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  1. 1Bit

    Rate song, then post another!

  2. 1Bit

    Gaming Best Game(s) of 2016

    Titanfall 2 is easily my top game. Incredible all around.
  3. Life has been hard as of recent for me. I guess we all go through it at some stage and if you don't, you're one of the lucky ones. The human condition and the self-awareness of our minds leads us down paths we will always regret and puts us in holes that we never wanted to be in. During this time, we can feel more miserable than we imagined possible, no matter how good a person or how happy a person you thought you were. But we all have that safe haven we can retreat to. People think it's always a place or a person we require, to give us comfort. But in fact, music can more often than not directly influence us and create certain emotions in us even when we feel down. That's the beauty of good music. There is no true way of describing good music because it is all in the eye of the beholder. And yet, I believe good music is whatever is able to truly evoke emotions in us, and make us feel a certain way or calm us down when our anxiety is high or comfort us and tell us that things get better. That is what good music should be. At least to me. Hope you all have a wonderful day <3
  4. 1Bit

    Rate song, then post another!

  5. 1Bit

    Gaming Game franchises that are overrated

    I feel like most franchises are overrated, honestly. There's only a few that really seem to hold up over time and even fewer that don't fall from grace midway through. And then, of course, there's the more subjective stuff where my own taste in games dictates what I see as 'overrated'. But yeah, a list, I guess: - Mario - Pokemon - Elder Scrolls - Call of Duty - FNAF (Why even IS it a franchise. smh.) - Uncharted (Just in MY opinion. The games are good, but this is about being overrated rather than overall quality.) - Tomb Raider - Grand Theft Auto I could probably say Halo too, but my judgement is clouded by my own bias on that one because I truly enjoy the games a lot.
  6. 1Bit

    Rate song, then post another!

    7/10 - kinda cute :3
  7. Of course I would, why wouldn't I? If the fact that somebody is transgender is a problem, then I feel like you're seeking the wrong thing in a relationship. At least in my opinion. It should be their personality or that you genuinely like the person inside. I mean, there are other factors to consider but...eh. I suck at this sort of thing
  8. 1Bit

    General What made you smile today? :D

    Nothing sadly. Really, really horrible day.
  9. It kinda does, depending on the budget and development time of a game. Esports is still gonna be a costly investment, so its as simple as diverting money out of casual things to put into competitive things. Gaming is an industry, and game-making is a business after all. They want what is profitable. Huh, never seen something like that before. Overwatch isn't even a full eSports yet and it's already hitting the news haha~ not the best start.
  10. 1Bit

    Rate song, then post another!

    Love most of SuicideSheep's uploads 8/10
  11. eSports generally has more money in it, and that is the very simply reason. eSports involves massive organisations, huge publicity for games involved, gets broadcasted on TV and online, and big sponsors like Nike and Red Bull are even getting involved. Arcade modes and more casual gaming does not offer that same expansive plan for post-launch profit.
  12. 1Bit

    Rate song, then post another!

    8/10 - the Abyss Watchers was a rad battle. Pretty cool cover.
  13. Perhaps some games set in England, but y'know...NOT set in London? England has some beautiful locations. A place like the Peak District or the midlands. Hell, even just another city to keep things interesting.
  14. Well, you can say that it seems odd that Canterlot all believes just one food critic when there's most likely hundreds out there, but then again, the same could be said in real life in many ways. In the game industry, there's only three or four critics anyone goes to for the most part. When you think of a game reviewer, you instantly think of IGN/Gamespot/etc. Sure, they have different reviewers on board, but it's still somewhat similar.
  15. My favourite Halo game is definitely a draw between Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 4. Really can't choose between them to be honest My least favourite is Halo 3 easily.