had GM power to put his foot down and say we can't change the setting or he quits. He worked hard on the villain group and I felt he needed to weigh in. It seems that won't be necessary. No time either way My mistake not making that clear when I was educating the possibility when @Denim&Venombrought the idea up I guess we are ok changing the setting with no regrets? I personally can't do bad guys. I'd have a conflict of interest. Some GMs can do it, I'm not one of them. That's the main reason I don't GM RPs often (I prefer to join!), and when I do GM I look to recruit the villain. Sorry guys, I just suck at villains @Buck Testahow'd you like to do main villain for us? IIRC you said you couldn't play anymore anyway due to time constraints also, but just checking I still have that conversation if you'd like to full villain for us. You deleted it? Don't think Rand did, but maybe he did
  9. So today I found out something interesting: The staff are working on allowing EG characters in EqE RP. I have a bit of problem. My character in EG style is kinda um, risqué. Now we're not talking naked or NSFW, but the art I feel would still be be inappropriate for a tame section like EqE. I need someone to edit (not redraw or remake) Lektra so her Lab Coat is closed. It's assumed she closes her coat when school matters are concerned, but I just would like to make sure people are aware she does this The art was never fully colored, but it's good enough that it can be assumed Basically I'm looking for help toning down the fan service/tease here. I had never assumed EG would be allowed in EqE, so it completely slipped my mind to ask the artist I was commissioning for a closed coat version I suppose if anyone wants to redraw, that's fine too. I just feel bad asking for a full art for free......... I'm doing spoilers in case people have scrolling issues This is an edit I did on my phone of the current version (below) with an earlier black and white version which had holo projected screen panels, which were suppose to but never made it into the more finalized version Although this is unfinished, this is what the finalized version would be if the coloring was fully finished The Cutie Mark, in case it's needed
  10. When I originally brought that up, I just meant I have enough confidence in the staffers that should this suggestion be implemented (no guarantees on anything brought up here, fully aware) they'd figure something out. As long as we're making suggestions? As a start off and eventually phased out: A test, kinda how EqE approach is done. Pass and you get it, fail and you can retry as necessary. Members can report for having the title revoked if someone is sucking and is no longer worthy of it? Eventually? Have this assigned by the forum automatically if you've been in X RPs. A voting system when GM announces the RP is over where players (limit to those who participated) give each other reputation towards this title. Like an auto poll that comes up with a max of 2 or 3 choices. You know how like when you have a conversation with Support for something some ask, hey did this person do a good job? Something like that, where everyone's name would automatically come up. Everyone who participated votes on their favorite. If you 'win' say 3 or 5 times you get a point towards the title. X points and the forum auto assigns it to you. This needs to be carefully controlled so people don't make short RPs to 'farm rep' toward the point system, but that's one way I would suggest it be implemented. How to lose this title if someone starts sucking suddenly? I heavily hesitate suggesting negative reputation on an inclusive and good natured forum such as this, so the only thing I can suggest is points decay over time? Considering some quality RPs can continue for months and I've even seen some go on for 6+ especially if an RP is put on hold, the point decay time has to be reasonable to the length of time RPs take to complete. If you drop below X points, you lose the title? This would encourage people to participate in RPs and maintain their title (keep points above the number needed to not lose the title), but again it might decay too quickly to be able to reasonably maintain it Maybe you lose a point after a year? Seriously if you get no points in the year you were probably not cool enough anyway and earned the title accidentally. A fluke if you will. Maybe the title has to be earned over again with the reputation system every year regardless?
