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  1. KOS-MOS has a similar sense too, though not planet wide. Maybe half a planet. You should probably provide us some more information by PM in the conversations we have running? And yea I also wonder how the characters landed. If we're landing at random I'll do the same lewd but totally harmless landing as before so my characters end up together by 'cosmic luck'
  2. Ehhh I find that really boring TBH. The idea of being an Agent I find AWESOME, but being a no powers character I just don't find interesting, and in the first season that was what they all were. People with guns and fists, with a couple being very good hackers. They still have only two powered characters well into the 5th season, with one of them losing her powers sometimes and the other becoming a cyborg. Powered individuals aren't usually in the agency (They are watched but not usually recruited), so I'd have to have a very good reason to be what's called an Asset with the first season not even started at this time. I'd like to do my usual thing but I idon't have any info on the greater MCU and how feasible this is for SHIELD before the collapse
  3. Just who is a Ranger. For this kind of RP to work if you're a Ranger you are not allowed to disappear. If people do, the RP folds. We would need to account for missing Rangers now or do a third attempt at this with active players who will stick. This kind of story just doesn't work well if people become inactive, and I'm guilty of it too
  4. I honestly have no idea. Unless someone wants to write for him, a character that isn't theirs and constitutes bunnying, we can't continue as is. I remember making it clear Rangers disappearing means dead RP. It's a critical role and just like a TV show movie/is basically like a contract unless the character is written out. Remember how actors were written out of the story in Mighty? Same colors, different actors. We can recover from a hiatus but not this. I'll give him a wee bit, but unless someone has any other ideas we'll have to reboot into a new version
  5. Wait what, @Gabrielwas here a month ago? Just noticed. Okay that is seriously going to be a problem, especially since we worked hard getting the character in later
  6. Oh my! Young Trunks and Xena! @Buck Testa I assume this is some time before the demonic bath house episodes before the series went to heck and got canceled? Also it's Gabrielle Sorry, used to be a big nerd about this show
  7. Find yes, make nope. Unknown magical or alien objects (sometimes people, spoiler) like that are called an 084, pronounced Oh Eight Four. I really like the idea of being a Shield Agent, but there's no precedent for the magical in the organization, let alone Strange is still a regular doctor at this time and by that time Shield is basically dead since it's post Hydra event. No idea......
  8. I was thinking purely magical implementation of technology like I've been doing with ponies, but I'm kinda flopping around here and as you can tell there isn't a coherent idea here. Do I want inept with traditional tech? I want some kind of magical tech control too, and no idea how to make it make sense since we're so early in the MCU And then I'm a spell caster agent of SHIELD? Great idea to differentiate, but I've watched all the episodes and there's no percent for this. They're high tech especially before the Hydra thing, not high magic. *goes back to flopping around for ideas*
  9. I added more details. We can work with this when you have time I guess The last episode that ties into Thanos hasn't aired yet as of this writing, and I'm waiting for the next to last one to go up on On Demand
  10. Well when you have time then, no hurry I guess. As for SHIELD, it's in a very very weird place. Like the show has been doing very good but it's constantly on the bubble. The directors have written the current season as a series finale cause they don't know if they will get another one. Without going into major spoilers (unless you want them by PM and want to actually cross the show into the greater MCU which it hasn't been doing), SHIELD in the show at least is very very dead. Like it's there but it's not like it is in the MCU. There are the core agent characters and there are like, three or four actual 'faceless' (they do have names and lines, but you don't have the sense of a big organization anymore since the place is largely empty) agents left if that. The organization took a big hit with the Cap movie and Hydra reveal with a decline in staff over each season but since it hasn't happened yet in your continuity I guess it's still government funded and all that. Since the events of that the show has heavily diverged from the usual SHIELD norm that we know in the movies/comics. They've gone underground and they're basically black ops and off books now as far as missions go, sometimes even facing off with the government instead. Since Avengers 1 hasn't happened yet I guess SHIELD is in an ok place, but as you time warp forward in the MCU if you choose to SHIELD keeps up as well. Once we get to the Cap movie is when THINGS GO NUTS, and I'd have to explain what I'm doing during those events and after as well. Seasons 4 and 5 are post Hydra inside SHIELD thing, and it changes the whole dynamic of the show heavily. Also since then the tie ins have been very light. This is the best I can do other than spoiling everything in 5 seasons
  11. Well then unless you can help me diversify, thanks for your time. I tried. See you in other RPs. Really wanted to be a part of this since I like Marvel a lot and never missed an episode of SHIELD, but meh these things happen BTW I never play rich. I'm usually working on my own salary, so genius yes wealthy no
  12. Okay I'm seeing one Tony fanboy played by Nexus. Maybe the other one isn't apparent to me? What I was thinking of doing is basically Static like I did before powers wise, but because she's been working with enchantments on technology she's really closer to Doctor Strange (post his movie of course) than Tony Stark. People can't tell the difference between Magitek and the regular kind unless they practice the art also, and it can be incompatible with standard technology if you want a weakness. How do you feel about technomancy/technopathy? As far as name goes I never really understood the connection, since the pronounciation is different. There is no silent E at the beginning, it's just Lek-tra. Two sylables
  13. I will have a look at the other Stark fans and get back to you, cause as far as I know magical implementation is pretty distinct. I am just not good at making entirely new characters on the spot
  14. I did have a character that could possibly work, but she's um, super weird. She's also named Lektra but not the human one I did in the MLP EG earlier. She's a dimensional traveler (from another fandom that doesn't have RP so I use her in supers) and should work, but like I said she's super weird and might be under powered for the MCU. Other than that, I'd rather just reuse the one I had and make her distinct from the other two unless you won't allow it
  15. I noticed and that's why I'm asking for help, cause I don't have anything else prepared and creating a new character takes weeks if not months. You know my MESSED UP thought process Buck, and that they're not just simple characters to me