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  1. FINALLY caught up with the American releases, heh, took me long enough. That latest episode was honestly great!


    Daring Do episodes in particular are some of the best non-mane-6-oriented episodes in my opinion. I don't know, maybe it's because I love the whole Indiana Jones vibe they give. :dash:

    Also, I liked the subtle reference to George RR Martin with Dr. Caballeron, nice touch. :mlp_smug:


    1. Tacodidra


      Yay! :yay: I'm glad to hear you've enjoyed season 9 too! :D

  2. Got told I looked like a firefighter today, whatever that means. :dash:

    1. Tacodidra


      I have no idea either... :ooh: But it sounds like a good thing (at least to me)! :yay:

  3. Looks like you forgot to do so yourself. Anyway... Do you own a set of weights?
  4. Nope, only fluent in English unfortunately. Are you currently learning a language?
  5. I genuinely hate it whenever someone says I'm intelligent or smart, 'cause I know for a fact that I'm not a smart guy, and I feel like it undervalues legit intelligent people out there.
  6. This is probably my favourite educational/informative YouTube channel. Fredrik Knudsen/Down the Rabbit Hole is honestly a brilliant series, you lot should definitely check it out sometime. 


    The TempleOS or DarksydePhil videos are probably my favourites, be warned though, the former is 1 hour 25 minutes long, so free up your calendars lads. :mlp_smug:

  7. 15 in cash Driver's license Debit card Student ID Barbershop Loyalty Card ... ...A condom
  8. Not anymore, I quit smoking a few weeks ago and have been cold turkey since then. Hasn't been easy, but I'm surviving. At least my lungs and wallet are thanking me for it.
  9. How do you punch an anime character? With an anime punch.
  10. "Shut your f*cking face, Uncle F*cker!"