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  1. On sight, I guess the lack of tail. And he has a unique way of seeing things, my way of seeing things. I would kill to see UniqueSKD answer this thread.
  2. For me snowy breeze seems the most fitting. The colour and the shape of her mane is what gives me that opinion I suppose. I love them.
  3. F for me guys.

    I got an e-mail of my English school saying that we (me and the other students) will now use an app to make English exercises. It's like classes, just without interaction between each other, and without the teacher. :worry:

    This might sound odd but the English teacher is really cool, I think I am a friend of her, and a good one. :catface:

    Back to the point, now I have exercises to do, quite easy for me (I hope :awwthanks:), but it's an obligation to do them, and that's the bad part. When things are an obligation they always become bad, even if you like doing them. At least it works like that for me.

    And my parents now have to pay money each month to keep myself in, plus, now I have to save data. :lostit:

    Summarizing, vacation spoiled with obligations. :yuck:

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    2. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      I am sorry buddy. I know I cannot do much from here but I am always around if you need to vent.

    3. ExplosionMare



      I expected that :adorkable:

      I was trying to say that the app thing is taking even more time away from your friends than online school already has

    4. Bastian


      @Muffinnz Thanks. :BrightMacContent:

      But there is always room for improvement. :)

      @Stone Cold Steve Tuna Don't worry man, it's not that bad. It's only a couple exercises. :squee:

      Same to you @Samurai Equine :fluttershy:

      @ExplosionMare Oh, I don't have online classes. :D

  4. I cry to nothing except things that truly matter to me. And it's way more probably for me to cry in joy rather than sadness.
  5. @Cagey Dude that's right! I just remembered! Thanks man! Really appreciated! Though I already voted.
  6. I've spent the whole day watching stranger things, not moving an inch from the seat. I feel like a couch potato. :ButtercupLaugh: (that's the right use right? :muffins:)

    I think it's cool, not the best thing out there but I enjoyed watching the first season. Saves me from boredom at least.

    What about y'all? How was your day? 

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    2. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Just got back from work. Camping tomorrow!

    3. You


      TBH I dislike most netflix productions I watched, and even much so.

      So naturally I am pretty hesitant to give it a try.

      Wait, how are you watching it? It consumes lots of traffic? And: Is netflix even allowed to do business with Cuba?

    4. Bastian


      I bet you would like to know huh? @You:twi:

      Basically we are pirates. We get the shows one way or another, illegally, and we distribute it with each other. For example, a friend of mine could get the show and then pass it to me through a USB. Which is how I got Stranger Things actually.

      And even the goverment does the stealing to show programs on TV, since we are under embargo no one can say anything. 

  7. I've been boop zoned by @Rising Dusk Jokes aside, boops back for ya!
  8. The answer to why there is a debate forum is simple. If it hurts you, don't go there, easy right? No one is forcing anyone to watch that place, everyone is free to steer clear of it. I have fun in it to be honest, I like discussing, if the people who are discussing with me get angry that's their problem, they shouldn't have gone to the place at all. Back to the point, I support the idea of banning emotes. Bureaucratic answer: they can be used in two ways, to communicate certain things or to be sarcastic and aggressive. Not everyone is going to be the latter but for the sake of those people who are I would ban the emotes. Logical answer: Common guys emotes are only used in one way, I would have expected you to ban them long ago.
  9. Guys! Yesterday was awesome! :kirin:

    I played a super epic match of company of heroes 2.

    And I got this drawing made for me!


    I love it! 10/10 :wub:

    By far the best thing of yesterday. :yay:

  10. Patience Bastian, you will get better at writing, soon enough you will have the plot in your head. For now keep reading. God how I hate to be patient to develop a talent.
  11. Guys, there is this game, among us, have you heard of it?

    I really like it! It's about a crew on board of a ship which needs to complete tasks for the ship to arrive a certain dsstination.

    But there is an impostor among the crew, which will try to kill them all.

    Crewmates must discover him or complete all tasks to win.

    The impostor has to kill them all until there is only one crewmate left.

    Summarizing, good. :D

    Best of all I can play it online without consuming much of my data plan! :ticking:

    I might get addicted. :awwthanks:

    1. Sherbie-kun <3

      Sherbie-kun <3

      it sounds fun, I might look into it now

    2. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      It sounds like Trouble in Terrorist Town!!!

  12. I was going to say that Im happy as it is so I don't need it. But some other people might get a smile on their faces if it was real so I prefer that. Though I wouldn't be surprised if it already existed somewhere in the universe.