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  1. Frostgage

    Song Titles Game! [Updated rules]

    Never Say Die - CHVRCHΞS
  2. Frostgage

    Song Titles Game! [Updated rules]

    Let It Die - Foo Fighters
  3. I'm sorry to be blunt but in my opinion that's a really weak argument and unfair to accusers. You have absolutely no evidence that these countless people are making up stories of sexual assault for attention and applause. I'm aware that you could make a similar argument with regard to a lack of evidence for the veracity of their stories, but as I said before, on the basis of probability I'm much more inclined to believe the voices of the many. Of course it should also be noted that the vast majority of sexual assault allegations end up being true. I've said everything that's on my mind and we probably won't agree so I'm going to stop after this
  4. Can I just ask people defending Vic why they're inclined to believe the word of one person over the many people that have spoken out against him? Statistically speaking it's highly highly improbable that all of them are lying. What ulterior motive would hundreds of fans have in order to falsely accuse a specific voice actor?
  5. Some of y'all might have seen this article It's interesting that he doesn't refute any of the encounters themselves, just whether they were consensual or not. I think his quote at the end says a lot about his mindset: “If I’m a jerk and you don’t tell me so, then you’re consenting to me being a jerk. See how that works? If somebody is doing something you don’t approve of and you don’t say anything... the implication is that you must be okay with it.”
  6. Frostgage

    Ask Frostgage

    Remember, Einstein didn't talk until he was 4 lol of course that could be one of those myths like people only using 10% of their brain. I dunno 1. Chi from the Greek alphabet. I was one of the few people in my stats class who did really well with the chi-squared distribution and the lowercase letter with the one squiggly diagonal line is so much fun to write <3 2. Hopefully just one. Those other Frostgages are useless anyway 3. I actually don't draw. Like at all. Because I'm not good at it :V 4. nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope
  7. Frostgage

    The Cutest Couple Contest

    Oh man I wish this had happened back in the heyday of the shipping thread lol. Would have been some right proper shenanigans
  8. Frostgage

    Ask Frostgage

    Hey they're not all the same. One uses feet (well not really) and the other uses baskets "Centavos" for 167 points 1. I know lava lamps aren't really lamps but they're just so cool. I'mma go with that 2. Oh man I used to see those all the time where I lived as a kid but not many since then. I like them because they're one of the few insects that isn't evil hehe 3. We might find out in a couple months <3 End Game HYPE 4. Unfortunately I've forgotten :c Fortunately people have since told me what it was c: Unfortunately I've forgotten that too :c Although one thing I do know is that supposedly I didn't talk until very late (when I was 3 years old)
  9. does anyone else break into a huge smile re-reading old conversations with friends?

    1. Duality


      Certainly. Sometimes I break into a huge smile rereading old conversations with you, no less. :squee:

    2. Frostgage


      b-baka how dare you say such a nice thing

  10. "My battery is low and it's getting dark." :(

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Frostgage


      Oh my goodness how did I never think of this. Very nice sir

    3. Duality



      The grand finale. :fabulous:

    4. Frostgage


      oh no i know how this goes #memeception

  11. Frostgage

    Ask Frostgage

    It was the first number I was given to wear in baseball. At first it started out as a joke because it's such an awful number (in pro baseball established players wear low numbers) but now I love it lol oh my goodness that Cantor guy basically made "infinity + 1" into a reality xD that's my hero 1. To play = basketball, to watch = U.S. football 2. Scrabble for sure 3. The one and only 4. i don't know, can you? yes please thank you <3
  12. Frostgage

    Ask Frostgage

    1. It's been very challenging but has gone pretty well. I'm thirsty for that degree so I refuse to give up 2. 97 3. Definitely the 4 ball. Solids > Stripes and it's such a nice shade of purple, which is my favorite color <3 4. The number of characters in the Raildex universe (actually though can you give me some examples?)
  13. Frostgage

    Music Grunge Thread

    "I'm so excited I can't wait to meet you there And I don't care"