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  1. sports_cheat_sheet.png

    1. Frostgage


      It's so trueee xD

      That world cup hype tho

  2. Frostgage

    How often do you swear/in front of who?

    Never, except for situations where a word just slips out as a reaction. I don't avoid swearing for any moral reason per se, I just dislike it and view it as unnecessary the vast majority of the time.
  3. I'm disappointed to see Lotus go down but I knew this result was inevitable. It's very cool to see all four Pie sisters qualify
  4. It's 3 AM and the score is tied, perfect time to post that clutch neon Lotus Blossom <3 best blue spa pone
  5. Frostgage

    Song Titles Game! [Updated rules]

    Burden in My Hand - Soundgarden
  6. All these wild card finals have been blowouts lol
  7. Frostgage

    FIFA Football World Cup 2018 Russia Thread

    It's about time Croatia get some respect. Luka Modric is the best midfielder in the world and their defeat of Argentina does not surprise me
  8. I think the "Trigger the Fanboys" game is almost like an unpopular opinion topic.



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    2. Sparklefan1234


      I thought we all lived in an alternate universe where everyone typed with hooves? :muffins:

    3. Frostgage


      Shh that's supposed to be a secret :wacko:

    4. Sparklefan1234
  9. Frostgage

    Trigger the fanboys game!

    Tfw lots of these are actually valid xD
  10. Frostgage

    Trigger the fanboys game!

    Playstation and Xbox are better than PC because you can get Call of Duty on consoles
  11. That plushie is still the most adorable thing ever

    1. KH7672


      I would say thank you but it's not like I made her.^_^ She's just one of those Chinese ones from online however I did put the cutie mark on her as an iron-on and amazingly it didn't discolor or harm the material.

      CAM00231.thumb.jpg.42e33d5e9bb5cac136ef7828de5a608d.jpgThank you for the compliment to make my day though!:laugh:

    2. Frostgage


      Ironing skills on point :proud:

  12. Hello Princess

    @Luna We need you

  13. You joined the squad <3

    1. Duality


      I have a particular affection for all three of Octavia, Zecora, and Gummy as supporting characters (especially stripysmart and cellopone), and it decisively sealed the deal when I noticed that you were managing to boot. :D

      Do we have a secret hoofshake yet?

    2. Frostgage


      No, because it's just that secret :mustache:

  14. Frostgage

    Ask Frostgage

    Any kind that legitimately affects people's lives. Less serious news stories can be funny, but when a news outlet of any kind causes people distress, either through intentionally misleading news or simply because of lazy work, that's just despicable.