  11. First of all I have to say I completely agree with my good friend @Denim&Venom. Denim and I are so in synch in RP (obviously not IRL lol) often that sometimes I feel we're the same person. I can often guess what Denim wants to do, what would be done, and I know it won't lead to abuse. My experience has been that we have our confusion and misunderstanding, but it almost always leads to the RP being massively improved from the mere participation of Denim or Denim having given input. Pretty sure the feeling is mutual? There are a couple other people I feel the same way about, and they know who they are. So here's my suggestion on the topics so far: 1. Yes we need some kind of way for people to announce an incoming ghosting to avoid RP death due to at least that. Allow people to quickly pick a final wish: Phase me out I'm not coming back, kill me I'm not coming back, phase me out but leave a way for me to come back, kill me but leave a way for resurrection, GM control me cause I'm important. Maybe a write in field too? I made every effort to impress upon people in a recent RP that they absolutely cannot drop out, and people did anyway, which is leading us to needing to reboot it now cause enough people dropped that were important. I was guilty of it also, and I'd like to request a way for the GM to easily and quickly @ping every player in their RP. DO NOT allow this for regular threads, but this should be a thing for OOC/planning threads and RP threads. Please. Don't allow people to opt out of this if they've posted in the thread, except if the post is deleted. Aside: Maybe allow players to delete their own posts? GM to delete posts in their threads? Like Mini Mod powers on their own threads in OOC and EvE? I would want to announce to my players I'm going to be inactive and call that to attention, and I might need to announce it quickly. I then would need a quick way to put the RP on hold without closing it, and then announce I'm back when I'm ready. @Jeric2. EqE Cast characters. I'd also like to suggest that it NOT be anonymous, but definitely make it a Cast account. How would I do this if I had the forum knowledge? A header on the post, somewhere between it and the previous post or at the top. Person X, posting as Princess Luna. So people already somewhat familiar know who's being awesome at the Cast character, but people who don't could see it and be like wow I like this writer. Definitely still allow posting as the character outside of EqE for events and the quick switching, but a header I feel would work wonders. As it is most of us have no idea who's in charge of these accounts, so people can't get their due praise. It's a real shame. If you can allow more than one person to play each Cast that would be great also, but I can understand that not being possible as previously discussed. If this can be done for characters as side accounts in general, that would be lovely. Just, only allow Cast to use this outside of RP sections, not everyone. As much as I'd like to post as a character outside of RP, it doesn't contribute much to other threads or events. Ok maybe allow staff a switch to allow posting as characters in events only, and maybe just allowed ones only. Maybe EqE approved only and that's it. 3. I'd love some kind of Respected RPer tag for members? Extra member titles maybe? Don't allow this to be self assigned, but assuming this figured out somehow, you'd know if such a person shows up in your thread that they know what they're doing. Kinda like I mentally note a couple of people like this personally already. 4. Quality of life Definitely we need the profiles fixed. Please Celestia, get this working, oh powers that be. Thanks so much for announcing it's still being worked on. EG Cast, EG villain, and Equestria villain sign up in EqE? Yes please! Of course on a first come first serve basis too. I assume this will include EG OCs as well? I would love this, personally. I have many ideas for EG, but I never thought that would ever be allowed on the forum in EqE. *-*-* Hmm I totally need a NON NSFW art version of my character. I mean she's not naked, just teasing, but I assume a school would not allow a teacher (or even a student if EqE wouldn't allow such a young teacher) to wear a tie-together top as normal attire during school hours. She just closes her lab coat, but not everyone would catch on to that and I should get some art of her with the lab coat already closed
  12. Lektra Bolt

    Planning Equus

    My home is gone and never existed! Am I dead? Jokes aside, I'll have to come up with a new hometown. Eh, not a big deal really
  13. Lektra Bolt

    Planning Equus

    Buck made an alternate world. There are two of everyone, and it's just a decision of 'did creature X hitch a ride with the Cast' And of course if Buck feels they'd actually contribute something
  14. Lektra Bolt

    Planning Equus

    I do though. We were doing just fine with non 'destroy all humans' Luster in Power Rangers. She's independent and rebellious, but we just leave the genocidal tendencies out. Your call though I'll get my sheets up in a bit and Buck can decide if I should do all, two, or none and he'll do Lektra as an NPC
  15. Lektra Bolt

    Planning Equus

    I do! It's too obvious! Which side though, or both? Personally I'd like to do both if Buck would be up to allowing it