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  1. What does being member of a club do? O_o

    1. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      It is easy!

      To win MLPF Pony World Cup:

      my team needs you!:mlp_icwudt:
      You can read more about my our here:

      Being a member of our team you won't be busy pony (unless you want to be)  Simply from time to time, we will ask you to vote for our team.
      Once again thanks for joining!

  2. thegoodhen

    Command a user to post

    I haven't posted anything in several years I believe! @TheRockARooster gabawk!
  3. thegoodhen

    Say something totally random!

    Oh wow, this seems like a thread I'd enjoy. THERE WE GO: Pretty much anything sounds like a banjo, if you apply an exponential decay. Helicopters are surprisingly cheap, you can get one for $100K, tow truck included. The top propeller of an autogyro isn't actually a propeller, it has no motor attached to it and only acts as a rotating wing, giving it a lift. Autogyros seems surprisingly maneuverable though. Helicopters are usually designed to be able to land safely even when the motor dies. The new Rolls Royce Phantom has an active suspension, which scans the road ahead and adjusts the pistons the wheels are connected to accordingly. Bose has made this technology, but it's too heavy and pricey to be used in larger scale:
  4. "I'd choose Linux XFCE4 over Apple any day." I'd choose an i3 window manager sticked to some lightweight distro, with lot of Vim-like software supporting it. Then again, that could be considered a fetish by itself. But all in all, I kinda feel like modern technology is overpowered for the vast majority of people. I am still using a 5 year old computer, after all, and it works just fine, and I don't have low requirements, quite the contrary. Sure, I needed to update the HDD to 5TB and the RAM to 16gb, but other than that it's old.
  5. thegoodhen

    Scale one to ten. How edgy User above you OC's?

    Extremely edgy. People have no taste these days.
  6. thegoodhen

    Technology PS4 hacked to run Linux and possibly SteamOS

    Well! It's definitely great to see the great hardware of PS4 having some sensible use... Shows how Linux can really run anywhere... I kinda really have my doubts as to how useful this is, as there will likely be many compatibility issues (geez, 7000+ changes in *KERNEL*) But it's still an octacore processor computer for under 500 bucks... Kinda cute.
  7. thegoodhen

    Mega Thread General Chat Thread

    Hey guys! GUYS! CHECK THIS OUT!! -SFW -SFW -NSFW :3 :3 Magic.
  8. thegoodhen

    Reasons why I need a new laptop

    Hm. I am still using my eee PC 1000H and once I switched to Lubuntu with i3, it runs decently... Not something I would recommend to erryponeh, but hey.
  9. Well... I just grew to absolutely LOVE the i3 window manager. But it's not for everypony. :3
  10. Getting a Linux worked for me. :3 But then again, I am a Linux guy. :3
  11. thegoodhen

    Remember when we could see past 30FPS?

    The main reason why movies are seen as fluid is they use motion blur. If you have a motion blur, you perceive fps as low as some 18 frames per second as fluid.
  12. thegoodhen

    Technology What GPU should I get?

    If I need, I'll switch to full HD. In fact, if it can run Deus ex 1 on 1024x768 I am cool with it. I hardly play any games at all at the time and I only will have less time in future. But I'll consider it. Thanks! :3 Do you think 760 could run 2x4K in windows without lags? Can't find much info.