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  1. ayyy, these forums changed quite a bit.

  2. Nom. Nom nom nom.

  3. So much to sort out, so little time.

    1. Unicorncob


      You want help? :o

  4. I'm alive again apparently

  5. Et tu, future?

  6. Beep Bloop, Bloopy Deep Dip! ^3^

  7. When in doubt, butts.

    1. QuantumPony


      butts n stuff! butt stuff!

    2. Unicorncob


      Secret butt fun

  8. Okay, okay...how is it that half the reviews for Infinite Warfare say "amazing campaign" and other half say "shoddy campaign"??? makes no sense.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. 1Bit


      But I just think if the campaign is so 'amazing' or so 'shoddy', then how is it that so many other people can think the complete opposite? It smells fishy to me.

    3. хорошо́


      That's not particularly weird, though, is it? People have different opinions on things all the time.

    4. Kyoshi


      And of course Game Informer gives it a friggin 9 out of 10. One review even gave it a perfect score! After playing the beta, there is no way this game deserves a perfect score or even a 9.

  9. Titanfall 2 is easily my top game. Incredible all around.
  10. Titanfall 2 is an utter masterpiece. Feel like a child again, able to just relax and enjoy a working, amazing game.

    1. QuantumPony


      Gonna get that next week :3

  11. *comes back on forums* Anarchy is unfolding *Leaves forums again*

  12. Merry Christmas! It's been decided so by Discord's fanclub! Enjoy!

  13. If people do chase dreams, I've made the first step towards chasing mine <3 I now play Halo for an eSports organisation meaning sponsors and funding.

  14. Every night, at 11PM, I've donned my earphones, shuffle played EDEN's albums, and just...walked. No matter the weather. Purely divine <3