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  3. Always blame the lizard. Especially when that lizard isn't even a lizard at all. (I wouldn't call Selene a lizard when she's around. She's a Vashti. Hopefully, she won't kill you.)
  4. "Oh, tell me about it." Lightning rolled his eyes. "On the ops I've been in, there's practically ALWAYS been one of those. Makes everything harder to deal with. Such is the life of SPARTANs, I guess." "Well, given how much we've already been through, I think our chances of survival are quite high. We can do this if we work together." (OOC: I'm hoping someone asks what's a Spartan or something like that.)
  5. @Ethan Sawyer, Is it just me or did everyone miss my post? Or is it just that no one except you and Lordav are paying any attention?
  6. (OOC: Sorry for not writing ANYTHING this past month or so. I've been quite busy so I haven't had time to do so. I'll try to get back into my normal posting pace, but I can't guarantee anything right now.) Lightning had been roaming the ship, exploring the corridors, sleeping, and exploring (again) because he had nothing better to do. By the time Scarlett had called for a team to gather in Engineering, he wasn't quite sure of where he was. Darn it, Lightning, why'd you get lost? Oh well. You're a SPARTAN. You can just find your way back. He hadn't been paying attention to the picture of the Destiny's map, so he couldn't just retrace his steps. After about 15 minutes, he finally got back to the gate room, finding Solar, Amber, and Sapphire already there. @Mentis Soliloquy, @1Bit, and @Unicorncob, "Sorry I'm late. What'd I miss? And where's Scarlett?"
  7. Lightning heard this and responded. "Yeah, we're on our way back. ETA on FTL maybe?" As he waited for a response, he turned back to Sapphire. "I just hope we make it back in time. Otherwise, we'll have to go back to that planet, and I'm not too eager to go back there."
  8. Title: MiataPony: The Documentary Plot: Get an inside look into the life of the definite authority on all thing MX-5, MiataPony. Join us as we spend a day with him, going through his regular routine of Miatas, more Miatas, and, after the Miatas, yet more Miatas. Rated MX-5 for Miatas, Xtreme Stuff, and ages 5 and up. , I also love the MX-5. One of my fave cars by far.
  9. Lightning felt Sapphire snuggle up to him. She's just so wonderful, he thought. I could do this forever. He snuggled as well. The fact that she had her armor on didn't bother him. In fact, he found it rather cute. All that mattered at this moment was Sapphire. "Don't worry," he whispered. "I'm here for you always."
  10. That is, if we ever get to that point. I think we have reason to believe that the MLP movie (NOT EQG, the ACTUAL FiM movie being made right now) will end FiM. But hey, I could be wrong!
  11. "A hug? Well, I can do that!" Lightning hugged Sapphire, stroking her mane. It's so nice...It's really sad to see her so down. She doesn't deserve to feel like this. "And don't worry about Scarlett. I'm sure she probably forgot about anything and everything bad after surviving the impossible, huh?" He kissed her on the cheek.
  12. Lightning saw Sapphire's expression and immediately felt sorry for her. She always tries to do what she feels is right, and she gets murdered for it. That ain't right. He walked up to her, sat down next to her, and hugged her. "You wanna talk about it? There's no use in keeping it to yourself. Only makes thing worse."
  13. Lightning observed the conversations going on, not able to put in a single word. Huh, and I'M usually the talkative one! As all the other ponies entered the shuttle, Lightning took a quick look around to make sure nothing was amiss, and quickly darted back into the shuttle. , "Hurry it up Flame. We haven't much time left. It's now or never."
  14. I'm American, and we have S1 to S5 and the EQG trilogy. Now, as to people complaining about "No S6 on Netflix boo-hoo!", don't bother. Netflix will not put S6 until it's finished. Why? Mostly because they can't. It's a thing they have with Discovery Family. But hey, I have the damn channel, so I'm recording S6 and watching it. No complaints here
  15. Lightning could hardly believe it. But he cursed himself for not expecting that. The Ancients weren't idiots, after all. They always had a plan for everything. "Whelp, we just discovered that the Destiny survived, and that we have to haul ass back over there, and quick. That means we need you at the front again." Lightning turned to the other ponies who had left the ship. "Everyone back inside! The Destiny survived! We've gotta get back there, double-time! Let's go!"