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  1. Good morning my friends 

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    2. Leere
    3. Totally Lyra

      Totally Lyra

      Good morning Johnny!

    4. NightmareLuna800


      Morning Johnny! How's today been treating you?

  2. a master pegasi warrior and tactician decides to revolt against equestria and create his own kingdom of pegasi he would wear magic resistant armor and be very charismatic perhaps he would try to take control of cloudsdale and its weather factory to convert other pegasi to his cause and use the weather as a super weapon against the two sisters
  3. Good morning my friends 

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    2. Johnny1226


      The days been good luna

    3. NightmareLuna800
    4. chaosprincess


      I know this was posted 7 hours ago, but I'm going to say good morning anyways actually I'm going to switch to good afternoon or perhaps good evening and why not add good night in there.

  4. Looks like poniverse is back up so my regular schedule can resume again 

    1. Shineling
    2. KTAG


      yep. How are ya Johnny?

    3. BlinkZ


      The new inerface seems a litte too facebook liek. i mean the ad on the top is huge! thank god for Adblocker