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  1. MLP and the Kardashev Scale

    It doesn't look like they harness solar power though or use electricity much at all for that matter technology seems to have taken a back seat to magic also according to the canon equestria is only one of many nations of many different species and civilizations so it doesn't qualify as a planetary civilization since ponies and equestrians don't rule the planet
  2. Just watched the new Mlp movie was good a new art style too interesting 

    1. Tacodidra


      I'm still waiting to see it. I didn't watch it at a movie theater because I didn't want to see a dubbed version. I'll try to get the DVD soon. :)

  3. Good night everypony 

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    2. WiiGuy2014


      I hate it when I'm not the first to wish him pleasant dreams. 

      (Could have been keeping score of being first vs. Not being first)

    3. Fluttershy Friend
    4. Zachary


      Good night.

  4. Today I went to the mall got the new Mlp movie, the mummy the new one, a new video game, and Japanese candy, took a picture with darth malgus, ate crab legs, and met a fellow Mlp fan so far a great day 

    1. Jade Fire

      Jade Fire

      that sounds like an awesome day! ^-^

    2. Johnny1226
    3. Mlppotterwhoovian


      You got the mlp movie! That’s so awesome! Ps. Your so lucky to meet a person that also watches mlp(the fans in my area are sadly decreasing :( )